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Samsung's been building their own chipsets for a while, but for their recent high-end devices they've relied almost exclusively on chips from Qualcomm — but the Galaxy Note 4 might shift the tide back over towards Samsung's Exynos processors. While the Exynos processors have been available in both Galaxy Note and Galaxy S-series phones for some time, they've recently been limited to fairly specific markets. The Galaxy Note 3 didn't even launch with an Exynos option in most countries.

But rumor has it that the inevitable Galaxy Note 4 will mark the return of Exynos in a big way, with the European model carrying Samsung's chips inside instead of Qualcomm's. The Galaxy Note 4 sold outside of Europe is said to still bear Qualcomm's fruit, in this case a Snapdragon 805 that will be better able to handle what we expect to be a significant bump in resolution (matching the QHD screen of the LG G3. SamMobile is claiming that the phone will also have a UV sensor for the display, perhaps to enable better touch-free gesture tracking and compatibility with gloved fingers, and a Sony-sourced 16MP camera sensor with OIS.

The Exynos-toting Galaxy Note 4 is also said to have an Intel-provided Cat. 6 LTE chip. That's the big change for the Exynos — most recent Exynos-powered versions of Samsung devices haven't ship with LTE, though there were LTE-capable versions of the GS3 and Note 3. But an Exynos-powered Note 4 with LTE? That'd be a big change.

Interestingly, these specs — QHD display, Intel LTE, etc — are lining up with what we also expected for what's been dubbed the "Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime." SamMobile is reporting, however, that the S5 Prime (or Galaxy F, as it's recently been called) is coming and with similar specifications, but perhaps not until later in the future.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for Europe rumored to return to Exynos chipset, this time with LTE


The real question is whether or not it will have a physical home button. Also If samsung will bloat it up more than a dead body sitting in the sun. For now my note 3 is making way for a g3.

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Well if you don't like the home button and Note/TW feature, why did you buy a Note 3? If you don't like what Samsung put in their phones, don't buy them.

Two reasons. First off, the Note lineup are the most well-rounded phablets out there. Pretty much every other phablet makes some unforgivable compromise (4MP camera, no camera flash, too small a battery, ect). Second, the wacom stylus. If that's something you want, the Note line is literally your only option

I would honestly be amazed if the Note 4 didn't have Samsung's "iconic" fingerprint scanning home button flanked by capacitive Keys.

Honestly, I didn't like the physical home button when I first got my Note 2 (coming from an HTC), but I've gotten used to tapping the home button to wake the phone. I think I would have a hard time going without it now.

Same here. I love the home button. Always easy to find, turn in the phone and there's not missing when pressing it.
I don't know what the obsession with on screen is. It takes up too much screen imo.

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Couldn't agree more.

I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

I never thought of that! You can reach for the Home button without looking. I am always for physical keys anyway, and I like and am used to Samsung"s arrangement. Though the S5 left key would take getting used to if it's not changeable.

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I'm still betting on the 805 / 420 combo for the U.S...
Thanks Kessler for the comment "Better Able To Handle" because, that is the one fatal flaw in an otherwise fantastic device in the G3.. They should have just kept their fall release cycle and they could have put the proper Chipset in to power that beautiful screen to it's full capability.. It's going to be the only one of the big three to have a flagship device with 801 / 330 internals when the Prime's arrive this fall. Hopefully the Note 4 gets some new clothes as well.. the current suit and tie are really wearing thin IMO..

Have you used a G3? ->No, then don't base your comment on a device that you have only read about online. I'm not saying it's going to be better then the Note 4, but I won't but a phone from Samsung again unless there are big physical changes as well. I have owned many Samsung phones and the general asthetics have been virtually unchanged in terms of style even though the materials have gotten somewhat better.

I spoke with someone from Samsung a few months ago after the s5 event and he stated the note 4 would be adding much more s pen functionality and obviously have the same if not better camera than the s5. He also said it would be more geared toward businesses and multitasking. What this mens or if it was true as we wont know until its announced. He also dodged my question about but he 805, youm and QHD by saying Samsung tests new technologies in select areas to see how well they sell i.e. the galaxy round. He also said that the Dev community is a niche and it's not the market Samsung is trying to cater to in any way . this is sad because who knows what Samsung will further lock down via Knoxx or a factory locked boot loader for all phones. Samsung ways to sell only to the average person and not the "niche Dev community". I have lost a lot of respect for Samsung after this ( yes this is just one exec and you can take it as you want but we spoke for over an hour and a half). I wrote down my notes from our conversation if anyone cares I can share some more. Then again this is the internet and I'm just waiting for everyone to attempt to say I'm lieing or some trolling. At the end of the day this happened and I figured since the note 4 it's now coming up I would share this.

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I believe that the Note 4 will show a bit of that break from the "normal" Samsung design language, if no other reason is the YOUM display. I am pretty sure that there is gonna be an 805, if not a 810 (I think it is gonna be too early for that). The same with QHD. Unless there is an issue withe YOUM and QHD playing well together, but I do not think that is the case.

