Runtastic Road Bike

From amateurs to professionals, you now how have two more biking exercise options

Runtastic, best known for its high-quality running, fitness and health apps, is branching out to include biking fitness apps to its catalog on Google Play. The two new apps, Runtastic Road Bike and Runtastic Mountain Bike, provide all of the great tracking and fitness features you come to expect from Runtastic, tailored to those who prefer to get their workout on two wheels. New biking-specific features like climb rates, live tracking, weather data and offline maps should compliment your rides well. The apps are also highly customizable, so you'll always have the data you want most in view.

As Runtastic tends to do, each of the new apps has both a free and paid version. We've linked to the free Road Bike app at the Play Store link above, but you can also find the Mountain Bike app right here. The paid versions each ring in at $4.99, and have extra features available. 


Reader comments

Runtastic branches out with two new biking apps


Why not just come out with Biketastic? It's like going into the store called "Video Only" and finding audio equipment. This is where being too specific in your name can hurt you. That's why Apple dropped the "Computer" from their name.

Personally, as a cyclist I use Endomondo. It works great and isn't sport specific. I can reconfigure it for running when I do that with a simple key press. Heck, it even tracks tennis and yoga and recent updates has added generic step counting, ala Fitbit.

+1 to Endomondo. Why pay for a ton of specific sport/fitness tracking apps when you can pay one and get them all with more or less then same polish as the specific apps?
They even have entires for windsurfing, swimming, boxing, fencing, and scuba diving, to name a few. Granted, I wouldn't want to take my phone scuba diving or windsurfing, but it's pretty cool that they have those options.

This is just another way to make more money. I have already Purchased the Runtastic Pro App and now I have to spend more money for a Biking specific App. It's just ridiculous.