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​Here it is everybody, the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Enjoy


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NavyVet420 says:


Androidsukz says:

Wow. A slightly bigger galaxy s3 with a pen. Way to innovate Samsung.

Think I will just wait for the next iPhone.

gnexus75 says:

Using your logic:

"Wow. A slightly bigger Iphone with 4G. Way to innovate Apple.

Think I will just wait for the next (your favorite phone)."

StaplesJohn says:

Apple releasing a bigger IPhone seems to be a "copy cat" move, copying the success of the bigger Android devices. Funny......

Love the Titanium Grey.

NavyVet420 says:

I concur.. I'd like to see some others, like a darker, blood red. Maybe matte grey or black or matte blue.

But damn, if Crapple can't compete then what? Next on the lawsuit menu is Apple v Google. Then we'll see whats up!!

This is the flagship of Samsung. Should be.. Anyone waiting to get the iphoney should just vote for Willard Romney in November.

Asterisk says:

Jelly Bean sounds appealing... Now when is the US release date?..

KarlosPeru says:

Please Comparativa Galaxy Note vs Note II display

joba78 says:

Nice update Samsung! I am more interested in the JellyBean implementation here, AC. Does this build under TouchWiz seem solid, or needs to go back in the oven? Can we get a review on the OS soon? Thanks!

SamOliver says:

It looks like a total ripoff of the iPhone 4s, the 2 are practically indistinguishable.

SoreAintya says:

Please tell me that was sarcasm.. Those 2 decives look nothing alike.

eric3316 says:

Wow Samsung, are you going to let yourself get away with that! I say sue yourself because this device looks just like the Galaxy S3 if you ask me.

Androidsukz says:

They can't. They just lost 1 billion dollars.

My new phone/computer!! Need to know when it will be in the states!!

Suck a D crapple!

Androidsukz says:

Soon as it can get past the import ban.

Suck it Samsuck.

SoreAintya says:

Did you wake up today thinking - "I'm going to join an Android Site and tell anyone who will listen how awesome Apple is! lol!"?.. Such maturity.
Phil, Jerry, Alex, SOMEBODY, ban this moron before he hurts himself.

Ommadawn says:


rich250 says:

Applesukz now get lost shwack off