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Rovio Entertainment has just slipped out a cryptic animated GIF of one of the Angry Birds with a lightsaber. Whether that means we'll see a full-blown Android game with little green pigs dressed up like stormtroopers is anyone's guess, but Rovio promises that we'll learn more at an event in Times Square, New York, at 10 AM EST on October 8 (next Monday). They also gently suggest that we hit up Toys R Us at 8 AM EST, so it's entirely likely that this is just some kind of new plushie they're selling.

Rovio is no stranger to licensing deals, having scored a fairly big one with Disney for the film Rio last year. More recently, Rovio is coming off of their launch of Bad Piggies, a physics-based building game featuring the antagonists of their first hit mobile game. An excess of cross-branding deals like this could make the Angry Birds brand even more stale than the plethora of toys, calendars, and other merchandise have. Then again, if they have a fresh spin on the Angry Birds gameplay and do the Star Wars franchise justice, it could freshen up the birds for another couple of months.

Are you guys optimistic about the next Angry Birds, or has it been done to death? Star Wars fans, do you find this kind of cross-licensing tacky or cute? 

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n25philly says:

more crappy birds games, wow

scottbeamer says:

Crappy? You're saying the existing Angry Birds games are "crappy"? Tell that to the millions and millions of people have installed Angry Birds?

graze81 says:

I'm kind of done with Angry Birds. It was a great game but they've watered it down with all these versions. If these are just going to be toys, depending on how they look, I might pick some up.

SSherris says:

I'll take anything Star Wars themed. I liked Angry Birds Rio - it was a good way to get a Rio game without having to invent some new crappy game engine. I'll take a new Jedi-bird any day.

Tigrisan says:

But...the gif isn't animating for me. :(

zhecht says:

appswhat says:

Somehow Darth Bacon isn't that scary.

BigDinCA says:

Scary? No. Delicious? Yes.

Bishounen says:

Honestly, I really really thought that after 4 years I'd be completely sick of Angry Birds by now. Yet I keep coming back to them over and over and look forward to every release. They really are the ultimate casual gaming experience.

I absolutely LOVED bad Piggies. Star Wars Angry Birds? Oh yeah. I'm all over it.

androidcore says:

This is either A) a new Angry Birds Game... or B) the 2012 Halloween Angry Birds Seasons branch theme

It is, I have already seen the full line of Angry Bird Star Wars merch coming out this spring.

GrillMouster says:

I don't think Rio was a Disney film.

zhecht says:

Nope, you're right, it was a Blue Sky/Fox movie (the same people that did Ice Age).

It wasn't, but I definitely understand the mistake because Rio looked like movie that Pixar made (which is owned by Disney).

dextorboot says:

Rio's my favorite version of Angry Birds. Toss in some SW themed levels and maybe some force powers and I'm all over it.

kenpeck says:

It's like putting peanut-butter in chocolate! Cool idea if it comes to fruition.

MrJazz says:

Or perhaps making its debut on the new TRU proprietary tablet?

prenoobster says:


JobiWan144 says:

I might come back to Angry Birds just for this. Temple Run has been the only mobile game I've played for months, but I'm starting to get a little bored with that, too.

Btw, I've been holding off updating Temple Run because a number of reviews said the new version was laggy. Can anyone testify whether this is true or not?


Actually more surprised Angry Birds has not done a towers or siege version of their game yet. Seems we have enough other versions.

obidos says:

never really got hooked on the Angry Birds thing. I have it on my phone but I have a feeling that if Star Wars is involved, it will be a lot more than a .99 cent game.

Skunkeye says:

"Star Wars fans, do you find this kind of cross-licensing tacky or cute?"

If you're still a Star Wars fan at this point, you've pretty much accepted that Lucas will do anything with the franchise for a quick buck...

LadyDi says:

Let's not forget the "deal" (or however you term it) with NASA.

Anyhow, The good - I download each and every AB game there is, yes Bad Piggies too which was quickly uninstalled. The bad - I never completely finish any of them due to phone wipes and/or new phone purchases. I was all over it when brand new and I know I will d/l whatever comes next just because I love the games.

ZimLanfire says:

They said to themselves, "What's better than tens of millions of dollars?"

Then answered, "HUNDREDS of millions of dollars! But how...?"

"Simple. Take something already making millions, and insert Star Wars into it. GENIUS!"

scottbeamer says:

I'll never tire of Angry Birds. I've got all the Android versions (paid where possibe). Love 'em.

And then after this they can make Angry Birds: LEGO Star Wars.