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Flagship Samsung store in Stratford, London will be first to get the tablet

Looks like Samsung wasn't kidding when it said the Galaxy Note 10.1 would be getting a global release later this month. The stylus-toting tablet is expected to be officially unveiled at an event in the U.S. this Wednesday, but already Sammy's taken to Twitter to confirm its international launch plans.

Samsung Mobile UK tweeted -- 'Be one of the first to buy the New Note 10.1, only at at the Westfield Brand Store in Stratford from Thursday 16 August. “Note the New way.”'

The "Westfield brand store" refers to the flagship Samsung store at the Westfield Shopping Center in Stratford, East London. That's the same store where the Galaxy S III (S3) made its international debut on the evening of May 29, so it's a fitting venue for a product like the Note 10.1.

Pricing information has yet to be confirmed, but pre-order listings at other retailers indicate the 3G/HSPA version may sell for around £435 inc. VAT in the UK, closely matching the price of Apple's third-generation iPad.

Anyone in the UK eager to pick up a Note 10.1? Let us know if you'll be heading down to Stratford on Aug. 16.

Source: Samsung Mobile UK Twitter


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Samsung: Galaxy Note 10.1 coming to UK on Aug. 16


Now call me crazy but if they were planning on releasing this in the UK first, shouldn't they have gotten this out precisely 2 weeks ago when the Olympics started? Seems like that would have been a perfect release date.

Will this have a built in stylus silo? Which memory & processor combination is this. I thought Samsung had another event at the end of the month (related to the Note 2 phone) possibly with yet another tablet.

So the price is "closely matching the price of Apple's third-generation iPad" but it has a far inferior screen? I don't think this is going to take any market share away from the iPad when that device already has a huge avantage in number and quality of tablet-specific apps. Android tablets have to be a lot better than the iPad at the same price-point if they want to make an impact. I'll hold onto to my Transformer for a while yet.

Come on!
First off I own an Asus Transformer, iPad, and several other tablets -- I make my living right now off mobile development on both the programming and art sides.
I don't agree with your assessments and I've been using Apple's products for decades -- I'm typing this on one of the 3 Macs "currently" in my household, I have more in storage.
Android tablets do not need to be allot better, because they fill an area that Apple does not and if Steve Jobs wasn't telling another lie, the iPad will never do what Android tablets can now; of course this won't stop Apple from borrowing more features...
The iPad is an iTunes hub... It's essentially a glorified media consumption device that lives completely in Apple's world. If that's your thing awesome. It's not mine. I don't like locked down systems and there are real alternatives now days; and no, my Macs have never been locked down, but that looks to be changing...
For me and many that I know, that don't enjoy using a hobbled PDA experience that's completely reliant on Apple's hand holding, the iPad is a really poor option for a tablet; so in this case, most Android tablets are way better.
The Note 10.1" IMO is by far a better tablet than any iPad and on every front. Its inclusion of an actual "Wacom" stylus( What Samsung calls the S-Pen ) -- which is 1024 levels of pressure according to Samsung's PR add -- to me is just as important as the keyboard attachment on my Transformer. Capacitive styluses are an utter joke, an actual Wacom stylus on the other hand is a real and useful tool -- especially for those of us that can draw.
And to address your question -- which was probably rhetorical? -- on Apple's screen being far superior. No, absolutely not. That's a rather scary assessment, if not worrisome.
Your Transformer's screen is 1280 x 800 @ 150 pixels-per-inch. The Note 10.1" is the same. The iPad's screen is 2048 x 1536 @ about 260 PPI, but here's the deal, it DOES "NOT" use the extra pixel space as real-estate, it's basically provides a slightly sharper 1024 x 768 screen; it interpolates the 2048 x 1536 @ 1024 x 768 -- what a waste!
So essentially it comes down to this;
Samsung Note 10.1 -- sharp 1280 x 800 screen ( 150 ppi )
New iPad ----------- slightly sharper 1024 x 768 screen (about 260 ppi, or the same as a Nexus One. )
Now here's a big importance, and a complete waste IMO. It takes Apple's iPad four times the GPU power over the iPad 2, to try and maintain the same level of visual performance. So they had to quadruple the bandwidth of the GPU just to keep the screen content running at 60 fps; but guess what, that's not always the case, I've experienced more lag on the the latest iPad, than the iPad 2.
Now with this Samsung, which has double the memory of the iPad and has an actual quad-core CPU, its screen rez -- which provides more workable screen real-estate -- takes less resources to maintain, so this can and does can provide a faster more reliable experience -- which for tracking a pressure-sensitive stylus, is absolutely important. The Samsung is a smart tablet IMO and I'm glad Samsung didn't decide to waste GPU resources just so some can feel better about a bragging spec.
Apple spends 100+ million each year on marketing to program people into believing their products are the only option and now people that never cared prior about PPI, now think that they have to have it -- Apple doubles the resolutions on their devices and gives it a catchy name... The reality of this, is that most people can not tell the difference between even the new iPad and iPad 2, let alone a 150 ppi vs a 260 ppi... So hurray for marketing and its power over some minds...