Galaxy Mega

There are smartphones, and then there’s the Megaphone

In case you’ve neglected to notice, smartphones are getting bigger, and in 2013 in particular we’ve seen manufacturers push past the six-inch screen mark and into the bizarre no man’s land between phones and tablets.

The Samsung Galaxy Mega is one such device, with a titanic 6.3-inch display. On the face of things, it’s essentially an oversized Galaxy S4, in the same way the S4 Mini is an undersized Galaxy S4. But there’s more to it than that, and the result of Samsung’s efforts is a product that’s closer to a highly portable mid-range tablet than a smartphone. (Though it’s perfectly capable of making calls, should you desire to do so.)

Check out our video walkthrough after the break, and be sure to share your own thoughts on this 6.3-inch megaphone down in the comments.

Thanks to Clove Technology for providing the Galaxy Mega for review


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Samsung Galaxy Mega (6.3) video walkthrough


Go Big, or Go Home seems to be the rule for cell phones these days.

For those complaining about it being huge, think of it like this... What if your 6'6" and have huge hands? Does it make sense for a 6"+ phone and it now seems like a good size, or maybe a bit bigger would be the right size?

Ya but the majority of the population is not 6'6. Not sure how this could even be considered to use as your daily driver especially if your used to putting your phone in your pocket.Females who usually have even smaller hands than males seems like this would be a horrible choice as your daily driver. But I guess to each their own.

The Galaxy Note 2 will always rule. I will be purchasing the Galaxy Note 3 day one of launch for Tmobile. Great to see the Galaxy Mega 6.3.

Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy Note 2.

"The Galaxy Note 2 will always rule." So the Galaxy Note 3 won't "rule"? Also, you've claimed many other phones "would always rule" before. Moron

How can the Galaxy Note 2 "rule" when the LG Optimus G Pro is a better phone in literally every way (screen, CPU, etc)?

I like the OG Pro more, and it is better in almost every way like size, screen, processor, etc. It's missing one crucial element that the Note series has: great stylus capability. The Optimus G Pro can't hold a candle to the Note II for a business user, which is the type of user Samsung originally targeted.

Posted via Android Central App

Fair enough. But if you DON'T need the stylus, the LGOG Pro is the superior phone, despite what Yarrell might think.

Nothing wrong with favoring a large phone! To each their own! Good things come in all shapes & sizes. :-D

My first smart phone was about 3.5 inches, the next was about 4 inches, and then the next was about 4.5 inches. For some reason, I just love the larger size displays. Trying to go back to something smaller for me is like looking through a small hole in a wooden fence...I want to see so much more & better!

I have a Nexus 7 (1st generation) and surprisingly wouldn't want a smart phone in that size...

Posted via Android Central App

I don't make many call. So I would love this given the size and still be able to make a call when needed. Sadly Sprint likely will never see this. (yes I use Sprint yes I know blah blah blah)

I get that cell radios have to go in phones. I also get that a phone is smaller than a tablet and everything has to fit inside. This phone is near the size of a tablet though, but surely it will cost $600? And a new Tab 8 is 300? Not completely computing, but I may be missing something.

Ha ha I have never thought of it this way..... Really does make you wonder eh!

Posted via Android Central App on my Note 2!

Booya! When will people get clued into this. I don't know why having a GSM radio warrants 300 extra dollars!!! BS.

Yeah Detroit, Nexus 7 new, has twice the pixels, twice the cores, four times the flash, 4G and will be $250 cheaper, love the lack of bezels, good size for when I put my reading glasses on, but lousy price performance.

I've wondered this since day 1, but it probably has more to due with the carriers than anything else. Notice the Nexus 4 was cheap(Still not 7" tablet cheap) but lacked LTE.

Yes, I've always wondered what makes phones so expensive compared to a device with the same specs in a larger package. An HTC One is about $600 if I'm not mistaken, and a GNote 8 is only $300. Is there a concrete reason for the price increase, or is it just because phones are more in demand than tablets?

Posted via Android Central App

I have to say that I was REALLY late to the Nexus 7 game. I think I got mine two months ago. Ever since I got it, I have had this nagging feeling that I would LOVE a phone with a 7" screen. Granted, that doesn't fit in all my pockets, but I was surprised at how many of my (guy) pants have pockets perfectly suitable for a 7" tablet. When I went from Palm Pixi (because the Pre wasn't at all reliable) to HTC EVO 3D I initially thought, "Why would anyone need a screen this big?" and it turns out, for a whole ton of reasons. I'm now on the 4.7" One and I think I could find enough uses to go bigger that I will try at least a note my next time around, though I'm pretty fond of this HTC One build quality... Ah, the dilemma.

4G was one of the main reasons, they went with Qualcomm, like the form factor, but lousy specs compared to Nex 7 new, you could get a cheap Chinese 6", with these specs, for $200.


If it is running the latest Samsung software, they have apps2sd in there....

Can you confirm that it is missing or was that just a tiny mistake on the video?

It's running the latest version of TouchWiz in that it matches up with the look of what's on the GS4. The latest Mega-specific firmware doesn't have apps-to-SD though.

Thanks Alex, that makes this thing a huge fail with only 4GB of usable space. There really is no way around it...

Great job on this initial review, Alex! You do bring up an interesting point: people may start choosing to carry both a traditional mobile phone AND a smallish tablet. I could imagine carrying both a GS4 and a Nexus 7, the N7 would fit into a Cargo Pocket easily. I wonder how many people are already doing this?

Giving up the note2(for now) in favor of the note8(for work and play) with the s4 in the pocket. This way I still get my snotes and the smaller phone. OF course if I was outside the US, the note8 would be my phone and tablet. Can never have enough plastic.....

