Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung has today shared some photos of the new Galaxy Alpha being manufactured, just in case you were wondering just how it's made. The smartphone itself will be a unique option for consumers thanks to its metal body, which is carved from metal using highly advanced machinery. We're always eager to take a quick look at how hardware we use today is made in the factory and as technology continues to advance, the processes utilized to actually produce units is required to keep up.

Not only that, but this product is a substantial design change for Samsung. The Galaxy Alpha is a switch from focusing primarily on plastic for construction to metal, which will offer a more premium feel for consumers.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Compared to Samsung hardware we've come to know and love, the Galaxy Alpha requires more attention to detail with curved metal corners and color anodizing for the range of variants available – blue, gold, black, silver and white. Numerous tests are performed to ensure the Galaxy Alpha will live up to its name and be durable for day-to-day use. Overall, this simply gets us more excited to get our hands on one. Check out more images over on the Samsung blog (link below).

Are you impressed with where Samsung is going in terms of design? Let us know your thoughts on the Alpha in the comments!

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Samsung explains how the new metal-framed Galaxy Alpha is made



People who say otherwise clearly lack an ability to see correctly as the word Samsung is stamped across the top of the device.

You're kidding yourselves. No love or hate for Apple or Sammy and this looks like the Sammy iPhone 6. It looks nice too! Best they've copied...I mean built yet :p

I would have to agree -- at first glance, this looks like an iPhone. Nothing against that....I would be lying if I said this isn't a great looking phone.

Ill still stick with my Nexus phones for as long as they are around...

First thing I thought, too.

I know that Apple doesn't own exclusive rights to rectangles, but there is more than just a passing resemblance to an iPhone here

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Please, explain this resemblance that the the majority of us miss. The proof is apparently right in front of our eyes, but I still can't see it.

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The rectangular metal sides, physical home button, angle of the corners and size/shape of the slot type ear piece I guess are the main things. The bezel to screen ratio seems pretty similar as well. It is pretty easy to see the resemblance.

The Alpha look s basically identical to all other high end , midrange devices samsung has produced in the last 12 months.'s the chamfered metal edges that strongly resemble the iphone that people are calling it out for.....personally, I don't give a shit!!, it looks great, but the display is just too small for me.

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Agreed, it's the metal edges, the size of the bezel along the edges of the screen, and the curvature of the corners.

The S3 was clearly curved top and bottom, with "long" corners, which gave it a somewhat distinctive silhouette. The S4 has a gently a curved top and bottom and slightly less curve to the corners. The S5 has tighter corners still, and a *very* gentle curve top and bottom.

The Alpha pretty much does away with curvature altogether. The top and bottom are flat, per the iPhone silhouette, and the corners are tight and even, like the iPhone. The metal edges on the Alpha add to the resemblance.

That's not to say Samsung has suddenly dropped everything to imitate the iPhone look -- it's still a clear and logical progression of the S3-S4-S5 designs from the last few years, toward a simpler, squarer, more regular silhouette. Unfortunately the end of that progression also happens to be where the iPhone has been for a long time.

For some reason I just have zero interest in Samsung. Ugly and HTC just does the best job when it comes to looks. M8 looks awesome. However I'm passing on that too. The new moto X+1 looks nice too. Waiting it out to see how it turns up!

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It's because HTC took their time with learning how to work with metal,Samsung jumped right in. Perhaps they have an interesting metal phone in a year or so, but at least for now, if I want a metal phone, I won't be looking to Samsung for it.

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This is for sure a prelude to the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 on September 3rd.

I see great craftsmanship here something to look forward to in 12days.

The haters and trolls will hate that's expected but haters and trolls aren't spending money we all know that.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Not really. Samsung hasn't built anything cool in years IMO. Note looks nice and all but I for one just waiting for something new. I haven't even gotten the HTC M8 yet. While it looks nice and all I want better features that dont turn my device into a lagfest. MAybe Moto's X+1 will dothe trick. But we will see, Nothing is in stone for me. Hell I might end up with a Note 4! Who knows.

One thing the Note series has never had is lag. I think that if they do YOUM worldwide then you will see a 'cool' device from them

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I hear mix feelings on the lag on a Note. However we are talking about the Note 2. The Note 3 seemed to have fix that. A GPE Note 4 would be cool. I like stock the best. Otherwise I'd just flash it or use Nova Launcher personally. TW don't do it for me. But I like the Note hardware. (Looking wise) Its the size that kills it for me but I'm open to new experiences! AKA bigger phone to see if I like it or not.

