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Reckless Racing 2 and Lara Croft: Guardian of Light are headed to the Xperia Play in the weeks ahead, and Sony Ericsson's hoping to get gamers hyped up for both titles with today's release of a slew of screenshots from both games.

Both titles are the latest entries in SE's growing list of (timed) exclusives for its gaming-focused phone, a list which has so far included the likes of Sleepy Jack and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

Join us after the jump for six more Lara Croft screenies, and eleven more shots from Reckless Racing 2.

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Reckless Racing 2 and Lara Croft headed to Xperia Play, screenshots galore


So true, i had to Get Need for speed HP by "Other" means as it's not in the regular market yet for purchase, i hate these timed exclusives but love Hot Pursuit it's the best racing game on Android and iOS hands down.

The Xperia Play has Dead Space as well. But this is how it works, Sony needs there product to sell so they get exclusives of other products to sell with there product. It's because the phone has A CONTROLLER that makes it appealing to video game developers. Playing Lara Croft on the iphone was a bitch. Playing with a controller is WAY better. Although I have yet to use an Xperia Play, the idea to be able to play Playstation One games on a phone with an actual controller sounds like fun! On top of Dead Space being on the Xperia Play it's also free to. Xperia Play also has Need For Speed Hot Pursuit and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 BECAUSE OF THE CONTROLLER. That's most likely why these games are coming to the Xperia Play exclusively.

All those games are on the iPhone also has no physical controls and the screen space is smaller then most new Android phones it ain't about the controls it's about money.

Yeah I no that, I was stating that It was a way for Sony to sell there device. All those games that are on the iPhone are on the Xperia Play but are free. AND simply put it's alot better playing with a controller them just a touch screen. That doesnt mean I'm hating against other touch screen phones. I just mean that games play alot better with a controller. Plus don't knock it tell you have tried it.

Hmm... those screenshots for Reckless Racing 2 look just like the first game, the only difference being are the first two of the red and yellow car. All the in game shots look like they were taken from Reckless Racing 1, same cars, same tracks....what gives??