Qualcomm Toq

If you've got an Amazon gift card burning a hole in your virtual pocket, now might be a good time to take a look at the Qualcomm Toq smartwatch. It's now available on Amazon for the same price as you'll get it from Qualcomm — $349.

Still no sign of the white model, but if you've just got to have the black version, Amazon Prime can have it at your door as soon as tomorrow. 

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Qualcomm Toq now available on Amazon for $349


First! I love my Galaxy Gear and can't imagine having this unless I didn't own a Samsung compatible device. I continue to see articles that slam all smart watches and I just don't get it. The Gear has been by far the best accessory that I have ever purchased for my phone.

Will be interesting to read the review when you have spent some time with it :-)

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WOW! Qualcomm clearly doesnt have this consumer facing direct sales model down. I PRE ordered one on 11/25 and it STILL hasnt shipped! Ive called their customer services a few times- as of Monday of this week- was still on back order with no ETA on when it would be shipping. Now I can order one on Amazon and have it here by end of week (as a prime customer)?! Looks like its time to cancel my order with Qualcomm direct!

I just don't think this is attractive. I'm hoping googles version will be nice or I might give pebble a second thought. We'll see.

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OMG Qualcomm you guys suck at selling this at a affordable price. The Gear is 2.99 already and that thing sucks because its so expensive so how is this any better?. 349 for a another accessory to charge when you have your phone and tablet is bad enough plus making us pay more for electric bill isn't bad enough. When Google do theirs it will be cheaper and ACTUALLY affordable to average consumers.