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​Here it is everybody, the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Enjoy



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Using your logic:

"Wow. A slightly bigger Iphone with 4G. Way to innovate Apple.

Think I will just wait for the next (your favorite phone)."

Apple releasing a bigger IPhone seems to be a "copy cat" move, copying the success of the bigger Android devices. Funny......

I concur.. I'd like to see some others, like a darker, blood red. Maybe matte grey or black or matte blue.

But damn, if Crapple can't compete then what? Next on the lawsuit menu is Apple v Google. Then we'll see whats up!!

This is the flagship of Samsung. Should be.. Anyone waiting to get the iphoney should just vote for Willard Romney in November.

Nice update Samsung! I am more interested in the JellyBean implementation here, AC. Does this build under TouchWiz seem solid, or needs to go back in the oven? Can we get a review on the OS soon? Thanks!

Wow Samsung, are you going to let yourself get away with that! I say sue yourself because this device looks just like the Galaxy S3 if you ask me.

Did you wake up today thinking - "I'm going to join an Android Site and tell anyone who will listen how awesome Apple is! lol!"?.. Such maturity.
Phil, Jerry, Alex, SOMEBODY, ban this moron before he hurts himself.