OK Google on the Galaxy S5

A little tip worth pointing out for new Samsung Galaxy S5 owners, that the "OK Google" hotword works out of the box in the new Touchwiz launcher. It may seem obvious to some, but having spoken to a few people in the past couple of days that didn't know about it, it's worth highlighting.

It's actually the Google Search widget that takes care of things, and this is preloaded onto the homescreen when you first fire up the phone. So, without any additional downloads, just say "OK Google" while on the main homescreen. From there take advantage of the voice activated benefits it brings with it such as setting alarms, set some music off playing and, well, searching the web. Piece of cake!

OK Google isn't supported everywhere just yet, but if you're in a country that does you shouldn't have any problems putting it to use on the Galaxy S5.

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sprint4lyfe says:

OK Google

frettfreak says:

Kinda surprised samsung didnt change that to "ok galaxy" or something! lol

TomW093 says:

I think that activates S-Voice (not being sarcastic)

H31Vry5 says:

I believe the command is actually "Hi, Galaxy"
though the "leaked" S-voice also had options to add your own custom command....

Lucexpress says:

Haha lol "Ok Galaxy"

Lucexpress... yours truly

ajpri says:

How could you do this with a Nexus 5 and Nova Launcher? I understand Open Mic+ can be used, but is there an official way?

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thegrants82 says:

blah blah blah blah blah....oh wait a minute, its the S5 not the M8.

SpookDroid says:

So... is this S5-only? Or if I place the Google Search widget on my homescreen it'll work? (Hope it's the latter hehe)

Taz89 says:

S5 only, would be nice if was all device

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ajpri says:

Yea. I use Nova and I placed the widget on my home screen and I was saying "ok, Google" like an idiot. Lol.

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SpookDroid says:

And would this work with another launcher? Hummm... wonder if it's a TouchWiz one

Wollombi says:

Moto X does this, of course.

Taz89 says:

Surprise it took this long too be noticed, I've seen and known about this for a few weeks and surprised no one was making a deal out if considering that's what everyone was loving about now launcher.

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Guess sometimes we take it for granted that folks notice these things. As I said in the post, having spoken to a few people in last couple of days that didn't know it was there it's worth at least a quick mention :)

markbc says:

nice tip. . .thank you! :-)

ki11ak3nn says:

Doesn't work on the G2. LAME!!!!

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Go Android! says:

I wouldn't expect it to either considering it doesn't work on the Note 3 Launcher with Kitkat.

Tigrisan says:

Works great on my S4 but I had to get it from XDA because it's not compatible on the play store...

Been using it paired with Touchless Notification. Pretty slick.


VAVA Mk2 says:

Google needs to let other launchers like Nova do this too!

mvsmith says:

I don't think they do. Google is getting really good at letting any android phone have their apps. Like calendar, keyboard, and now Google camera. Google needs to let more devices have Google Launcher but easiest side load. Google wants you to use their launcher, apps and services. They have a right to that. I love nova but the unlimited home screens and OK Google I use.

This means that launchers like nova need to work harder to implement their own alternative or perks. Look at Dolphin and Sonar. Or even CM camera

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kooritsuki says:

Still can't use it if you have a third party launcher installed. :(

n64kps says:

What if you don't want a 4x1 widget on your home screen???

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antjphotog says:

Does anyone know how to get "OK Google" to work on Nova Prime Launcher? Maybe I haven't found the right setting?

k-roc318 says:

Is there a way to add Google Now to the Lock Screen on the S5?