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Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S3 finally arrives, available first as a Kies update

Samsing has started pushing out the official Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the international Galaxy S3 (GT-i9300).The update appears to be pushing out to Galaxy S3 owners with unbranded handsets in the Poland ("XEO" region) initially, with other regions and networks expected to follow shortly. At the time of writing, the update is being pushed out through Samsung's Kies software, rather than over the air.

As we reported last month, the update will introduce familiar Jelly Bean features like Google Now, "Project Butter" performance enhancements and the redesigned notification shade, in addition to new TouchWiz features. These include dormant mode, for better notification and alert management, as well as "easy mode" for simplified home screen operation.

Owners of the unlocked international Galaxy S3 should be getting their updates very soon, even if they're not in Poland -- usually when one region starts being updated, it's a matter of days before others follow. Carrier-branded versions, such as the U.S. Galaxy S3 models, may have a little longer to wait, as those devices must go through additional certification.

To see if your update is ready to go, start up Kies on your PC and plug in your phone. If you're already up and running with Jelly Bean on your S3, head into the comments and let us know how you're getting on.

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Reader comments

Android 4.1 update for Galaxy S3 rolling out, starting in Poland


"Owners of the unlocked international Galaxy S3 shouldn't be getting their updates very soon, even if they're not in Poland --usually when one region starts being updated, it's a matter of days before others follow."

In the above statement, you mean "Owners of the unlocked international Galaxy S3 SHOULD be getting updates very soon."

Sorry, don't mean to be a troll or any kind of grammar jerk.

Come on US carriers, we want our JB update soon!

How much do you believe it will it take for Vodafone to have the Update ready? I hope it´s sooner than other Carriers since Vodafone Germany will launch in Oct a GT-i9305 LTE Quad Core 2Gb version...

US carriers aren't going to do Jelly Bean before the 1st of the year. No way they'll get around to it prior to Christmas. We should have learned this by now.

If you connect to a WPA2 Enterprise Wireless network, get ready for it to no longer work. Google broke WPA2 Enterprise authentication in the 4.1 update. Owners of the Nexus 7 have been unable to connect since it's release. Google is refusing to acknowledge the issue or release a timeline for a ptach. Massive Google Fail.

I think you may want to re-investigate information. I am a currently on my Nexus 7, and on a WPA2 wireless.

Not simply WPA2 Wireless, but WPA2 Enterprise Wireless, a completely different beast. A WPA2 Enterprise Wireless network is usually found in large corporations, Universities etc. Involves installing certificates to the device and a very specific server configuration for proper authentication.

I think my Sprint G3 was wanting to go home to Poland then this morning. I woke up to it saying I had an update. It rebooted and started doing the familiar Android with the spinning tummy but then failed out to the boot loader saying file did not pass crc check. Picked to complete booting normal and now when I check manually, it says no update. Still on 4.0.4. I did temp unroot though with Voodoo OTA just in case it tries again. ;)

Samsung has turned into a fantastic company. Not only do they make the best phones but they also update them very fast. The SGS3 is the best phone in the world.
I tried the new I-Phone 5 and honest I thought it felt like a toy. My SGS3 is far and away a much superior device. Apple did absolutely nothing in the innovation department. The maps application is a fucking joke. Hardware is nice but just too damn small. The I- Phone fans must be blind or just never tried a real good Android phone. Just my opinion.


I am new to updates, so if I used Kies to update my phone, which part of my data will I lose? (I have everything backed up, but still).

No one tried it yet? Tell us, is it really much smoother or not? Some reports say that Touchwiz ruins the smoothness...

IMO the whole smoothness of JB is overhyped. I have a Nexus 7 and it doesn't feel much different than ICS on my EVO LTE..

Come on HTC.... Now isn't the time to be slacking on updates for your flagship phone that came out before the GS3. Add to that the fact I am on Sprint(EVO LTE) which means my update will be probably be weeks or months behind even the international version...

I know nothing is official until Samsung actually releases their updates in the various markets though. Their past track record has been pretty pathetic even when they make announcements like this. But if they really have changed and actually get updates out fairly quickly I may have to re-evaluate my manufacturer choice. Until now HTC has been good for me.

I love my GS III even with the current firmware. Anyway, there is no update for Canadian Telus customers yet.

I had been running the last Development Build (DLI8) on my german international device and that ran very well. I installed this earlier today and it's running perfectly as well. I enjoy the new Features (Google Now, extended notification bar, etc...), but it's not really any faster than it was with ICS, being that it was fast as hell then.

I've also been running JB for several weeks now on a T-Mo GS3.

The LI8 build is much more stable than earlier releases. My phone repeatedly crashed on LI3.

I have to say that I prefer the way that Google Now works on the Nexus 7 (swipe-up gesture) than on the GS3 (long-press Menu).

So what you guys are saying is that the smoother advantage is just a gimmick was my most expected feature!

If you are showing off your phone, if it LOOKS smoother, that makes it seem better. JB is only 4.1, compared to ICS which is will NOT be some amazing change, but it will bring some nice improvements.