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Well said, ericsckane. Well said.

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Regarding the pre-emptive PenTile Galaxy Nexus bashing


spec-wise, some better hardware than iPhone. but aesthetically a fail. how can you march this around proudly in front of iPhones when it's not even clear from the branding what this really is? samsung? google? nexus? and with that bug-eyed camera, who would dare to even set it down? epic design fail, sorry.

actually that wont happen, i asked siri "what is the best smartphone" siri- "the one you are holding" (i had an iPhone 4S in my hand and only the 4S)

but yes the nexus is one great phone

I knew that siri was a piece of junk ;)

If you want a laugh, there are videos of people using it on youtube... doesn't really understand Japanese people very well.

I asked Talking Tom Cat "Hey iPhone ShmyPhone - amirite!? *fart sound* blah blah blah laaaaa poop!" and he said ""Hey iPhone ShmyPhone - amirite!? *cuter fart sound* blah blah blah laaaaa poop!"

Good, but not great. The latest version of Gingerbread has been stable and using the N1 car dock no longer reboots the phone once/week.

The text fringing on the PenTile screen is rather annoying, as I tend to hold the phone up close rather than get bifocals.

first off , welcome to androidcentral. I want to know if you really and truely believe that the iphone 4s has this phone beat?? dont want to start a war here , just want to see if you can honestly say apple has the upper hand on this phone.

You can not be serious with that question! You're on an Android site. Android rocks here. There is no comparison.

If you go to an Apple site, Apple will rock there. There is no comparison.

I had the first three iPhones, then went Android for extra features iPhone lacks (still lacks). But I'm not an iPhone basher. If you don't need those features, the iPhone is great.

And really... when an app crashes on an iPhone it's a much better experience. The phone jus goes back to the home screen and says nothing about it. You're left to think you hit the wrong button or it timed out or something... not that anything crashed. On Android, they put up that bothersome notice about what actually happened. :-p Isn't it better to go on in ignorance and believe the iPhone never trips up an application?


There's no since in even talking top iPhone users (most) of them have no idea what a good phone is...only one tract mind!!!

honestly, the 4S is not the phone to measure this against. this phone is ahead of the 4S in several respects, hardware-wise. but this was built in anticipation of the iPhone 5. Apple as usual is slightly behind the fray in terms of hardware. but a phone is hardware, software and design. and design matters when you're trying to show it off. the iPhone 5 will launch next June, which isn't too far away. so you can march this around proudly for a few months knowing it's better than the 4S spec-wise. but come June you'll be stuck on contract watching people line for up the real new iPhone, which will be a cult classic.

Oh boy the screen talk. I really don't care much about it. My OG Evolution screen doesn't bother me. Never really go the whole hoopla. Pretty sure ill be happy when I go get this bad boy.

lol, I knew it was going to be something ridiculous.

I also don't really care for the ppi spec that is always talked about with screens.

Actually I dont like the way they render text. Since I do lots of reading on my phone, thats important to me. Your mileage may vary though.

People hear pentile and automatically think of the Motorola phones. Their displays just don't look sharp. This is COMPLETELY different type of display.

If you can't see the difference, then there is nothing wrong with it. Some users (myself included) notice that especially when rendering really bright images the cross-hatch pattern of red/blue subpixels emerges and gives the screen a grainy look... To say that it's exactly the same as a RGB lcd or AMOLED is silly, but most people just dont even notice it, or they get over it.

Yea but a 5 inch screen with true HD and 720p I doubt anyone would notice....I mean are going as far as saying this is the best screen they have ever seen so I'm not woried

How come android users always try to prove its a better phone and iphone users dont usually whine about that? that must mean something...

XD bah, when i had an android i always tried to make them see my phone was better more and more just to fail everytime, cause yeah android gets awesome UI change options but the app quality overall is wayyyyyyy below and so does the phone animations, they lag a lot doesnt feel as sleek as using an iphone.

