The Samsung Galaxy Nexus -- which is still listed on the Google Play Devices site but was relegated to "Coming soon" status this week because of a federal injunction stemming from an Apple patent lawsuit -- should resume shipping next week, Google told ABC News

The official listing for the "Pure Google" device now says "Soon with Android 4.1, Jelly Bean," and it had been shipping up until late Tuesday, following a federal judge's ruling that a preliminary injunction against the device would not be stayed. While Apple's lawsuit isn't scheduled to go to trial until the spring of 2014, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh ruled that Samsung was unlikely to win, and that the PI was to stand. Google, for its part, had said it had a fix in the works, so we figured any delay in shipping would be brief, and that appears to be the case.

That also means that we likely will see an update push out over the air to existing devices, though what Google intends to change remains unclear. The lawsuit stemmed from the famed infamous '604 patent (aka the "Siri" patent), which protects searching multiple sources from a single interface, and using heuristics for the results. That's what Siri does, and it's also what Google's search bar does. It's not yet known whether the search bar will be removed (a drastic measure, to be sure), or if Google will change the way it searches and parses results.

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus to resume shipping next week


Because Apple invented search, notifications, folders, wallpaper and user interfaces and anyone who says otherwise is wrong. [/sarcasm]


Well Is because and android is open source so they couldn't patent it. But regardless apple shouldn't be able either this patent system is ridiculous, software should not be patented at all.


What ever happened to not being able to patent preexisting technology? They get away with anything they want? Is this judge being bought off? How do they get away with a patent like that? Also, did you hear that Apple just applied for a patent for “Peripheral treatment for head-mounted displays.” AFTER Google has been demonstrating their new project Glass technology? Source = Rootzwiki

patent =

Pay the patent fee, get the patent. Apple is the only company that seems to realize this and are being dicks about it all at the same time.

I would love to see apple infringe on a patent so big, it rocks them all the way back to the beginning of their existence and wipes them from the face of the planet due to the lawsuits.

But why pay the patent fee, when you realize that the patent you're filing for is invalid because of prior technology? The mere fact that a company can do this, sue another company with an invalid patent, delay the other company's product sales for maybe years, and come away with a slight loss compared to what they gained is egregious at the very least.

Man I need to file for the patent for self driving cars right now. I'll use a pick of iron boards on both sides of the car as the artwork.

But why pay the patent fee, when you realize that the patent you're filing for is invalid because of prior technology? The mere fact that a company can do this, sue another company with an invalid patent, delay the other company's product sales for maybe years, and come away with a slight loss compared to what they gained is egregious at the very least.

Man I need to file for the patent for self driving cars right now. I'll use a pick of iron boards on both sides of the car as the artwork.

Other speculation implies that it is the 'local' search that creates the 'multiple'. So in Jelly Bean, all of the local metadata is stored at google, thus allowing all search to go to google only,

The 'patch' may be an update to the Jelly Bean version of the search bar, with a method to replicate local meta data to google's servers.

That is the scuttlebutt. We will see for sure in a day or two.

AKA Copernic AKA the other half dozen indexing apps that did the same thing years before Google search was even popular on the web... When we were still using Altavista/Yahoo and Apple was hawking candy colored CRT iMacs.

I understand the issues w/the patent system and why fixing it isn't so easy and why it's so easy to abuse etc... The ONE thing I don't understand is why is it seemingly so hard to overturn patterns that clearly violate previous art? Isn't that one of the tenants of the system? Why aren't patents being overturned when there's clear cases of previous art out in the wild that are even common knowledge?! Is the process to invalidate a pattern just hopelessly complex or what?

Yeah, but why doesn't it happen? Are patents like this just written carefully enough to apply to a specific set of conditions or is the invalidation pattern just so obtuse that it's 10 times easier to grant the patents than it is to invalidate them?

Because people in the patent office use candles and write on papyrus with their quills in inkwells. They have no idea what is going on and they certainly won't bother researching everything that everyone else knows.

And WE all know because it's easy to find, but usually people who know what is going on aren't aware of all the patents that get filed and can't sit there preemptively trying to get the patent office to dismiss everything that comes in.

Also, you get fees for granting patents, so why would they turn that down?

IS there a way to appeal and invalidate those bogus patents granted to Crapple?

Otherwise the USPTO and Judge Lucy Koh appears to be on iPaid.

Isn't "via Touchscreen input" where Apple's patent gets them around Google's desktop search?

I see nothing in the patent filing itself related to touchscreens.

Prior art aside, I feel this is obvious from a technical standpoint. I actually worked on a similar "universal search" system myself several years ago, without it even occurring to me that the idea might be patentable.

