While the Samsung Galaxy Tab is making its way across U.S. carriers right now, we're still waiting for Rogers in Canada to even really price the thing let alone, get it up on the website and in stores to sell. Many rumors have circulated surrounding the pricing but this has got to be the most extreme one I have read thus far. If the above image is in any way accurate then the no contract pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be set at $750 for Rogers and well, they've forced me to lose all concern I had in purchasing one. [TheCellularGuru]


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Is this the Rogers no contract pricing for Samsung Galaxy Tab?


oh man it will probably be:

No Contract: $749.99
1 Year Contract: 724.99
2 Year Contract: 699.99
3 Year Contract: 499.99

+ $20/month to share your current phone data plan

...and then it will fail.

This thing is SO overpriced it is ridiculous !!! EPIC FAILURE !!!! So much so I will more than likely go buy an iPad as it is cheaper, bigger and better

They had me saying no with that connector they chose (as opposed to micro usb), let alone these prices!

Patiently waiting for next year's batch of tablets to come out.

No matter what I end up getting, it won't be on contract either.

Micro USB won't let enough current flow to charge that 4000MaH battery in a reasonable amount of time, amigo, and putting a standalone data-only USB port on the device just for synching alongside the 30 pin complicates the hell out of the device and just confuses users.

Besides, it is an open standard PDMI cable (same as the Dell Streak uses, for instance), and also allows for cool things like HDMI out, CEC, etc.

Wow... just wow.

I was planning on picking one up, but at that price it no way.
At $650 or less, they'd actually get some traction. If TMobile is going to sell it for $600 in the US, what justifies $150 higher in Canada?

Rogers continues its attempts to drive away every current and potential customer they can.

And my little Bell birdies are saying the Bell version will not have voice disabled, and they're still debating on the device pricing and device plans (the main reason for the delay, the devices are in stores or local warehouses already). I just hope to hell they didn't see that Rogers price sheet and suddenly got greedy(greedier).

But keeping the voice is similar to the(successful)strategy they used with the I9000M, keep the device as designed by Samsung, rather than re-designed by AT&T/Verizon/T-Mobile philosophy.

Only real pity about the Bell version is they pushed back the launch from today to the 17th, which ruins my plans to spend my long weekend being a total Tab Zombie. :(

The pricing will be $649.95. Bell generally has their devices cheaper then Rogers anyways and there is an internal document stating the pricing of the device and its launch on the 17th.

Still waiting on the plan costs though.