I do look forward to the extra functionality. I cannot get through the day without using my S-Pen at least a few times and I hope for more. The physical button is no big deal, but on screen buttons with no screen size increase, would suck. I do not want to lose real estate for those.

As of right now with the G3 all we have to go on is reviewers. Well real production models start getting reviewed then they can change public opinion. Right now the assumption was that the chip/gpu combo would have issues, and LG has done nothing but prove that assumption correct. They never should have sent out pre-production models. I know it was to build hype, but it is working against them.

The point is...the LG G3 selling at a rate of 25,000 to 30,000 units daily in Korea since it launched on May 28 are 'production models' being purchased by discerning Koreans.

NOT "as of right now with the G3 all we have to go on is reviewers."

I do not read Korean, and the review units are still only in Korean (like ACs unit). The sales ban that he was talking about crippled sales for the S5 and the One in the beginning so of course the G3 is going to out sell the S5 in the first few days of release. That being said, it is great that it is selling so well, I think (on paper) it is a fine device. Wake me when the final numbers are in though.

first of all there is no indication that this report is accurate and you do know that even if it is true that does not automatically translate to sales outside of korea.

we will know after Q2 financial reports and numbers are released after June who is doing well or not

NoNex.. I may come back to the Note..4. I owned a Note 1 and it was pretty cool.. and still gets development for it.. which is amazing.. and the G3 has become an "Epic Fail" with it's underpowered 801 chipset.. so it's off the books for my $700.00+. I can't believe it right at the middle of June already so now that the G3 is a definite No Go, and the 1+1 / Find 7 are no where in buyer's sight, I think I can wait 60 days and have a look at what I hope is a redesigned Note 4.. I can live with that home key on a phone, but not on the 8" class tablets.. that's why I own an LG G-Pad 8.3.
One thing you know about the Note 4.. It's going to be packing some SERIOUS Hardware..

I've gotten used to the physical home button on my phone, and would probably miss it if I ever got a phone without one, but I have to agree with you about having that button on an tablet device. 1) it's not like you can reach it with your thumb like you can on a phone and 2) it just looks ridiculous.

Actually I doubt most reasonable people would say you are lieing. What he expressed is exactly what I would expect a large company to do. I would of expected nothing less. They are there to sell as many handsets as possible. I don't like it, but I understand it. That is actually why certain phones like the One+1 are so interesting. They seem to being aiming for the dev/enthusiast community first, and then branch out t the regular users.

It is easy to forget that to often when something is made for the niche/enthusiast group the device isn't as good for the regular person. Just saying

I was simply going on what I have encountered in the past.

I really like my Note 3, but I want a change and I'm hoping this will provide it in some way. I don't care about a metal phone, but I do care about a well designed phone that is more inline with what android should be. Samsung is one of only big companies that insists on physical buttons, and styling that is unchanged from each generation for the most part.

I had a LG G pad 8.3 until some unfortunate event killed it (water is not its friend) and it was a fantastic tablet. I had it rooted and installed TWRP with ease which for most android fans its fairly standard. I don't use custom ROM's, but I do like the ability to change the appearance and functionality of the soft keys and hard keys. I had my Note 3 rooted until AT&T locked the BL in KK and I enjoyed most of the same benefits. I might be able to overlook some of the faults (all devices have some) if Samsung added in softkeys and a more attractive and fluid design. I am by no means asking for a M8 type device, but something new and practical while still looking nice. I never expected Samsung to actually care about "small niches" as he put it, but I would expect them to acknowledge them and maybe look into how much the dev community has grown over the past couple of years. Afterall he was no stranger to rooted phones and I showed him a lot of what I did with mine which he seemed to like. (I had xposed running with some different functionalities assigned to my keys {hold volume up => flashlight, long press back kills app etc..} as well as uninstalling the massive amount of bloatware. ) This lead to his comment stating the ability to add and change the apps in the pen window would be there to a higher degree. (this was heavily hinted at being a feature of the new note as well) He was aware that no one actually uses their bloatware, and didn't seem to say too much about it. I just asked if instead of permanently installed bloat, they could let users uninstall it instead of disabling it which would be a huge plus. He said the UI would be very similar to that of the S5 with the obvious Note functionalities. Obviously he said there would be a bigger and better battery (maybe similar to what LG has done but with more capacity) among other changes. He was very good at trying to dodge and questions about 64 bit, flexible or curved displays etc. which could be a hint toward what may be in store. If you read between the lines and look at what he segwayed into as mentioned above. Lets see what the note will bring, I'm sitll awaiting the G3's release in the US so I can check it out before I buy it (maybe I can have it as my dev phone) but only time will tell. (I logged into an old account that I forgot I had so I don't have to post as a guest)

Have you used a G3? ->No, then don't base your comment on a device that you have only read about online.

How else would someone come to the conclusion as to whether they want to buy a phone or not? I can only do so much at the Verizon store where as a reviewer will have (hopefully) had the phone for a while and be able to give a better impression of its overall performance in day to day use and gaming. According to Android central there is lag in some spots (possibly due to preproduction software) and a noticeable difference in FPS between it and the S5/M8 in graphically intensive games. Don't get me wrong, I am going to go up to the Verizon store and play with a G3 as soon as I can because I am more than ready for a new phone but don't pretend that playing with one for a few minutes at the store is the only way to go when deciding what phone to purchase.

