Rogers just activated their fresh 700 MHz spectrum in a few regions across Canada. Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver are the lucky cities today, though we can expect a nationwide rollout eventually. 700 MHz has been widely described as “beachfront” spectrum that’s particularly good at penetration, so you can keep a signal in elevators and parking garages, for example. It also provides added stability to everyday LTE connections.

Rogers paid a pretty penny for this spectrum in the auction in February, so it’s good to see it going to good use. It’s just too bad the little guys like WIND Mobile weren’t able to afford to get in on the bidding process. Here’s hoping Rogers starts rolling out the 700 MHz upgrade to other regions soon.

Any Rogers customers in these markets? Are you enjoying better LTE coverage as a result?

Source: Rogers RedBoard


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Rogers turns on 700 MHz spectrum for communities in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto


Excited to hear about this! :D Looking forward to T-Mobile in the states turn on their 700MHz spectrum later this year, once they do its effects will be significant.

Hopefully those upgrades will be soon. They're supposed to be upgrading 2G to 4G this year and next.

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I'm sorry your experience isn't as good as mine. Full bar signal everywhere I go, Fantastic call quality, and 30-40Mbps LTE consistently. T-Mobile is tremendous in all the areas I go. : )

we shall see, my nexus 5 on rogers never shows LTE, and have been dropped a couple times last week wonder if this was because of upgrade?

My main question is why my phone drops in San Diego when I leave a LTE tower to a 2g/3g and it just doesnt connect unless i manually do it boo