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A leaked photo may have revealed the specific hardware specifications of the much rumored Samsung Galaxy Alpha, along with a price tag, ahead of an official reveal of the device, which could come sometime later this coming week.

The image, posted by the Brazilian site Tecmundo, shows that the Galaxy Alpha will have a a 4.7-inch display with a resolution of 1080x720. Inside there will be 2GB of RAM and 32GB of onboard storage and the article claims a 64GB version of the phone will also be available. The smartphone will have a 1860mAh battery and USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 4.0. It will contain a 12 megapixel rear camera and a 2.1 megapixel front facing camera.

The specs also show a heart rate monitor and a fingerprint reader will be included in the Galaxy Alpha. The processor is supposed to be a octa-core Exynos chip, with four cores running at 1.8 GHz and the other four at 1.3 GHz. The article claims the phone will be priced at R$2,399, or about $1,048 and will be released sometime in the second half of September or the first half of October.

What do you think about these possible specs for the Samsung Galaxy Alpha?

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha specs and price may have been leaked


wtf a thousand dollars for this?? it doesn't even have a 1080p screen, has a small battery, and only 2gb ram! nothing whatsoever justifies the cost. the 64gb of storage is nice though

I just bought a LG G3 for R$2.299,00, that's R$100 cheaper (around $50) and I even won a LG G Watch (first 9 buyers only) and a Wireless Charger for my G3 at no adicional cost.

That phone is expensive even for Brazil patterns, expecially since it's possible to buy a Galaxy S5 for R$100 more. I don't trust that leak, the price is too high. There are similar, if not better phones (Moto G) for $300 (R$650).

EDIT: I assumed that the phone was a low-end since the resolution was only 1080x720. But with an octa-core and usb 3.0 it's hard to put it on the same level as the Moto G. My bad.

But I still think that the price is higher than normal. There's anything special about this phone that justifes that it's price sits just $50 lower than a SGS5 and $50 more than a G3?

It's in Brazil, and it's a "leak". The screen resolution listed should be a good enough warning clock, as it's 4:3 even though the pic clearly shows a regular widescreen device. The GS5 costs more than this in Brazil as a comparison, which is the price I guess this "leak" is just making a random, estimated guess from.

If you read this article and the linked article, they BOTH say 1080x720. That is not the same as 1280x720.

Hopefully for would be buyers this is a just wrong.

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Here in Brazil, this price is normal... We have mid-end / low-end smartphones around R$ 1.200 or 600 dollars...
If they were imported, justify (in parts) the price. but are all manufactured here.

Compare it with other phone prices in Brazil to see where it stacks. Either way I don't expect this to see in the US. I'll give it a try if it has the necessary LTE bands for T-Mobile.

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My thoughts exactly, what's the point in a leak if it's wrong :S hardly a leak! (At least I hope it's wrong at that price!)

Also 4.7" @ 720 3:2 ratio? I can practically smell the pixellation already :P

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1280x720 is not 3:2, and at 4.7" would not seem pixelated by any means, just not up to today's flagships

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Consider it only has to power a smaller 720p screen. It has all the specs of the s5 minus the 1080p display. The cpu might be clocked lower but its actually pretty powerful.

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1800 is the size of the Fascinate and that was a sub 300ppi at a resolution of 480 x 800 and the battery life sucked.

it has to be a misprint or false

Do you consider the very simple fact that this SOC is **rumored** to be the 20nm? And if you have seen AMOLED's recent advancement in batterylife (Anandtech's reviews), I am assuming it would be fairly decent. Wait till you have proper reviews.
Don't forget with the aim to slim it down to around 6-inch, battery will definitely be compromised.

I am though more than ready to have better battery rather than these stupid slimness competition. By all accounts, I am sure it won't be any worse than N4.

Not comparable really, amoled screens have become much much more efficient compared to back then and also chips themselves have become more powerful and at the same time even more power efficient than back then and Android itself has become more efficient to Android froyo it GB. Rams also more battery friendly etc. It's not as simple as just saying hey phone X 3 years ago did rubbish with this spec so this phone must suck too. Battery life will imo not be an issue.

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I had an 1800 mAh battery in my 2011 Galaxy Nexus, with a near-4.7 inch 720p screen, and it got terrible battery life. Haven't they learned?

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It is practically the size of the battery on the 1st Galaxy I owned (the Fascinate at 1500) than anything recent.

I still call BS

This needs at least a 2200 mAh battery like the Moto X, which actually was great at saving power.

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Yeah the X does a great job, but that is entire different way of doing things with that chip configuration. If we are looking at a normal chip configuration I would say that it needs 25-2800 or it will be an also ran

Ok, let's compare.. shall we??

