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The latest chapter in the UK's LTE saga is an intriguing one, concerning the spectrum 'sale' from EE to rival carrier Three. Before the recent spectrum auctions even began, EE was instructed to sell off a chunk of its existing 1800MHz spectrum -- used for their 4G LTE service -- by regulators. Three picked this up, but a recent report suggests it may have been the ultimate bargain. 

According to a report in The Guardian, Three paid a grand total of £0 for the chunk of spectrum. Thats right. Nothing, nil, nada. Considering the estimated value lay in the region of £450million, this all seems very, very strange. After all, the other carriers need additional spectrum to launch their own LTE services, so why would EE just give it away?

EE reportedly decided the safest bet for them was to forego offers from Vodafone and O2, and give it away to the UK's smallest network. Despite having probably the best contract deals in the UK, Three's customer base is around 10million, compared to EE's 27million. 

The deal was also supposedly designed to help tip the spectrum auction in EE's favor, leaving them more chance of picking up a good portion of the valuable 800MHz spectrum. As it turned out, both EE and Three emerged with a small piece of 800MHz, and if all this is indeed true, Three has kickstarted its LTE network without spending a whole lot of money. 

Source: The Guardian

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Joker22joe says:

Jesus, wtf is wrong with this deal!

DWR_31 says:

It's called ; the enemy you know or the enemy you don't, gamble.

Gearu says:

Nice that Three got something. Three were the best network Australia had ever seen, but vodafone bought it and raped it to death. rest in peace Three Au.

Joker22joe says:

Bull shit my ass hurts from these type of deals,it pertains to all products across the board,..., I will leave it at that, stay thirsty my friends

Cube1701 says:

So Three paid nothing for this bit of the spectrum, and they're charging customers a whopping £0 extra for it (they already have the best 3G prices, too).

flibblesan says:

Three & EE are very, very good friends. They share 3G networks already through MBNL which both Three and EE own so it makes sense that EE would give Three some of the 4G spectrum for nothing.

MrLadoodle says:


They are not really "friends". (because Three lets you use the internet on your phone). Three is just the smallest of the major operators.

swiftjustice says:

Three are not the cheapest network, I find many deals from other networks that are far superior to three's. Three also makes it impossible to cancel your contract even having gave 30 days notice they did not cancel my contract when the 24 months were up, so I canceled my direct debit and what do you know they still send me letters telling me to pay them when I'm not using their sim anymore. This is just a warning for people waning to sign up with this horrible network.

MrLadoodle says:

Three has the best and fastest 3G/DC-HSPA network.

Joker22joe says:

Or keep ur friends close and ur enemies closer, eh!

Joker22joe says:

Bull shit!

Joker22joe says:

Bull shit!

Joker22joe says:

People grab ur ankles, the party is beginning!

Drakal says:

My god you couldnt at least keep your spam to your own comment thread?