For someone who is railing against someone commenting on a phone he has not yet used, you're doing the same with the Note 4. First off, *all* phones (even the Nexus series) come with a "locked" bootloader. I think maybe you meant "encrypted". Either way. Neither the locked bootloader or Knoxx on the Note 3 has prevented me from rooting and playing with custom ROM's in any way. Knoxx doesn't "lock down" a phone, it only guarantee's a phone's security so that (hopefully) corporate IT departments will feel more comfortable allowing them on the network. Of course, flashing a custom ROM or something flags Knoxx as "not working" but that's no different than how it's always been.

Don't jump someone's case for not having first hand experience for making a comment if you're going to turn around and do the same thing.

And almost no OEM "caters" to the dev community, since they wouldn't make any money that way, but that's not the same thing has trying to lock down every last square millimeter of a device. At the end of the day, yes, the OEM's are going to do what they have to do to get their devices accepted by corporate IT groups, because that's where the money is. That's not just Samsung, though.

Hey Lobster,
Don't EVER tell me what to base MY comments on... ever.
The G2 scores better that the G3... That's all you need to know.
For SIMPLISTIC use.. it's fine... push it, and it lags.. Don't Hate on me because your bubble is BURST.. Go buy it.. and live with the lag..

I don't understand all this saying the Snapdragon 801 isn't powerful enough to drive QHD. The G3 may be the first PHONE with QHD but its certainly not the first Android device. There have been tablets from Samsung, Asus, and even Google itself with QHD displays, running on Tegra 4s, Snapdragon 800s, early Exynos 5 Octa, and even the age old Exynos 5 Dual.

If the Nexus 10 can STILL, to THIS DAY, run a QHD screen without lagging itself into submission, with a chipset less than one quarter of the one in 2014 flagships, you all have no right or reason to complain about performance of literally the best ARM chipset on the market. If the G3 has performance issues, blame LG, not the screen.

Are you kidding? The N10 was dogged when it first came out for lag and poor game performance. I have no doubt the G3 can handle homescreen transitions and webpages fine, I want to know how it handles graphically intensive games. That is something I care about and if it doesn't hold up then I will pass. It's all about how you use your phone.

I was really intrigued by the Nexus 10, until I kept hearing about the performance problems of trying to power that screen.

Agreed on all points except the Nexus 10. I've had one since launch, and while there aren't any lags in normal use, watching really high-res video or playing certain games definitely causes significant lag. The screen is gorgeous, and still easily one of the best available, but it absolutely has too many pixels to throw at the processor for some tasks.

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From what I remember all Note 2s had the Exynos 4412 chip. But that was the last time their chips took the main spotlight. The Exynos 44xx chips where pretty much top dog for the Cortex A9 class CPU's. They haven't done as well with the A15 class CPU's. Qualcomm has done really well with the Kriat chips and just simply outclassing the competition.

My Note 2 ran great, but the GPU definitely lagged behind the equivalent Qualcomm chips a bit. Not in the UI, but in some graphics intensive games you could see it.

Pray that it won't be a lagfest and that it will receive timely updates.

I generally prefer the Note 3, but oh well.

When did the Note 3 drop in the US. My upgrade is due this fall and I'm thinking of the Note4 as I really like my Note2.

At least our speculation adds to the conversation. Your comment subtracts from the overall intelligence of the the Earth.

It's not hard to see that the release date would be in the Fall, that's not acting like people know it all.

I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

If only we could get rid of all of the fools like you, who assume they know about technology and get correct information in circulation...but thats what these comment boxes are for....mindless fecks who could not explain the basics... if you want a discussion go to a forum or better still do some research you ignorant waste of human flesh.

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The bigger question is why are you on here? You act like the know it all.

I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

If you are talking to me, I'm replying to the person above me.

I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

I know a lot about technology, its how I pay my morgage, feed my kids...I like to keep updated with new news but this app seems to fail.... but there is always room for new information, but sadly never recived none here. its disappointing because has great heart and looks the part but just missing the good stuff.

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Look up the word "comment" and then go over to a forum and make a discussion about your narrow minded experience....My research comes from REAL professionals, not by bloggers or reviewers....if there is a serious question being asked and not just peoples theories be thrown about then I would make a "comment" but when people talk so much trash about certain topics which are just plain idiotic then I make my comment to show my mood...and tbh.... if it wasnt for people like you I wouldnt be making as much money as I do....keep it up boy

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Derek: i was suprised that your article failed to compare the probable specs of the soon to be announced Galaxy Note 4 with those of our beloved Palm Pre!! We can only hope that Samsung will debut the Note 4 with a creepy, rock sitting female speaking to us in a voice that would scare even the most hardened zombie killer: Now THAT'S advertizing!!

And, no, i haven't moved on... Yes, that's a Note 2 in my hand... I'm just waiting until the Palm Pre 7 comes out to switch back...