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6.3-inch Galaxy Mega to go on sale at UK retailer in July for £459.99

If the likes of the recent 5-inch devices, or the Galaxy Note 2 just aren't quite big enough for you, then you may be interested in the Samsung Galaxy Mega. A colossal 6.3-inch smartphone, the Mega was announced back in April for launch in Europe and Russia sometime in May. We're now seeing the first signs of UK availability for this monstrous device, and it can be yours in July, though the exact date is still unknown.

Retailer Clove Technology has started taking pre-orders for the Mega, and for £459.99 you get the 16GB version in either black or white. Other notable specs on the device include Android 4.2.2 and Samsung's latest version of Touchwiz, a 1.7GHz dual-core CPU, a HD display, LTE, an 8MP rear camera, 1.5GB of RAM and a pretty sizeable 3200 mAh battery. You may also need large hands to use one. 

Get all your pre-order information at the link below, and if you're thinking of picking one of these up, do please tell us in the comments below. 

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Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 coming to the UK in July


Why dont they try to put more icons on a bigger screen?? When you blow everything up to fit on a large screen it just ends up looking like a phone for a person with low vision. Heinous.

Yeah eh, it's less than an inch short diagonally of being a Galaxy Tab 7 or a Nexus 7, why not make it more like a tablet?

@Richard Devine

Thanks for the post.

Samsung Galaxy Mega....not bad, but the display should be full HD with lots of ppi as well. This type of big smartphone should have at least 32 gb storage at present days.

Thanks in Advance

Ridiculousness. You will look like a complete fool holding that thing to your head to make a phone call. The Note should have been the limit for max phone size. I guess someone will buy it.

Ok, so I'm 6'5" and larger hands than the average you think it would look ridiculous in my hands?

Do you think Shaq, or any other very tall person does well with the current 4-5" screens? Them putting a RazrMaxx to their hear would look like an average adult male around 6' tall putting a match book to their head (ok, that might be extreme, but you know what I'm getting at). On a 6'5"+ guy, a 6"+ phone is probably a god-send for texting, etc.

Not everyone is small.

Well said..
I am a current owner of the 5.3" Note 1... No one is making "Him" buy it.. and if he is so insecure that he worries about what people think of him because his phone is an inch longer than the next guy, then HE is the issue.. Not The Phone. Duh..... has he ever heard of BLUETOOTH..

Some of us Men WELCOME the idea of having a "Man Sized" Phone.. I know the Women LOVE my BIG Galaxy Note 1.... :-)

Well, considering most people rarely use the phone or use there device as a phone they don't care. I have a Note 2 and plan to get the bigger Note 3 and I can care less what people think. Although I have found that people do not pay me any attention when I do use the phone. I personally find the bluetooth headsets sticking out of your ear to really look stupid.

Why doesn't Samsung just cut the crap and make a laptop that you raise to your ear and use as a phone? It will just save us all time LMFAO

People will knock the device due to the size but people also used to have a dig at the note/note 2 and that device sells loads and has proved very popular.
The only thing that worries me with this device is the lower spec's running such a huge screen which could prove a little laggy.

I totally agree. I currently have a note 1. I like the screen size, but the specs for this phone needs to match or exceed the note 2. And you can't have a phone with a screen this size and not include the S Pen. Just doesn't make sense to me.

Or could this be a preview of a Note 3?

"Why doesn't Samsung just cut the crap..."

Because they want to sell devices over and over in .5 inch increments. Which is fine, options are good... but the problem is, we're not getting options. We're getting a one-way street of ever growing smartphones.

No one cares if you don't like the phone/think it's too big. There are people in this world who, like myself, don't mind the size.