Samsung Droid Charge

After a long journey with enough plot twists to make Hithcock proud, the Samsung Droid Charge is finally available from Verizon Wireless for $299 after the usual contracts and agreements.  After seeing and playing with the Charge for a bit I have to say that the SAMOLED plus display is something that needs to be seen in person.  The rest of the features are no slouch either:

  • Android 2.2
  • Google Mobile services, including Google Search
  • Google Maps and Gmail, YouTube
  • Brilliant 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus touch screen display
  • 1GHz application processor
  • Rear-facing 8-megapixel camera with LED flash
  • Front-facing 1.3-megapixel camera to support video chat capabilities
  • Samsung Social Hub and Media Hub
  • 4G LTE hotspot available free until June 16

So who's picking up the second LTE Android phone on Verizon?  Hit the Droid Charge forum to chat all about it!

Source: Verizon Wireless

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There are 47 comments

And why is that worth $100 more that any other 4G phone out there???

Well the screen itself could be worth 100 bucks to some people. I myself am a sucker for a beautiful screen and would be more than willing to pay a premium for a fantastic screen.

unfortunately the rest of the Charge is ugly imo. I cannot handle that goatee at the bottom or the physical buttons.

Otherwise I would give this device a try.

EvanJ18 says:

i'm assuming its a combination of of the 32gb sd card and SAMOLED+. still not worth it in my opinion.

RockTripod says:

Well, its only $50 more than the T-Bolt. According to Engadget, it gets 2 days of battery life. Totally worth it to me.

zero neck says:

seriously why is it 300 dollars. makes no sense
thunderbolt came with a 32 gb sd card at least

zacisblack says:

This does too.

zero neck says:


RockTripod says:

Nicer screen, way better battery

intheb0x says:

its screen pops way more then the thunderbolts dull screen.

its all about the screen.

Correct-a-mundo. You have no idea how nice the screen is on this until you see it in person.

Everyone needs to actually look at it before they decide if it's worth $100 or not.

mhmmdy123 says:

Jerry, which is better this phone or the HTC EVO 3D?

juanzr1 says:

I'd pay 100 more if this was a tablet were talking about and had an super amoled plus display as I'm sure it cost grip to make those beautiful displays. Too bad there new tablet isn't gunna have an amoled display, that would be nice

dan4patriots says:

Im wondering if i should trade in my thunderbolt for this but tomorrow is my last day on the 14 day return/exchange period and the screen is tempting me

you have 30 days with vzw unless they changed it sense I took the crapinate.. sorry Fascinate back. (screw you BING!)

wildcats12 says:

Unfortunately with vzw it is now 14 days. I agree with the Bing part as well!

flighinhigh says:

CostCo has it for $249.99 plus tax.

itch808 says:

Oh yes that Super AMOLED plus screen is easily worth $100 more!!

...oh wait, that's right the Samsung Infuse 4G on AT&T has the samething plus 0.2" and costs $100 less.

zacisblack says:

The Charge is also 4G LTE, has better battery life, and comes with a 32GB card.

itch808 says:

Infuse has AT&T 4G (okay, not as good) and even better battery life (per engadget, and a larger battery). Even though the Charge has more space the infuse looks a million times better. Samsung gave Verizon the bastard child.

grinchyyy says:

$100 less to put up with AT&T and their fake 4G.

mhmmdy123 says:

So that`s AT&T network! how about VZW network! It`s already down from one handset on them so called 4G LTE. Just wait and it might happen again, So both AT&T and VZW in the same spot.

But it is on a slow 4G network. That's why it is at a discount.

mainmanholla says:

i saw it at costco in md for $199.99

mainmanholla says:

i saw it at costco in md for $199.99

jungajuice says:

piece of junk

babybear293 says:

it amazes me that this is being shipped with 2.2... 2.3 has been out since December
apparently all that money for a screen?! they could've at least added 2.3, i cant comprehend why they couldnt do that...

mhmmdy123 says:

Because it`s Samsung phone! What`s new?

I still think that $300 for this phone is reasonable. Us iPhone users pay that much for our 32GB model. No one complains about that though. And the Charge seems to be better spec'd. The only issue that I see is that the Infuse has the same specs for the most part, but is $100 cheaper. That doesn't make sense to me.

EvanJ18 says:

difference being that they have the option for a 16gb, this does not. and not many people buy the 32gb iPhone (that i've seen)

jason821 says:

Before you know it this phone will be free at best buy and selling for 250 on Craigslist.

yutsoku says:

I hate my fascinate. Samsung is horrible with updates. The GPS is broken. The only reason I bought this shitty fascinate is because the beautiful OLED screen, which I've been wanting for years. I've been fascinated with OLED Technology since 2001, when I first heard about it. Now, this is released and I'm going to go out today and spend my money on a bloated junky phone with a beautiful screen which I'll be complaining about in about 2 days.

