Samsung Galaxy S5 Alpha leak narrows the bezels and brings on the metal

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha — or S5 Prime, if you will — has shown up in several leaked images, giving us a better look at what could be a mid-generation refresh of the flagship. The Galaxy Alpha, as it's called in the latest leak, looks like a Galaxy S5 but with less-rounded edges (reminiscent of the Galaxy Note 3), small bezels and purportedly has a metal chassis rather than plastic.

The back plate has a familiar dimpled soft touch material look to it, though, which would still be acceptable by many if at least some of the build was switched over to metal. The camera pod and heart rate sensor are both here in the same style as the original, but in a slightly different configuration.

LTE-Advanced branding is found on the back plate, indicating that this is likely a South Korean model that we're looking at, so we can take any design elements with an extra grain of salt as it all may change if the device heads out to other countries.

At this point the device is certainly a thing, we just don't know exactly what it is. If this is the same Galaxy S5 Prime we've heard rumors of, with a 2560 x 1440 display, 3GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 805 processor, this really could be the ultra-high-end Galaxy S5 everyone has been waiting for.

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha leak narrows the bezels and brings on the metal


lol. Just buy the newest phone when your upgrade is available. You're over thinking shit. It's not like a phone is a piece of fruit that's going to spoil right after the next one comes out.

Then you'd literally have to buy more than ten phones every month already. One more phone a year would hardly make any financial difference.

I agree with that new tech should be released when it's done, instead of holding on to it until that pre set release date next year. You know, like they do it with PC's.

you have a shallow mind. The phone soon becomes obsolete as everyone starts talking about the next one. And 1 year later your phone is twice obsolete. But then if you don't care and want to upgrade every 6 months then I guess go ahead.

You need to have a phone people are currently talking about? That's sad on so many levels lol.

These are incremental improvements people buy a phone and in six months it will always be spec trumped by something, but your device still works as good as the day you got it. Not to mention we don't even know if this will ever make it past Korea.

I still have a phone from last fall, gasp the horror. Oh wait my nexus 5 is still a great device and does everything I need.
Move along people.

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nah I upgrade my phone every 2 years, so yup. Been using a S3 for 2 years now and it's time to upgrade this fall. When you pay a premium price for a phone, you should have some expectation. It's a joy to feel your phone is the best on the market. I just dislike Samsung releasing too many models.

Then don't buy a Samsung lol, Samsung has always seemed to make at least 3 or 4 versions of every phone. You had an S3 right.. S3 exynos hspa+, S3 LTE, S3 Mini ... The next near the added the active. Samsung users shouldn't be surprised at this point, they always do this, every year.

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i am one that likes to have the bleeding edge technology, though disagree that i must have every one. i had the Evo LTE 4g and lived with it until the power button broke, and unfortunately my contract was up and i was available for upgrade when the Galaxy S5 was released, So, knowing that Samsung didnt put their all into the S5 and was working on a new FLAGSHIP phone i purchased a Kyocera Duramax flip phone, turned everything down on my account to mininum and biting time waiting on the release of the new phone. in no way was S5 meant to be the phone of the year it was a continuance of matching to other cell phones especially the iPHONE. if Samsung doesnt do this then for those people that are available for upgrade dont feel the company is doing what it should to compete and may be swayed to take their business to another company or even buy a garbage iphone. this galaxy alpha may still be a korean only device and some of you dummies my get what you wish for and everyone have to wait till next spring for the new flagship which sucks for me but owell if it does. i still have a laptop and am not stuck in a contract where i wont be able to get what i want when its released. some of you people are totally ignorant and selfish. i agree with movielover76 totally. sheep will be sheep.

Then what would be the point to buy one earlier in the year when you can buy a newer one if you just wait a bit more?

I think its a good move. They can release it alongside Android L and all the S5 owners can cry as they wait 90 days for the update

I know because having more than one choice of a flagship from a manufacturer is such a terrible thing.... How does this really affect you?

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The Galaxy S has "always" been Sammy's flagship smartphone. The Note has flagship specs but has always been regarding as a mix of a tablet and a smartphone, whatever you choose to call it.

The Note series has become something of a "flagship" device for business and tech people, while the S series is Sammy's more "mainstream" flagship. Samsung has never been happy just having one or even two big devices. They like to try and make everyone's "perfect" phone, from the smaller models to cheaper models to rugged models, etc.

The point of a flagship is to drive sales up , partly by increasing brand recognition and making headlines, I'm sure users add a ton of other qualifiers but in reality that's the only one that matters to Samsung or any other OEM.
Multiple "flagships" per year seem to be working for Samsung , I suspect they will continue.

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I'm fine with Samsung releasing two flagships every year, but they should be the next Galaxy S device and the next Galaxy Note. Creating a Prime, Mini, Active, and Weekend version of each phone makes it hard for consumers to keep it straight. I'm tech savvy stay on top of tech news and I even get confused about the devices. If they're going to release different versions, do it at the same time. Then customers can decide which one they want instead of then buying a phone and then a version they like better is released the next month!

Typed on tiny keys just for you

Because of over saturation, the galaxy name is played out imo. They're all the same pretty much. There's like 6 variants a year

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Looks exactly like all their other phones... what's this phone going to do different

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Check out the more recent article on the site. This is apparently something like a smaller, 4.7" version of the S5.

I would buy this but the fact that it doesn't have a microSD card is a NO GO for me.
16 / 32 GB is just not enough space anymore. I'll wait till they come out with the Galaxy Alpha with a microSD storage or something after this with a microSD storage.

To not have microSD storage on this device makes absolutely NOOOOOOOOOO sense.

The purpose of this device is to cement Samsung's identity in the mobile industry as a premium smartphone manufacture. Samsung prides itself on it's large displays, exchangeable batteries and expandable storage. Features that Apples iPhone doesn't have making Samsung's S devices the alternate choice and a "better" smartphone. Take those features away and is Samsung devices still wanted by consumers for it's other features(Super AMOLED display, camera res., S health/heart rate, etc. )? Samsung is testing itself with this device and will ultimately change its future line of smartphones.