Snapdragon s4

Qualcomm has released the whitepaper for their upcoming S4 SoC (system on a chip), and it's features look great.  The new 28nm process technology promises "inherent advantages in frequency scaling, power consumption and size reduction", and the Krait CPU and Adreno 225 GPU should offer some serious performance, clocked between 1.5Ghz and 2.5Ghz, with a 50 percent graphics boost over the current Adreno 220 GPU.  The new 28nm manufacturing process means that not only will the be faster, but they will be smaller and run cooler as well -- allowing things to get thinner and thinner in our smartphones.  The new S4 is still an asynchronous design, which carries it's own benefits in the battery use department.

To go with the bump in performance, Qualcomm also tells us that the new SoC will have embedded support for just about every radio we want and need in our phones -- GSM, CDMA, LTE, GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, FM and NFC.  Having support for everything on one chip means two things -- cheaper production costs, and less room needed to pack all the features into your smartphone.  Both are something we all can appreciate.  The only real question left to answer, is when we will see these make their way into our devices.  Hit the source link for the whitepaper download.

Source: Qualcomm


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Qualcomm announces the S4 Snapdragon; brings performance boost, power savings, and multimode modem


Ummm... no. No it won't.
One, this is just announced. They just now have prototype chips that are working. They don't have production capacity yet. You will see this chips in phones maybe next year.
Further, it was said that TI would most likely be having their chips in the next Nexus device months and months ago, by announcement of TI.

Man , the CPU technologies are advancing so fast & the other things can't keep up with it , especially the software department

These phones are getting more powerful every day , my Atrix is almost as powerful as my current laptop & kicks the **** outta my old one

How many new chips we saw this year ? ALLOT

All of that sounds really great and I'm in no way knocking the achievements of the chip makers, but can we really expect the reported cheaper production costs to mean more affordable phones?

Not really. The carriers ask what the economy will support. This means greater profits. Profits aside, we get to enjoy faster phones though. So we get faster, they get fatter, and everyone is happy.

Hmm. Dual core phone @ 2.5ghz + laptop dock = we could run full Photoshop on that. I just bought a new laptop with similar specs.

thing to remember is that ARM processors aren't nearly as powerful as their X86 counterparts... SO it'd be unlikely that they could run full specced out photoshop

This sounds like great news. We are fast approaching simply plugging a display and keyboard into a phone to use it as full computing device.

Fourth Nexus is going to be awesome! But what desert starts with 'k'? ...oh well, 720p should satisfy me for the next 12 months.

This sounds great and all, but android software is not ready nor optimized to take advantage. Maybe we will see it in Jelly Bean when its due to come out. And maybe a display as well or better than the retina display would be amazing also.

Good lord I'm stoked about the prime but now I gotta look forward to this chip next?? Damn it will probably hit a year after the prime which means I will still be on a contract! What to do lol JK I'm not waiting this early lol.

Bottomline this is the start of what will be seen in future HTC devices ladder part of 2011 and all of 2012. The next evolution of the evo brand in 2012 will be one of the leading devices in 2012. Snapdragon S4 the next EVO rocking with 2.0Ghz processor with 1.5gb of ram with a 10meg camera 16gb of internal storage and 4.7 to 5.0 inch screen all quadcore this will be the BEST EVO YET AND BEST ANDROID DEVICE ON THE MARKET. Just have to wait it out till CTIA announcement in May 2012 and in sprint stores August 2012.. EVO rules android well worth the wait...