Oh and also i like android and s amoled displays but until they are on par with ios quality (since the usability is slightly better on android) im gonna continue going iphone.


Cause its funny to watch you people rejoice over "new" features I've been enjoying for 2 years or more.

Really?? You mean you have a dual core processor and a 4.65" 1280x720 resolution smartphone??? Wow, how did you manage to build the time machine dude?

Really?? You mean you have a dual core processor and a 4.65" 1280x720 resolution smartphone??? Wow, how did you manage to build the time machine dude?

I think you are confused, sir. He is talking to iPhone users saying it's funny to watch them get excited about features that Android has had for quite some time.

to be fair, the iPhone's notification system is superior to 2.3 and prior notifications -- they are viewable and dismissable from the lock screen. However... ICS has that too :)

Because the typical iPhone user isn't technically savvy enough to know that what they are using is an inferior product. They just blindly follow the hype.

Some of us Android users have already given up on buggy Droids that reboot daily, apps that don't work, and constant force closes. After my 3rd DX replacement I gave up and am switching to the iPhone. My daughter is on her 4th DInc in one year. Droids have great specs, but they're just lipstick on a pig.

Your talking about 1yr old phones and if you don't think iPhone don't have any problems your crazy....and stop stealing other peoples lines that was from Phandroid...

This just goes to show that you don't know much about Androids- The thing about them is choice: there are a LOT of different models out there from many manufacturers, some are extremely fantastic, others are duds, you have a wide variety to choose from, unlike the iphone where you just have one reasonably decent model to choose from at a time.
You can never and will never be able to judge Android based on one model or 2 models or whatever. What you have to do is read reviews and try before you buy, there are many types of device to choose from that fit the most finicky of requirements- different aesthetics, screen and memory sizes, keyboards, OS skins, camera sizes etc. You do not buy on specs alone!
Apple is for those who don't need choice or options. You get what you're given and you better like it.

The trouble is, you HAVE to be able to judge it based on one option. And anyone who says "you got the Droid Incredible, you should have gotten a better phone that would be more reliable!!" the Incredible is one of the best Android phones ever made, and so is the Droid X.

Android manufacturers need to step it up and make things WORK. Quit making 15 phones per month -- make 2 or 3 that are GREAT.

I am Android all the way. But there is definitely weight to these arguments.

I have an Evo and it has had it's fair share of issues, I'll admit that. I think despite what people say, HTC probably doesn't make the best of devices. I rooted it, something you shouldn't' have to do to get a device to work, and it's a million times better. Having said that, my brother got his Evo about a week before I did and he never has had any issues. Same revision as well, 004. My wife has a Nexus S4g and zero issue, Aunt has a droid x2 no issues, my daughter has the galaxy s 5.0 issues.

Every device is going to have issues, even the precious iPhone. Will you get an iPhone and have no problems what so ever? Possibly but the phone does significantly less and it's likely you just had a bad experience with an Android phone.

I also wouldn't go basing how Android is on Verizon's shoddy customer service. When my Aunts first droid (2 global) broke, the speaker stopped working, they replaced the phone with another phone that HAD WATER DAMAGE ALREADY. They have NO quality control with refurbs, that's a carrier issue. All they had to do was replace the speaker initially, would have taken 30mins tops and that is being generous.

OK let me get this straight you had 3 DX returned and daughter has had 4 DINC and you are saying that all Android devices are buggy and constant force closures??? Here's a "News Flash" 1) Verizon alters and tweaks every PDA device that's goes through them and the crap that they choose to remove and add could be causing the instability that you were having. 2) Motorola (Need I Say More)Don't get me wrong the Iphone is flawless in what it can do but i put a big emphasis on "CAN" do.

Amen! Its a myth that all apple products are flawless! They we some of you people talk its like the iphone never crashes never freezes no hiccups what so ever! Anybody who says that is obviously living in a dream world. Birds fly, fish swim, software and hardware malfunction no matter if it has an apple logo or google.

