10GB of free Google Drive storage for installing the app before Sept. 26

After acquiring the app over a year ago, Google has just announced that Quickoffice is now free for everyone on both Android and iOS. The app, which is optimized for both phones and tablets, lets you edit and view Microsoft Office documents that are stored locally on your device without compromising formatting. The latest versions now let you work on documents that have been saved to your Google Drive as well, which is a huge deal for anyone that is used to dealing with Google Docs.

Better yet, if you install Quickoffice from Google Play by September 26th and link up your Google account, you'll be offered an extra 10GB of Google Drive storage for two years. This is a great service, and we're going to assume that we'll continue to see more Quickoffice and Google Drive integration going forward.

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Quickoffice now free for all, courtesy of Google


This is awesome! One more thing to keep my addicted to Google. Not sure if that's a good thing or not, but I'm a sucker for free stuff.

Google Play states "Google Drive integration (with up to 15GB of free storage)"... so do I get 10 or 15Gb? Either way, beggars can't be choosers.

Before installing this "new" app from Google, my Drive app shows I'm using 7.2 GB of 15. I would assume that after install it would say 7.2 of 25. Also, what happens to the other QuickOffice app I have installed that I bought (mind you, for a quarter)?

that would still be available for people who already bought it but wont be available for others to purchase.

... although the new free one would have more features oddly

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Not correct. The default is 15 GB. It may take up to 2 weeks for the additional 10 to be added.

So I had previously bought Quickoffice Pro HD. It's on my phone and tablet. I guess this version is different. Should I bother or does this have less functionality than the Pro HD version?

Are you thinking of OfficeSuite Pro HD? I bought OfficeSuite Pro HD after it ran a good deal a while back. But this is different from Google's QuickOffice. I'm going to give it a shot anyway on my Smartphone for my Weekly word processing files.

Probably not because I too bought Quick Office Pro some time ago so how does this affect those of us who paid for it? And if it's not the 'same app' then do we lose any support we had for the original?

Nice. But I was hoping that the version of Quickoffice that came preinstalled on my Razr Maxx could be updated to this current version, so that I wouldn't need two versions of the same app on my phone. Alas, doesn't seem to be the case.

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How do I ensure I get additional storage? .... I did choose my gmail account during the setup .. However I still continue to see my original 15gb alone :(


The post on Google+ says it'll show up in a couple of weeks, apparently. No better timeframe given.

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Same here. I downloaded it and logged in. Checked my account and my storage is the same. Maybe it's not instant?

It was with all of the dropbox promotions.

NOPE. this app is a big FAIL. unlike OfficeSuite Pro and Documents To Go, it does NOT support password protected/encrypted MS Office files. i will stick with OfficeSuite Pro.

Fail. {app} doesn't contain {small feature I care about}. Waaaah! I'm taking my ball and going home.

small feature? i hope someone sends you an important password protected document and karma comes calling.

In the wake of the NSA revelations, password protection of an Office document is barely better than no security at all. There have been crackers for those password schemes almost as long as Office has existed. It's trivial.

regardless if that's true or not, i receive many password protected Office documents and having the ability to open them is not trivial.

not sure what circles you run in, but the Fortune 500 use MS Office password/encryption for documents on a pretty regular basis.

Fact is many of us who don't work for Fortune 500 companies or an industry that requires password encryption of documents. The fact you need them is fine, but to call a FREE app a fail because it doesn't meet 100% of your specialized needs sounds arrogant and entitled. You obviously already have an app that does the job, so you're just posting to complain.

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1. You're FAIL for using the word FAIL like that after 2011.
2. Not everyone needs those features.

Stop acting like your needs match everyone else's. Variety is a good thing.

Oh. I thought it was just to puff out your chest and feel superior as a contrarian. Just like other trolls.

Entitled democrat. If you want a piece of the pie get your own pie!! this app was not just meant for you or your needs. I dislike how you described this app because of 1 thing, and not seen the greater good about the FREE cloud space.

UI is fine. But document scrolling performance makes me feel like I'm using an old froyo/gingerbread device. Absolutely zero GPU acceleration.
Quickoffice has been like this on android since forever, yet it's buttery smooth on iOS.
Seems like Google didn't bother to optimize for JB.

How is this different to creating docs using google docs which I guess is now part of Google Drive too. Not sure the difference between these apps. Quickoffice is mobile only too right?

I can open word files and convert them to Google Docs and I can also save my Google docs files as microsoft office files. How is this any different.

You can make PowerPoint's which you can't on the drive app

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There is this thing called "network dependency", to which QuickOffice has none... unlike Google Docs.

Unfortunately it looks like Quick Office still can't open password protect *.xlsx files, bahhh. Have to stick with Kingsoft Office.

