Galaxy S II lte

Samsung has announced two new products ahead of their presumably big showing at IFA this week in Berlin, the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 8.9 -- in LTE flavors.  They tell us a few limited specs, 1.5GHz CPU for both, and a size bump to a 4.5 inch screen in the Galaxy S II.  The rest looks to be unchanged, so we can't assume that the mythical 720p Super AMOLED screen (the one that haunts my dreams) will show up in the new Galaxy S II.  Interestingly, the Galaxy Tab 8.9 product pages have went live at Samsung's website as well, so we're pretty sure the Wifi version will also rear its head at IFA. 

We've heard all sorts of rumors and speculation about exactly what Samsung has in store for Verizon customers, and we've said all along to hold tight -- even after the Verizon version of the existing Galaxy S II seemed to have disappeared from the radar.  Will Verizon be picking up either or both of these two?  We can't say for sure, but it seems like a no-brainer.  We expect more details when these all get shown in Berlin, and until then we'll just have to sit tight.

Source: Samsung (Korean); via Engadget

More: Galaxy Tab 8.9 product page; Thanks, Dy4me!



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Samsung announces LTE version of Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 8.9, will show them off at IFA


If this comes to VZW within the next two months (big if) it's a blow to the Verizon Nexus Prime rumors.

So people that have had both Moto & Samsung phones,

Do Samsung's smartphones really compare as far as build quality and durability? I've had several Sammy feature phones and they've all died of hardware issues so I'm extremely hesitant to drop this much money on a Sammy if they're still sucking as bad as they did a couple years back.

Also, how do they rate against htc?

Any insider info would be great as I'm ready to upgrade and starting the Bionic/Vigor/SG2 battle and I'm deciding who the actual contenders will be...


I have had an OG Droid and a Fascinate and even thought the fascinate feels plasticy I really like the lighter, thinner form that allows. It doesn't have the tough metal feel of the droid but it's still very durable. It has survived plenty of drops and some scratches on the back cover are all it has, where the droid had dents in the corners and a battery cover that didn't like to stay on.

I haven't had any problems with my fascinate (my gps has never had many issues) and the droid had a wobbly slider, finicky usb port, and a bad power button.

I haven't used htc but it's really all dependent on your personal preference. All phones have build issues it just depends on if you got lucky with a good device.

I have an OG Droid, a Nexus S, and a Galaxy Tab 10.1. My Droids have been anything but durable or having good build quality. The first one I had crapped out after a minor fall. The replacement they gave me ended up having a digitizer (touchscreen) failure. The one I have now is going through a digitizer failure as we speak, but I can still barely use it for now until the rest of the screen goes. This is over a period of two years, btw.

Not to mention they get pretty nasty scratches on minor impacts.

My Nexus S has stood up pretty well to falls (I've had it for a year, got it on release date), and only has one or two small scuff marks on the edges. It feels nice and solid in my hand, not creaky or hollow. I think it's miles ahead of the Droid on build quality. I haven't dropped my SGT10.1 yet, but it also feels solid and well put together.

So, based on my experience, I'd say that Sammy outranks Moto in build quality, at least when the example is the OG Droid. The Photon, Atrix, or Droid x/X2 might have vastly better build quality in comparison to the OG Droid, though, so that's something to consider.

Half of me got excited and another half dropped...because now this seems to destroy any rumors of the nexus prime coming to verizon..... unless....the prime is not made by samsung..but all rumors point otherwise...

I have all three. I would say that it really comes down to the custom ui that each have. As far as build quality, samsung is lighter due to more plastic. But it has a superior screen. Htc is pretty hard on batteries but that's the Thunderbolt. My samsung charge is a little better on the batteries. The D3 however is pretty damn good but it's not lte. I would go to Verizon and check them out in person. And remember, you will probably put a case on it anyway.

I hear people saying that Samsung sucks. I also hear that people don't like Moto ot HTC. I can also say that I know many people that love their Samsung, Moto, and HTC phones and never had a single issue with them.. So I still think that there are certain aspects that happen to people and their phones. Some are built great others have problems. Some people don't really know how to handle a smartphone and eventually screw it up and blame the phone and not themselves. So in conclusion, I will be looking at the GS2(if in fact it comes to Verizon) as well as the HTC Vigor and Bionic as my next phone. The 4.5" screen has me quite interested in SG2.

..."pages have went live ..."
The verb 'go' is not all that difficult to master.
I go to college.
She went to the post office.
They have GONE beserk.
Most middle schoolers have it down pat ... and not a few Labrador retrievers.

ummm They didnt use the the tegra 2 in the 8.9 and gave it the same cpu as SG2 bumbed up to 1.5. This makes my 10.1 a sad sad panda.

Why? That means the 8.9 won't be able to play any of the great NVIDIA Tegra HD games that you can play on the 10.1. The thing is 1.2 inches smaller oooh SO much more portable give me a break it's 1 inch not like you're going to be able to fit the 8.9 in a coat pocket or anywhere that you can't fit the 10.1. The 10.1 is the perfect screen size/resolution/aspect ratio for browsing full websites and playing HD games. Also the battery is bigger.

Why not? There is a hack to play Tegra games on non-tegra phones and from what I've read, they actually play better on the GSII and not too bad on the GSI. I haven't read how well it works on other devices, surely there are folks here who could enlighten us though.

I'd be willing to bet that the same old European phone stigma holds up and this will bet compatible with ATT and not Verizon. The question is will it be compatible with ATT LTE? I'll be hopeful though.....

where is this mythical unicorn news source that said Verizon is getting the Nexus Prime? Verizon skipped the first 2 Nexus phones, so reason only stands that they will probably skip this next one also.

I wish Verizon would get the Nexus Prime. The combination of the perfect device on the best network would be awesome. But unfortunately Verizon cant control themselves when it comes to carrier branding & bloatware.

The sooner their customers wake up & stop rewarding Verizon for their terrible device selections by switching to a carrier with better options, the sooner Verizon will start giving us better phones. I've already seen Verizon burn their customers too many times with old or nerfed hardware to even bother with them. But if they end up getting a good device I'll come back, & i bet so will other people as well.

wtheck!! Why not just go to 5" screens!! Stop making them so big!! I was getting use to a 4.3" phone now its gonna be 4.5"?!?!?! Freaking sucks!! I keep my phone in my pocket. I don't have a purse to hide my huge phone!! Please stop making them so big!! 4" screen is perfect.