Some of us American car buyers have already given up on crappy American cars and switched to Japanese. We had 3 AMC Gremlins and they were all shite! So we are just giving up and switching to Toyotas. Obviously, because of our bad experience WITH ONE BRAND, we are condemning the whole industry. Makes sense, right?

I tend to use a very similar analogy with people who are just as clueless...

Apple is like a car company that provides a single model of vehicles. We can just call it an SUV because it's supposed to do everything you need and it's going to come in black or white before you have to start spending money on it to distinguish yours from others' SUVs.

Android is like the accumulation of nearly every car company in existence. Each manufacturer (HTC, Moto, Samsung...etc) has different models, under different price points and different features.

Some people just want to get from one place to another and at that point it really doesn't matter what you get.
At least with Android you get the choice to choose different models that meet your needs:

compact/economy car - cheapo $0-50 android
sports car - $200-300 smaller android models with great hardware (Dinc was the first IMO)
heavy duty truck - $200-300 large android models with great hardware
offroad JEEP/etc - Sony Xperia Active (not as powerful as the truck/sports car but waterproof and ANT+)

Needless to say...the problem people 95% of the people I've talked to have with android is that they're too ignorant to know what they want in a phone or they've got an outdated model like the original droid.

Lol @ the lipstick on a pig comment. I still have my first Droid X and haven't had a problem yet. Some people are just unlucky. I'd keep an eye out if I was you. Hope a tree or air conditioner doesn't fall from the sky and kill you.

My friend went threw 13 iPhone 3GS's before he got one that actually worked correctly. Just sayin' -____________-

why on earth did she throw 13 iPhones? She using them as softballs or something? Me thinks you're lying. Just Sayin'

most people that uses an Iphone dont know much about technology, they just buy it because is popular, and really they just think is a great phone, because everybody else does, not because they know what the phone has. How many times, I have seen people comparing their Iphone to an Android, and I ask them tell me something that your phone does, that my phone cant, do, and of course they cant show me anything special, so there. Now with the new Nexus Android Took a Leap forward, this phone is going to bring android to the hands of technologically challenge, because of simplicity, looks and overall raw power.

On the contrary! Tech-savy iphone users (a minority) do that constantly, with far more vehemence and fury than any Android fan. Your non-tech iphone user (the majority) don't do it because they're probably not even aware of any other type of smartphone. Plus, you'll notice that most media "technology" commentators are iphone users; every time they report on or review any android phone or device they'll constantly feel the need to compare it negatively, in often very ill-informed or superficial ways to the iphone.

iPhone users don't whine because Steve Jobs told them not to.
If you keep whining I won't make you another "do what I say" iPhone.

OMG! How wrong. I am approached literally every week by an iPhone owner that wants to know about Android, then tries to bash Android by regurgitating every misconception and mistruth they ever heard about Android. I've become tired of correcting them about their data. Now I just say "Yeah, I should have bought an iPhone. How stupid of me."

LOL NICE!!! All hilarity aside, I really think we're gettin' a lil' bit nit-picky about eye candy tech here. I'm sure the display will be gorgeous. Us tech-junkies have become so fixated on PPI, qHD, full HD, AMOLED, Super AMOLED, Super AMOLED+, Super DUPER AMOLED+ WITH A CHERRY ON TOP, Pentile Matrix (which is really not as awful as many over-dramatically claim it to be), LCD, Super LCD... I could go on and on. Anywho, we've all become so fixated on display specs that we've forgotten how to simply appreciate a beautiful display when it's right in front of our faces. Too much comparing this to that and spec-brandishing and spec-bashing ruins the whole experience quite a bit... at least in my opinion it does.

I only had to scroll down two posts on the front page to find this:

"Two words: PenTile Matrix. Pixels are (too) easy to see, and that distracts from an otherwise great experience."

Looks like your own staff is doing the bashing for you.

Oh Pentile, I thought it said Penile. I was thinking, man... going to be funny watching people walk around with cocks up to their ears or texting on their penises.

