Thorsten Heins GSIII

We all know where RIM is right now, and the troubles that the company is facing. But when you find out that its CEO, Thorsten Heins, is also using an Android device on a daily basis ... Well, we'll just let that hang out there for a minute.

Our friend Al Sacco from CIO got to spend some quality one on one time with Thorsten himself and dig a bit deeper into his device preferences and how those choices help him with his job at RIM. 

I know you've been with RIM for a number of years, so I'm guessing you've been using a BlackBerry for some time. Have you ever used another smartphone from a RIM rival?

Yes, I absolutely do [use a BlackBerry], however, just to stay educated about the market, I always have a second device that is a competitor device so I know where I am, in terms of the competition.

What other device or other devices do you use?

I have the Samsung Galaxy S III right now.

No iPhone? You're only using an Android device?

I did iPhone already. I really go across the board, so I had an iPhone before because it was important for me to understand touch devices at the entry level. I had the Samsung Mini for a while. I change them on a pretty regular basis.

Pretty interesting to see the CEO of a company using a competitors platform and device on a daily basis, in hopes of learning from it. So, are you buying it? Is he really using the Galaxy S III as a market research device, or is he using it to fill the void that his BlackBerry device has left in his pocket? Be sure to hop in the forums and let us know what you think!

Source: CIO; via: CrackBerry

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commonplace says:

Same kind of stuff webOS folks said back in the day. We all know how that went.


Jeff Kibuule says:

Er... it's actually the opposite. Jon Rubenstein was actually proud to have NOT used the iPhone, which was clearly a mistake.

As much as a company may bash the competition, if they are not familiar with it, they are in danger of completely missing product cycles (even Apple).

commonplace says:

D'oh, you're right. I stand corrected. Didn't he stick with the Pixi or the Veer or something?

ballistic90 says:

This isn't as surprising as you might think. Kinda related, but shortly after the PSP came out, Reggie Fils-Aime bought one to check out the competition. It just makes sense, honestly.

jean15paul says:

He's using the GS3 to browse the web, run apps, play games, etc ... you know, everything that his Blackberry can't do. #TalkingTrash :)

Ahahahaa #Cold!! lol

Hey guys, you're on Android Central, not Twitter. Hashtags don't work here.

#Shush Hater, they work any place we want them to work! ; D

LCW says:

arguably the top of the line android device currently, and also the latest/newest, so Thorsten is smart to focus on the latest and greatest if he's going to understand where the market is going.

xstex_ says:

"So I know where I am, in terms of the competition."


ejraney says:

I my have read it out of context (calling an iPhone entry level device)but I still really enjoyed this part of the quote. I almost spit out my soda I was drinking when I read it.

"I did iPhone already. I really go across the board, so I had an iPhone before because it was important for me to understand touch devices at the entry level"

testingapril says:

I think he was trying to say that iPhone kind of invented the touch device segment and still is the device that first time smart phone users look to when getting a smart phone. So it's like the iPhone is the "entry-level" smart phone. And in reality, if you are a hardcore smart phone nerd, you would never have an iPhone, so from that perspective, it is an entry-level device. It's the one that "just works" but it's not the one that you can tinker with and make work exactly like you want it to.

dancing-bass says:

Hahahahahaha I read that quote exactly the same: meaning he was referring to the iPhone as an "entry level" device. Soooo funny :)

Gearu says:

Epic burn haha.

Ophio says:

Lol me too! All I read was: " I had an understand touch devices at the entry level..". Awesome. Btw I'm not new to the smartphone market but I'm new to android. Switching over from blackberry. The iPhone platform is not necessarily an entry level for most people. All depends on personal preference I guess.

Cursid666 says:

He definitely called the iPhone "entry level", which is exactly what it is. That gave me a good chuckle.

So when the time comes we'll understand why RIM was sold to Microsoft(or Google,or Apple).

tgaskill says:

Good choice. I'm loving mine.

jfs101 says:

At least he is being honest about it, remember when Eric Schmidt was always getting caught using a BlackBerry?

Touchpaddle says:

Me: "honey, I got something to tell you"

Wife: "oh, what it it?"

Me: "I've been sleeping with my secretary at the office"

Wife: "WHAT!!!????"

Me: "don't worry, I only did it with her so I can stay educated about the techniques"

Wife: "so... you still want me? does that mean you're breaking off with her?"

Me: "No... for your sake, I'll have to keep sleeping with her... for research... you know"


sly says:

Why do people use the word "Absolutely" so much? It drives me nuts to see it and hear it so frequently. People throw "absolutely" around like it's a badge and think they are expressing complete confidence and conviction. But it's really four syllables of wasted time. In Mr. Sacco's case, his statement "Yes, I absolutely do..." is a pointless usage. He threw it in there because he wanted to sound what? More certain? More convincing? More confidence?

And don't get me started on "You know" :) /rant

S_C_B says:

I believe "Absolutely" was said by Heins not Sacco.

cliff1st says:

Rolfe and smh

I just posted this on crackberry and they shut down the thred
Three people replied
One had a DROID razor
One had an HTC sensation
I personally feel that the ceo off rim doesn't need to play with Android phones to no that they are better then bbs at this point in the game and if he wants to get a pure Google experience then he'll get a nexus

pineypl says:

Carry on all you want with this, but it is smart to know the competition, but I cannot wait to leave Android for BB10. I have played with enough of these devices from Motorola, Sony, HTC, and Samsung to know how annoying it is to have random reboots, apps hang, and things just fail to work. I was dumb to jump from my BB to Android, but I'll be so happy to go back to BB10.

BTW, the north American market is only 10% of the world market, and RIM is doing fine in the other 90%, so I would not worry that they are going anywhere soon.

Jersey856 says:

You will have to wait a long time as BB10 has been delayed again. But enjoy your new no app having BlackBerrry.

Kandoo-BB says:

My BlackBerry PlayBook has plenty of apps. Just how many apps does a ecosystem need to climb above "no apps" status?