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Samsung's Unpacked event in New York City continues, and the latest new software feature on the new Galaxy S4 is S-Translator. Translator apps are nothing new, but Samsung's is pretty interesting on a few different fronts. 

First up, S-Translator knows 9 different languages. Really knows. Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and English are all understood in both a text-to-speech capacity as well as a speech-to-text capacity. The demonstration on stage pegged a tourist using S-Translator to help them out whilst they're on vacation. Looks pretty slick and is the sort of functionality that a lot of people could find real use for. 

Additionally, the optical reader built in can also translate printed text too. Pretty sweet. 

Samsung Unpacked continues, so be sure to stick around for yet more Galaxy S4 goodness.

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S-Translator on the Samsung Galaxy S4 knows 9 different languages


Did they mention how this differs in any way from the google translate app? It, too, can do text to speech and back again and translate text from the camera.

My exact thoughts. From the info given this pales in comparison to Google translate, yet apparently it's the epitome of translate apps?

Usually I love AC but I'm getting the feeling they view Samsung products through rose-coloured glasses.

It's that new relationship glow. It'll wear off and they'll start referring to Sammy as "the old lady" soon enough.

Not sure it would be better than the Google translator app...makes no sense adding all these features people will not use...HTC One for me!
Samsung hardware just screams "CHEAP"
I remember travelling last year and I had just got the One X and during the security check I brought out my phone and a lady behind was like "wow what phone is that?" And I was all smiles and even allowed her have a feel of it lmao.
I can only imagine what reactions the HTC One would get :) :)

Lol, HTC One is already behind on Software. It's running 4.1.2 is it not? S4 is running 4.2.2 right out the box. And 4.3 or 5 is right around the corner.

Damn...thinking about it, I actually did! Had to charge my phone while waiting for my flight lol
HTC sucks at battery no doubt and we are all waiting for Phil (aka the guy who calls people with different perspectives from his "idiots) to tell us HONESTLY how the battery life fares on the HTC ONE!

LOL fanboy much? My S4 runs circles around your little HTC device, which you better hang onto because HTC will be a thing of the past soon. iFixit rates Samsung internals the highest quality. HTC One internals are mostly held together with glue and tape. That is one reason the HTC gets a 2 on the iFixit rankings and Samsung S4 gets an 8, higher quality components that are modular and easy repairability. When you say things like that it screams ignorance more than anything else.

Yay! Even MORE crap that comes preinstalled on your phone that you can't get rid of without root, and is more than likely inferior to Google Translate in a lot of ways (just like S Voice)! Where do I sign up!?

How well does it really work? When I use Google or Bing translate on my friend's facebook posts that are in Danish, I have no idea what she is saying.

That's to be expected... I can't understand half of my friends' facebook posts, and they're in English!

Considering the stupid bing translate thing comes up sometimes even when a person types in "hahahaha", I'm not surprised.

I have a problem with the s translator since I upgraded to 4.3 I get unknown error translates rather someone can help me please

Tengo un problema con el s translator desde que me actualicé a 4.3 me aparece error desconocido y no traduce alguien me puede ayudar por favor

Alguna novedad sobre este problema???

Desde samsung me hicieron realiza un wipe partition reset, lo hice pero sigue la misma falla. Luego recomiendan un wipe reset a fabrica, que todavia no lo he hecho.

Alguno de ustedes realiza el wipe reset a fabrica?? se soluciono el problema? gracias

Para arreglar el error desconocido en el traductor del s4 luego de la actualización 4.3 , debes quitar las actualizaciones de la samsung acount y volver a registrar tus datos para que funcione, yo lo hice y me funcionó, creo que no estaba cargada bien la cuenta de samsung luego de la actualización automatica. Espero les sirva, recibo comentarios en mi twitter @andresfhome