Not only that, but the notion of taking an initial query, breaking it down into smaller steps (in this case, different queries for different types/locations of data) , recombining the results of the sub-problems, and providing one or more of these results to the user, bears at least superficial similarity to MapReduce, which is at the core of Google's search algorithm. The only added complexity here is that the sub-queries and the results returned are not uniform in structure or type, and therefore have to be translated into a format that the layer above/below can understand.

"The only added complexity here is that the sub-queries and the results returned are not uniform in structure or type, and therefore have to be translated into a format that the layer above/below can understand."

Can you translate this into a format that the layman can understand?

When is Google going to start counter suing Apple? These patents are riducously vague... the way these patents are written I could patent just about any simple gesture or feature. Seems Google should go after these patents.

How is it not an obvious function to search everything on your device from one interface? This patent should never have been granted!

BlackBerry has been doing this since what OS v 5.0??? But because they aren't making better devices than Apple they leave them alone. But I totally agree with you.... Who in their right mind would grant a patent to one company to enable the ability to search your device?! Oh wait! Excuse me, through a touch interface. Because only Windows, Google, Firefox, Netscape, WebCrawler, Simbian, WebOS and Palm have been able to do that before Apple. Wait.... Palm had a touch interface. Can they sue Apple???

Didn't the Verge post an article saying that the search bar was just gonna be modified to simply search the web for now? Or was that AC? Was that speculation or are we just now speculating that Google found a more intelligent workaround instead? :p

*Galaxy Nexus Ban*

Apple fans: YEAH!!! We rock!
Android fans: Wow, this is stupid....

*Google 15 minute patch fix*

Apple fans: DAFUQ
Android fans: LAWLS

It's not that simple. The injunction was granted in the face of the search patent, but there's four patents in question and they all revolve around core Android functionality (clearly, since we're talking about a Nexus device).

Now Google can quickly issue a patch and push it out to the Nexus, but they can't do the same for every other phone out there. If Apple wins a case based off those patents you can bet the farm that they'll immediately go after every other manufacturer and current gen phone model. What then? We all know it takes manufacturers/carriers far longer to patch something...

There's no escaping this situation, Google needs to face it head on and put a stop to it or the ONLY Android devices we're gonna be able to buy in a few months are gonna be Nexus devices.

That's silly, the judge is bound by the letter of the law, and not every judge willfully accepts to interpret it or set a precedent like Posner did in the Apple v Moto case... Doesn't mean she isn't doing her job. The judge actually has a pretty spotless record on appeals, which is the part that scares me. These patents seem like they cover more features than ever, and it's the first time Apple's striking straight at a Nexus device I believe... This could get real ugly if they force Google to redesign around all 4 patents.

9th Circuit judges hardly ever get overturned in their home turf. It's one big ole good ole boy/girl network out there. It's at the US Court of Appeals & The Supreme Court that the 9th Circuit has developed the very eloquent reputation of the 9th Circus

How can you re-design around searching locally? When I enter a search I want it to pull up my contacts as well as web data (which it does now), and some things I expect it to find even if it doesn't have a data connection. If Google has to undo that function it's really going to hamper my use of my phone. I guess we'd have to end up with a "split search bar"? Press the left side for Web search, press the right side for local search? Sucks.

A judge with a spotless record, doesn't say that that judge is always right. or smart enough to even understand on the logical level.
i bet she uses a iDevice.
there is a reason why apple got her as judge and not somebody else.

company's are smart and know how to play their cards.

unfortunately , google is parring with HP/palm/Rim side of not suing,being the old friendly group and apple being the grumpy get of my lawn old guy.

The time period for signing the petition is over and the link to a new petition is dead. Don't even bother click on this peeps.

LouieO357, Exactly...Can't wait for the day Google gives Apple a taste of its cr**py medicine. I wouldn't be surprised to see their lawyers being a bit more active given the events of the last couple of months (HTC and now Samsung). While Google needs to avoid appearing heavy handed, especially since they are the smart-phone market share leader, they need to send a serious message to the bullies at Apple.

Why don't Google sue Apple for stealing its notification centre? Also while their at it remove iphone support for gmail, maps and You Tube. Job done.

I don't know about the notification thing. But it's not in Google's best interest to remove support for GMail, Maps, and YouTube. Google is first and foremost a search and advertising company. iPhone users using Google apps provides them with more data to improve search and sell adds. In other words, Google is making more money by having their apps on iOS and other platforms. Removing support for other platforms will reduce the data that Google collects and encourage users of other platforms to competing services. That's just bad business.

In fact, I'm surprised that Apples hasn't banned Google apps yet. I suspect they want to because they know that use of those apps only strengthens Google. But they also know that doing so would potentially violate the FCC's Net Neutrality rules.

Pretty sure Palm developed what we know today as notification center for use in WebOS. Apple hired the guy that designed it back in 2010 to build theirs for iOS 5.

If the functionality is part of Android then Apple can copy it all they want. Android is open source.