I must be missing something, but when I try to open one of the docs on my Google Drive (in Docs format) using Quickoffice, it only opens it as a PDF that I can't edit. Can't find any other option to edit a doc. Huh?

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Nope, sadly you aint missing anything, thats the real deal, stupid app will not open *.docx files, offline or from the drive app, to edit ofcourse.

I really hope this is updated but if it isnt, its just one more app you dont need.

What kills me is that it hooks into Google Drive, but it can't edit Google Docs. I actually have a lot of Google Documents, spreadsheets, etc. Wouldn't this make more sense to include that? Or at least let me convert and edit...

EDIT: great minds ask the same question about the same time :-)

The funny part is the old QuickOffice Pro could edit Google docs files... I certainly wouldn't have expected that to disappear. I'll go install the old version again now...

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That does sound rather stupid.

Doesn't Google Docs save things natively as ODF like Open/LibreOffice?

I wish LibreOffice would come to Android...

Yes, it does indeed appear to open all Google Docs with "QuickPDF", which means one can't make any changes, which means Quick Office is pretty much useless to me (well except for installing it to get the extra 10GB of storage).

That's really strange that it can't edit Google Docs. The old version of Quick Office did that. You'd think there would be at least a link to a program that could edit the docs.

I guess it isn't too surprising, but this new version removes all the integration with cloud services other than Google's. The old paid version of QuickOffice could access Google Drive, but it also integrated with Dropbox, Box.net, Evernote, SugarSync, Catch, Huddle, and egntyte. The new one is Google or nothing.

I wish I could mute certain People in the comments. It's getting harder and harder to read the comments without someone acting like a child or picking a fight over the stupidest things.

AC app with the ability to mute users would be awesome. As for the app, I'm a sucker for free storage.

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Free app and extra Google Drive storage, for that reason alone I'm in. I just need to get a separate bluetooth mouse/keyboard for my G-Note 2 and these office apps might be useful, not easy to edit a PowerPoint with half the screen covered in keyboard.

I use Office Mobile(365) on my phone & Kingsoft Office on my Tablet. I haven't seen any reason for me to switch.

Installed it and it can't find any folders in my main account. Another account works fine. Looks like a less-functional copy of the Google Drive app except you can create documents. When it can connect to your drive, that is.

What a crock. Good thing I kept my Quickoffice Pro app which can not only connect to Dropbox, SugarSync and others, but also actually works.

Surely, Google has plans to integrate this into Drive.

Like others, I have Google Docs file formats mixed in with my MS Office file formats, and I need to use Drive to edit the gdoc formats and I need to use QuickOffice to edit the MSO files.

The only way to not screw it up is to remember the format that my file is in prior to opening it... PITA

Whats the deal here, some of us paid for the quickoffice pro app, now its gone and here is only this "free" one full of google analytics etc...

First of all, Google Drive gives you 15 GB of storage instead of 5 now. It's actually been that way for a while. I just installed and linked up my account but I didn't see any mention of a free 10 GB at all.

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I feel like I am missing something. If I open any of my Drive documents they open as a non editable PDF. How do I get to edit?

OK, read the comment thread and realise that others had noted the same thing. No Google Docs editing. Pointless to me then.

Exactly what I was thinking... Plus pdf files can't be edited, highlighted, commented etc like on the Quickoffice pro. I'll stick with that and Drive.

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I wish you could create native Google Drive files with this, but I guess Microsoft's are OK.

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Dude, I just got the Moto X, and got the 50 free GB for two years. 10 extra GB for free in the same week? AND the official desk and car dock for Moto X came on sale today? And it isn't even my birthday!

This is why Google gets a shoutout in my prayers every night

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Looks like a good app. My only problem is that it will only link to the GMail account and not other Cloud storage accounts. I have different files saved to a few different Cloud systems. Predominantly for me, Skydrive since I use Office and came from WinPhone, many of my Office files are in SkyDrive folders. Too many to move take the time to move over. It does at least come up as an option when I click on a file most of the time. The few files I've opened and viewed with it seem to present better than it does under OS Pro and Pol;aris Office Suite.

It's about time. On Samsung devices you have Polaris pre-installed. But on Google Edition devices you have to buy your own office app.

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It's about time. On Samsung devices you have Polaris pre-installed. But on Google Edition devices you have to buy your own office app.

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For the love of all things holy, let us write and edit documents OFFLINE.... such that they get saved to the SD card (AND automatically to the cloud once the cellular signal returns).
I just paid $40 for this feature in Evernote.

I am hoping that this Quickoffice/Google Drive situation develops into an easy online/offline solution in the future.

Ok, downloaded yesterday and sync'd. Added a spreadsheet to my Drive account today and opened in QuickOffice. Where's my free extra 10 GB? I still have the same 15GB I always had!