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It's been a while since we saw any mention of Quadrant benchmark scores in phone reviews. We hoped that it was for the obvious reason, but in a world where the Galaxy Nexus is king we couldn't run a Quadrant score even if we wanted to -- it didn't work properly with Ice Cream Sandwich. Version 2.0 lands today with support for ICS and multicore CPU's. Oh, and it now supports Polish as well. 

What perhaps makes this version more irrelevant than the previous version is down to the changes that have been made to get it working on these new devices. This updated version scores differently to all the previous 1.x releases of the app, so at the moment there is a grand total of 4 results in the results browser. This will be restored in future updates but so far I can compare my Galaxy Nexus to the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Tab and Nexus S. Useful. 

Otherwise everything is the same as it has always been. In 2012 it is definitely not how we should be judging our smartphone performance. Only using a smartphone can judge that. We already know that benchmark results can be cheated, so while it looks good to be at the top of the pile, it isn't necessarily where you belong. And if you don't set out to cheat, it still isn't all that accurate. My Galaxy Nexus scored significantly higher than the Galaxy Nexus in the results browser at first run of the app. 

We'll never tell you guys how to use your phones, and with the right results running a Quadrant benchmark can still make you look better than your friends. Just don't read too much into it. Please? You will find the handy download links after the break.


Reader comments

Quadrant updated to work with Ice Cream Sandwich, doesn't become any more relevant


Quadrant is still just as useless as before the update. A better benchmarking app is CF Bench. But, even then, benchmarks are pretty pointless and don't really show how a device performs in day to day tasks.

Quadrant is irrelevant. Quadrant is irrelevant. Quadrant is irrelevant. Quadrant is irrelevant. Quadrant is irrelevant.

Maybe if we say it five times it will actually go away for good this time

The following is NOT meant to be a smartass comment:

Can someone explain exactly why Quadrant doesnt matter anymore? I know that resolution is part of it...but is that the only reason?

3515 on my AT&T Galaxy SII... Lol. Same as before. Whoop-dee-doo. The tests do seem to be slightly different though.

True about quadrants and other benchmarks being irrelevant.

For example, my G2X scores much better than my old Vibrant on any benchmark any day. Yet, when not playing a game, it is slower in real-life usage than the Vibrant was... stock or CM, it doesn't matter, it just is laggy. The Vibrant wasn't.

The only use I have for benchmarks is comparing kernel changes on the exact same device. I really could care less how big your pe..quadrant score is.