Never is a strong word. Stylus support could be built into vanilla Android for starters. I rarely ever used the stylus after the initial playing around period. Plenty of people just want a small tablet that can make phone calls. From what I see in the wild the Note's stylus is more of a novelty than something as crucial to the device as many on this site would have you believe.

To contrast.

Use stylus each and every day on my Note 3. I'm sure plenty of folks don't. I mean most people hardly ever download apps on their iPhone or Android phones.

For me, I would take a back seat to a lot of features, just to get the Wacom Digitizer functionality of the Note series. Fortunately, Sammy usually has the Notes out on the cutting edge spec wise.

The guy above talking about the LagFest. Apparently never used a Note 3. I came from a Nexus which I liked, and felt the upgrade immediately when getting the Note. My biggest fear was listening to all the trolls and ignorant people scream @ the TouchWiz disaster. After getting the Note 3, all the extra features, and a $4 copy of Novalauncher, I can't believe I listened to that stupidity.

Note 3 is a beast. Probably won't upgrade yet, but highly anticipating the Note 4 launch.

Oh man that's a loaded remark..I have had all of the Note series phones..Never had lag is a damn joke..The Note 3 was definitely the best of the 3 but still had lag and stuttering after loading apps and using the phone for a while.

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OK let me put it this way, the only lag I have ever seen is opening the camera. Other than that, none

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The note 3s fake leather back was actually OK. I wonder if Samsung could do official backs. Seeing as almost all Samsung devices have removable backs they could offer different types and make some money out of it.

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I was torn on the fake leather but I have really liked it over the last year.

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I have a Note 3 with a Samsung back with qi charging... Also it gets rid of the ATT logo.. Not that it bothered me

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LOL at all the "fake stitching" & "faux leather" hand wringers over the past year. The back of the Note has an excellent grippy texture that slides in and out of a pocket easily all while being crazy durable. A nice design.

Furthermore, for $5-10 on eBAY you have the option to replace the back with aluminum, wood, rubber, chrome, and a million other designs. Cracks me up listening to people go over the top on something that gives them options that they don't understand.

It is. I've dropped my Note 3 repeatedly over the past year. Still functions perfectly. Edges have scratches and chips only.

I shudder to think what my iPhone or HTC One would look like in the same scenario. Yet some online scream for those "premium" materials. ... then cover it up with a plastic case to protect all that quality! LOL!!!

Perhaps I'm just jaded, but 3-axis CNC machine tools and billet blocks of aluminum aren't exactly advanced, especially compared to the 5-axis machine tools and antenna injection techniques used by HTC for the One M8. Still, glad to see Samsung branching out into new materials. Hopefully they will keep it up.

Great if it looks like an iphone - Im gonna buy my first non apple smartphone next month, the Note 4. Apple is not what they where, lost ability to write bugfree sw

this is the phone i been waiting for, i passed on the s5, lg g3 and the one m8 for this, can't wait, the moto x+1 is tempting but the almost stock android is boring to me so Alpha it is.

Define 'metal'
I love how aluminium (weak metal, prone to cracking over time) isn't mentioned anywhere in this or Samsung's article.

Would love to hear the specifics of the material.

Meh Samsung you could try harder but yeah better than your fake metal sides.

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You people are a trip. Just pick the phone that suits YOU and SHUT UP! jeez like a bunch of kids! Im just happy with what I have, nuff said

Love this hardware. It would be great if all the new devices by Samsung had this same construction details. I would buy the Alpha if it came with US radios. The Note 4 is around the corner and would be great to see same construction.

many millions of people disagree with you, i think they need to revamp the overall design but to call it the ugliest is an overstatement on your part, but this galaxy alpha is a very elegant and very sophisticated looking phone.

Personally, I havn't seen any other flagships that are uglier than samsungs, I have never liked their design, waaaay too curved/rounded everywhere for my likings...and then theres that horrible home button. Alot of people also don't care about the hardware design as much as I do, or atleast thats my experience with people who I know. Sure the alpha looks nicer than all those Samsung plastic phones but still ugly in my eyes.

The phone looks nice... But it also looks like KIRF iPhone. Maybe a practice run in metal manufacturing for the note 4?

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