Angry Birds Epic

Rovio's latest instalment in the Angry Birds franchise is an RPG, which is quite different from the physics-based gameplay that has made the series an international hit. Called Angry Birds Epic, the game was soft-launched in Canada, Australia and New Zealand earlier this year, but is available globally now.

Angry Birds Epic follows a free-to-play model that is becoming increasingly popular with studios. The game follows a turn-based RPG format which sees players battling pigs with a team of birds. Along the way, players can acquire and upgrade weapons, potions and armor, level up and unlock new characters. Users also have access to a crafting engine that allows them to create new parts for use in battle scenarios.

Check out the trailer for the game below:

The game is a free download and comes with several in-app purchases. Head over to the link below to download the game from the Play Store.

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Rovio's latest 'Angry Birds' game is an RPG


My long is Rovio going to milk these stupid birds? Until people stop giving them money, I guess.

It really depends on how they use the free to play model. If it's basically required to pay in order to proceed further in the game then I think it's a fail just like Dungeon Keeper. If it is pay for fluff items then great or pay to reduce grinding levels somehow or something then great.

Can't get it to load past the "checking Internet connection" screen. Hmm

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I will have to check it out. Branching the franchise into a new genre can be a terrific thing. I don't know whether it has sold well enough to be a "success", but Plants vs Zombies has made a wonderful transition into a console based shooter. It is actually my favorite above games like Titanfall and CoD Ghosts. I really like the character customization and the fact that I can play it with my kids around! All that to say hopefully Angry Birds can transition just as well, although if their karting game is anything to judge by, this may not end well. ;)

I find free to play is easily abused but even worse are the permissions this app requests. Why does a goofy RPG need to know the phone numbers of who is calling? Forget it. I'm not even going to install this.

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