...I'm messed up in the head right? ...At least it's 4g! (In select cities.)

But I used to work for verizon, still on a verizon employee account. And I'll be getting this phone for about 200 dollars with accessories, not to mention I'm going to sell my fascinate on craigslist for about 250, it's still in mint, so I guess it's worth the bang for the buck.

I feel the same way about AMOLED. I would have bought a Samsung device a long time ago if they would just let up on the damn plastic and touchwiz JUST ONCE.

I don't see why they cannot make ONE freaking aluminum device...and without touchwiz.

IMO, they would absolutely smash the competition because with the AMOLED screen, it would be the perfect device. Samsung is the ONLY manufacturer that has the ability to make the PERFECT Android phone because they are the only ones with AMOLED tech...yet they water down every device they make with cheap feeling/looking plastic.

Samsung phones are like Jessica Alba in a sweatsuit. All the beauty and sexiness in the world, covered in crap.

dchawk81 says:

I agree about the plastic and cartoony designs, but Touchwiz is uninstallable so that's not really a problem.

The Galaxy S II has a sexy look, IMHO so that resolves my biggest complaint. I just hope Sprint gets it as-is before I stop caring about smart phones altogether.

mhmmdy123 says:

Am wiating the EVO 3D, atlease Sprint 4G network never been down and it`s working fine for me. And if I don`t like the service $200.0
am out of the contract not $350. EFT, that`s sound way better and cheapper.

roberte1342 says:

$299 and they still can't afford a $0.20 notification LED? I know many don't care but at least put it in there and have an option to disable it for those that find it annoying rather than useful.

ksi69 says:

I picked one up Friday evening. Coming from a stock Fascinate that was a little buggy, I'm finding this phone is pretty good. No lags or funny stuff so far. No 4G in my area, so I have it turned off.

Over at Android Police there was a reviewer that mentioned a "loss of 3G connectivity bug", and he completely panned the device because of it. I saw this a couple times last night.

This morning I awoke to an OTA update pushed from Verizon. This occurred the first time I turned the unit on (about 7:30 AM). The loss of 3G bug is gone. Who knows what else they fixed. I guess now we know why they delayed it - they were working on this OTA.

I think we can also say that reviews should be based on officially released hardware/software. This is especially true when there is a last minute hold-up on the device's release. A good reviewer should have put two and two together in this instance, and waited for the mystery to be revealed. The Android Police guy kinda went off half-cocked with a review based on a pre-release unit, and therefore did himself and the phone a disservice.

Bat_man58 says:

300$ because the screen is nice? BWAHHAHA gullible people><

The phone is ugly..looks like a lower-tier pre-paid Android phone. I'm sure it's nic, but, dated software,, not worth 300$.

babybear293 says:

Thank you, I said the same thing. but in a nicer context...

Bat_man58 says:

300$ because the screen is nice? BWAHHAHA gullible people><

The phone is ugly..looks like a lower-tier pre-paid Android phone. I'm sure it's nic, but, dated software,, not worth 300$.

technomom says:

Wake me up when I can put Cyanogen Mod Gingerbread (or ICS) goodness on it.

That should be soon enough. Isn't the bootloader unlocked on this thing? Have both and giving one to the mother, depends on which one lasts longer. Lol

Battery on 3g with the charge is much better, will find out about lte in houston next week.

Beezzy says:

That price is horrible!

dallasfever says:

Hope this expands into a tablet or they sell these at the Psycho Ward!

backtothemac says:

I got one today. I can say that it is much lighter than the Thunderbolt. Actually was faster in a browser show down in the store, and I have used it for 8 hours and my battery is at about 60% vs Thunderbolt would be dead. Screen is amazing!

People could say whatever they want but true android people will not flock to this device it is OVER PRICED WITH LAST YEARS SPECS. Definately not what on par for 2011 devices which is SHAMEFUL ON VERIZONS PART. On the good side the battery looks to be something far better than the thunderbolt which is a plus

clarkdevan says:

Maybe I'm crazy. I went to upgrade to the new Charge yesterday. I am eligible for an early upgrade but wont get discounted upgrade till November, wife is up in Nov. too. My wife has a recently replaced Fascinate that she does not like, I have a great Droid X. So instead of using my upgrade now (thinking Bionic or SII this summer) I bought the Charge for myself at $569 retail. Now this is only $269 more than the $300 I was gonna spend at contract price and I still have my upgrade intact. I moved my droid x to my wife and will sell her Fascinate for $200 on ebay. I know its a little more money, but considering the $300 contract price and only $250 more for the retail I took a shot. So far I really like the Charge and can slide it to my wife if I upgrade this summer. If nothing that scrathes my fancy comes out before November then it was for naught. But by selling the Fascinate I'm almost back even. Course I would've sold teh Fascinate anyway.