Yeah Apple totally ripped of notifications and now they are getting they are crying wrotten apples over Google Now assumably? The fact that Google does it better. But the Search Bar? Serious? IPhone doesn't even have a search bar and the search bar has been on android since I can remember. The more I read about apple makes me think twice about picking up anything from them (I am talking Computers). #Boycott Apple!

The whole scuttlebutt isn't about the search bar itself. Its about the back end software and how searches conducted there are compiled.

android has had the same back end software for search for years. Now, because of siri, apple has patents that somehow invalidate androids search. GARBAGE.

Why can't Google support them self and counter sue Apple? It's not like Apple is the king in the tech world is it?

To be fair, even given my comments above, Google don't have a ton of patents they can use. They need to sift through the Motorola patents and are waiting on their patent for notifications. As slap happy as Apple is with their law suits, these kind of things do take time to prepare. I'm guessing Google also don't want to be as childish as Apple and would (assuming they do think about counter-suits) look to more substantial violations (assuming there are violations) - i.e. no suits over rounded corners or square icons.

Though we as the consumers are paying for all this litigation BS no matter who starts it... I am looking forward to Apple's universal search on a touchscreen being invalidated when the case finally goes to court. I think it will be invalidated since Google used this interface since either the G1 or the original myTouch. I'm assuming that the only reason Google is issuing a work around is because Koh forced the injunction until the trial and that's way too much moola to lose out on even if you will win in court.

For our sake And Google's sake I hope they are filing patents for everything under the sun. As much as a I want to whine about the patent system business is business so Google has much catching up while they play the patent game just to keep Android in the platform game.

Well Apple is removing Google maps with ios6 so Google may as well take it now as a big F Y to them.

So as soon as it became apparent that Apple was about to pony up the 96 mil, I ordered a GNex. It arrives tomorrow.
Now if it arrives (as I assume) with ICS, will I have to accept the new "fix" when they shoot me Jellybean OTA?
Your thoughts, Jerry?


What if the manufacturers shipped phones without the OS and when booting up the phone the user is given the option to download an open sourced version of Android. Sort of like with Linux. Since Android is not being sold as part of a hardware package, it is being given away as open source, would that alleviate apples reason for suing? Then OEMs could offer warranties for phones using their approved versions of Android.

I doubt the manufactures would like to do that, but that would be great from a user standpoint. To be able to get open source ROM's without rooting? That would be cool!

Ok, wait. So the court date is set for Spring 2014. Apple has banned a phone that has been out for 9 months. Banned it for a week. Then it comes back out a week later and is obsolete by January 2013. But the court date is Spring 2014. Somebody explain to me what the point of all this was again?

Obviously you didn't take the time to actually read the article, because its not about the phone, its about the search bar on the phone. The bar is on every android device, and unless manufacturers update the search bar to not search many things like contacts, web, sms, etc at once then apple can ban other devices as well. This is just their first strike.

I did read the article. No need for snide comments, if you can add clarity do so and keep it moving. Regardless I still think that Apple will have to go through the nug work to add additional phones to an existing injunction. "Obviously" this injunction hasn't resulted in a ban on the SIII or any of the other phones you are alluding to. And If it does that will more than likely occur in another 3 or 4 months, again ample enough time for Google to apply the fix. It still seems like a waste of money and effort that could be better spent improving devices.

^^^^ Who pissed in this guy's cheerios? ^^^^

If you can't answer the question or help somebody figure something out then don't put your illiterate nonsense bull***t in here. Einstein! 8)

Mine arrived today. When I saw Jelly Bean in all it's buttery goodness I had to have one and ordered July 2nd. Arrived today. Bring on the Butta!

Mark my words

Tim Cook: "I fear all we have accomplished is to awaken a sleeping giant."

If your intention, Mr. Cook and Apple, is too "force the competition to innovate" then I feel you will watch Google innovate. They will outpace your development because Google will take risks that Apple would never dream of. They are forced to be terribly conservative due to their nature and their appeal.

The iOS interface is unchanged in five years. Compare the Nexus running Jellybean to the G1 and while many aspects are similar, innovation has occurred.

Watch Google innovate in the court room - they fended off Oracle, something few of us predicted they would be able to do unscathed.

Watch them begin to patent new functions and ideas. My hope is the allow members of the Handset Alliance to license them free of charge and for anyone to join the alliance. I hate software patents, passionately, but if they are going to exist then perhaps Google needs to figure out how to play the game their own way. Patent the heck out of everything and devise an open source patent system a la the GPL/Apache license.

If Apple wants a fight they're about to get one.

Unbelievable result. The current patent framework for software is utter rubbish, and Apple is milking it for all it's worth. Complete rubbish, stifling innovation, ridiculous. Seriously. Everyone knows it. Do something, Congress.