OMAP4460 vs Exynos 5433 (45nm vs 20nm). Really? Is this even a contest here?
DDR2 vs LPDDR3.. Who wins?
XMM6260 vs XMM7260 -- Like 3 generations behind, how's that for a competition?
4 generation old AMOLED**
Newer software/firmware

** Source:
Even in browsing test which is bad for AMOLED, new QHD AMOLED easily beats LCD of G3 with a lower capacity battery. If you check movies, it will be even more. Just shows how much newer AMOLED's are better than that crap in Galaxy Nexus. Galaxy Nexus had one of the worst displays I have seen in a phone in last few years.

Wow this is different, I am not sure how to react.

Samsung defenders. I thought I was the only one.

I do realize that newer components are more efficient, but it is still so small that I have to think it is a typo, that is really all I am saying.

It doesn't take much to 'beat' a Galaxy Nexus, does it?
That phone was an ultimate failure in terms of hardware. It had everything wrong in every component. Display, camera, batterylife everything was just pathetic.

BTW, don't forget GNex was also a Samsung phone technically.

Not to mention this doesn't run Android 2.3... it will be running a much faster, smoother, better for battery life Android 4.4. That said, I still think 1,800 is a misprint.

If the Exynos Octa hits US variants, that's cool. Would be a better phone with vanilla Android though. I just frown upon TouchWiz now.

I'm brazilian and you should not believe in tecmundo sources, I mean, all they do is take your articles, translate to portuguese and post in his site.. R$2300 is a normal price for us. Here things usually are very expensive, probably the price in us will be around U$600.

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I think the Alpha needs at least 3Gb of ram and a better display and I'd maybe consider it but it's a long shot.I'll stay with my HTC One M8 Thanks

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If it is between the Alpha and the G3, i would wait to see real specs on it (official announcement)

The G3 is a great device and tough to beat!

What most of you don't understand is that Apple and Sammy are done with all the specs that's why as far as processors go the s5 isn't that much more powerful than the s4 truthfully. It was more about being practical. This device is going to be the iPhone 5s to the 6 the s5 5s if you will. Apple will have a smaller iPhone and a bigger iPhone so there will be a smaller galaxy and a bigger one then the note series. 720p on a display under 5" isn't awful, look at the moto x. It still has the standout features of the s5 only samller. The average consumer isn't going to notice the bullshit.

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Agreed, and the processor in this isn't bad either. Plus, the low power cores + lower resolution screen than most other flagships could give you great battery life out of the 1860mah in there.

The octocore is built to be energy efficient it has the 1.2 ghz quad to handle smaller tasks and the 1.8 to handle heavier

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Except that isn't true about apple. Apple has never been 'done with the specs'. They just don't make a big deal out of it when marketing devices to consumers like Samsung does.

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Apple can't make a big deal out of specs because their specs lag. That doesn't mean their products don't perform better - but it does no good to say iPhone 5s! 1gb ram! 8mp camera!

Anand would disagree. Yeah there's 1GB of RAM, yeah it's dual core, but the chip is more than capable. GPU is super powerful too (A7 chip).

Proof that Samsung makes too many different models of's getting absurd. All the R&D on so many different wonder their profits are down.

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Screen resolution, battery and camera are a downgrade from the s5. How is this a better phone, or maybe it was never meant to be one...

That battery makes it useless.
It needs to be at least 2500 mAH.
It's counter-productive to give it so much memory with such tiny battery.

Sorry, but history has proven that THAT Samsung Exynos in-house chip is JUNK...sometimes exploding junk...Stick with quality-proven QUALCOMM!

I still think I am going to make the Galaxy Avant my next handset. I have tmobile and do not need a fancy handset that is metal. I usually get a gel skin for my phones anyway. I just got a Galaxy Light and love the LTE and quad core processor. I am in no rush to get the Avant maybe during Christmas as a gift to myself.

OK I am looking for a powerful Phone with an excellent Camera in a smaller Device about 5.0 " to 5.2 " tall -a pocket sized phone.

So this one and especially the Neo (if Neo is real ) are excellent except ;

1) The slim race necessitates a smaller Battery- do people REALLY care if the Phone
is 7mm or 12 mm thick ?
Even sacrificing performance to get a thin device ? Not most.
We would rather have a powerful All Day Battery 2600mah on small phone would be great. Use larger Battery in the NEO or another
4.7 " Screen powerhouse.

2) SD Card or Direct Backup/ Restore using USB Memory Stick connected to Phone.

3) Price- can NOT be $1000 or $900
or anywhere near that for a upper midrange
device, metal or not.

4) Still want the NEO same size but thicker , larger Battery , SD Card etc.