I use my tablet for Google Earth, pitch book with before and after photos, a work order for customers to sign, and they can view my website, blog, and customer reviews on Yelp and Google.

My work S4 is used for calls, emails, White Pages app for reverse address/phone number lookup, Google Cloud Print, Evernote, Maps, Navigation, calendar and calculator.

Not carrying both at all times while I'm working would never happen.

S4 via Android Central App

This should be called the Samsung Over-Compensation, because that is the only justification I can come up with for something like this.

This is big and bland (considering it looks like every other Galaxy device), but different strokes for different folks, I suppose.

For the record this looks like a giant note 2 not the s4. Look at the sensor arrangement. Definitely not a s4 but a NOTE 2 copy.

For some people, size matters. For others, the ability to be able to fit your smartphone in your pocket is more important than having some phablet that would look RICICULOUS when holding it up to your head to make calls.

I used to think the same thing but this mega phones or phablets as someone called them are crazy popular in Asia. I live and China and have seen young people (high school age to young adult) everywhere carrying this type of phone. They all either have a huge Samsung or an iphone. When i pointed out how ridiculous they look when they talk on the phone, they usually laugh in agreement but have no plans to switching to a smaller phone. I think Japan was the only exception. Bulky flip phones are still all the rage over there (along with iphones).

I phone no more, barely make calls, and if so I could use earbuds so I don´t have to hold it to my ear. On the other side; photos, videos, browsing, chat, text, games, work, special apps, etc. take 90% of my powerfull uktraportable computer use (personal computer because I don´t want to risk it working properly in the wrong hands). The phone side of smartphones is dying! I will love to get this huge screen device.

I would consider one, primarily as I use my phone for media and surfing and a lot more convenient than carrying my N4 and N7 as I do.

2 things, storage and being able to ROOT. I can normally live without ROOT but I am not a fan of Touchwiz so for this reason ROOTING and 8Gb just isn't enough System storage, 16Gb minimum would suit me.

I witnessed a lot of frame drops in Chrome and Touchwiz in that Vid.. looks like 1.5 gigs of Ram still is not enough.. it also could have been the Adreno 305 GPU.
I said, if this phone hits $429.00 I would by it.. I figured the release of the Note 3 would push it to that price point.. it's getting close I believe $469.00 was the last price I seen for the i9205..

Even though this phone is really big due to me loving my note 2 I really don't mind it. This is is a great phone if it's a backup phone. A great phone to take with you to a mobile event or something similar that the big screen will come in handy. Either way it's a great phone but only for certain people.

Via Android Central App from a Galaxy Note 2

Nice overview...I really have a good sense of this phablet now, and while it's not for me, it does seem quite bold... thank you for another leading edge preview... well done!

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some source said mega 6.3 uses exynos 5250 as the nexus 10, some said it uses Snapdragon 400. What's the correct ?

I am surprised nobody came up with the "megaphone" name earlier.

So now Samsung has a device available in every possible size.

I don't understand why they would make such a big phone and choke it with a smaller amount of memory (1.5GB) and a crazy small amount of storage (4GB usable) and a lower resolution (1280x720) than the S4. Seems very odd to me.

Biggest problem I see is what happens if you use an extended battery or a rugged case? Sure this is big...but once you add either of those things, you're dealing with a beast to carry around. 6.3 but skinny is fine, but once you bulk it up there's a problem. I can't imagine the battery will last a day on this.

Never liked big phones always like screen sizes like iPhone or lumia800.
Now however, I have an S4 and cannot go with out a screen this big :-)

It's the specs that baffle me. You have only 8gb of storage (of which more than half will be taken up by the OS), 720p display and a dual core processor. In a phone that on the surface, is trying to be the next successor to the Note2. This from a company who had prided itself on obsoleting the iphone in specs, and priming consumers to believe that bigger = better.

What is Samsung trying to achieve here, besides tricking consumers into making a bad purchase decision?

I think the Mega is an experiment for Sammy just like the original Note 1

Personally I think the LCD screen is nice and surprisingly the phone is manageable probably due to the thinness. One hand operation is impossible though

The initial batch of parallel imports come with 8GB storage but now all come with 16GB storage of which12GB is usable

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I guess this device is mainly for Asia and other emerging economies. It's selling for about USD440 equivalent and it's selling like hotcakes. At this price range and specs it's the best bang for the buck at the moment

It comes with 16GB internal memory of which 12GB is usable. UI is smooth and it handles vast majority of games just fine. Was very tempted to buy after testing at the store but decided to hold out for Note 3. Hope Sammy doesn't disappoint

Posted via Android Central App

I think my note 2 is pushing it at the size it is. The mega is too big for me. To big to pocket while at work. I'd like to see the note 3 the same size as the note 2 but with larger screen fitted inside the shell. Like the s3 to s4.

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I wonder what will be the screen size of upcoming Galaxy GIGA or Galaxy TERA phones... Come on, there is NO reason Sammy will NOT release such phones...

I love it. It's the best looking phone for what is available in that size range in my opinion. I need something that size badly because I read all the time and that is a great size for reading.

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No problem when using a bluetooth device like the Jawbone for talk. I love the idea of the small tablet. I want one for sure

Posted via Android Central App

An extended life battery for this phone would be massive in size. Sure ZeroLemon would make something insanely massive for it. Same with Seidio.

Posted via Android Central App

That device is way too big to be used as a phone. At first I thought that the Note2 was too big to be sued as a phone. But now that I've seen this, the Note2 seems small in comparison.