I dislike pentile because for a given resolution it doesn't look as good. When I compare the OLED screened DInc to the LCD DInc I like the LCD screen better, because the pentile screen gives the text a checkerboard look. I have excellent eyesight so I can see the difference without a magnifying glass. The D3 and DX2 don't look as good as they should partly because of it. However the higher resolution does offset the grainy look of pentile screen. I hope that the 320ppi screen of the Galaxy Nexus looks as good as my 240ppi Droid 1.

Well, considering that there are NO OTHER DISPLAYS with a 720p resultion, PenTile or no, it should be the best looking screen out there!

320ppi is beyond what the human eye can detect and therefore any resolution concerns with the Galaxy Nexus screen need to be put to rest. Yes, you can notice a difference on 480x800 or 512x960 but not a 720p on a <5 inch screen. Enough already!!

That is the average person at whatever distance (somewhere between 10 in 18 in) each user will vary. Some will see the pixel most won't. Pentile is also counted differently so the pixel density is actually less than the same spec'ed RGB striped display if I remember right.

Stopping by to check for news on Galaxy Nexus -- because I'm a geek -- and I am reminded at how sensitive some of the android fans are to all things iPhone. Heck, android is the dominant OS for smart phones. Android phone users are the majority. The iPhone is the underdog device, with the current 4s only modestly upgraded from a phone over 15 months old. And yet ...

Back on topic, I look forward to getting a Galaxy Nexus in hand. ICS looks very nice, and I want to see if the overall device size works for my needs and interests. I'll let the screen "speak" for itself.

If I was standing somewhere using my phone and someone came up to me and said their phone was better, I would naturally assume they were mentally disabled...who does that? who cares what you think about anything, get away from me.

I don't know. Honestly with all the high-end phones Verizon has been pushing out lately, it's hard for me to get too excited about this. I feel a lot like I did about the 4S, that's it's mostly a software update. Don't get me wrong, ICS looks sweet, but I'm not so sure the Nexus is the next greatest thing. I have a GS2 and pretty much the only difference between the two is that the Nexus has a little bit bigger screen. I've got small hands so the 4.5'" of the GS2 is great. I'm very content to wait for it to get ICS. It'll run just as well. Maybe in December when the next greatest phone comes out I"ll see what happens.

This is true, when ces comes in January , you'll see all the hot shit coming out. This is just the first ics device .but there's a plus side, it's nexus branded, with that said, first to get jellybean !!?

Here's a question...

Why does the iPhone have to come up in nearly every post? Who cares whats "better?" Buy the phone that works for YOU. This isn't picking a religion. It's a device. You aren't better or more awesome because you use Android anymore than an iPhone user is "better" because he uses iOS.

Use what works for you. Simple.

Well All I know is that IF I said this to any of my iPhone owning friends, they would call me a moron and walk away. None of them care about tech stuff for smart phones and just like an iPhone for it being an iPhone.

They know that other phones exist but do not care because they have their FaceBook app and can check their email. They can watch YouTube and text people. Some enjoy making phone calls but they are the minority.

So yes, I believe the Nexus will be better for me and I plan on getting it. But only people that visit this blog and the sister TiPb care about this rivalry.

Personally I hope both sides keep getting better just to piss the other side off more and force them to continue to then have to retaliate with an even BETTER version of what ever the gimmick is at the time.

Competition is good for us, the consumer, Go Apple, Go Rim, Go Google/Android. Keep driving each other to better their product to gain market share, cause when you do, I win.

It doesn't actually work that way. Because of the resolution there is more real estate than other android phones.

Even if it did take up more screen real estate, it's no different from the iPhone where every app has a ton of bars at the to and bottom for things like the back or menu button.

My issue with the Nexus is the lack of an SD card slot. What if ur phone breaks and u need to get a replacement? Having a memory card is a lifesaver in that case bcuz u can just throw it in another phone and go about ur business. Without that option what are u gonna do? Having 16GB and 32GB versions is stupid imo. That's an Apple thing.