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Android Central at GDC

We already got some playtime with NVIDIA's Project SHIELD at PAX East, but it was great to sneak in a few more rounds at GDC 2013. As a more industry-focused event, obviously NVIDIA was busy at GDC getting devs on board with Tegra optimizations through sessions, but there were also plenty of Project SHIELD demo units kicking around, giving everyone a chance to try out the system first-hand.

Personally, I can't wait to snag one of these and see just how well it will stream my PC titles. Down the line, it would great to have remote streaming so you could get your game on outside of the house, but for the time being, that's just wishful thinking. 

NVIDIA is still staying tight-lipped about release dates and pricing, which is really what we're all interested in. Personally, I'd be willing to pay around $200 to $300 for a SHIELD - what about you guys? 


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Project SHIELD at GDC 2013


I'd pay 250 MAX. I think that might even be too high. Maybe 200... Considering you have to spend 200 bucks on only THEIR graphics card because without it you just have another android tablet but this tablet isn't made for regular tablet things, it's actually much harder to do normal tablet things like...type...but there's also no cameras. Plus a lack of L3 R3 buttons....actually maybe 100 bucks.

If it can play Midway arcade games from the early to mid-90's at full speed, I'd pay $400 for it. It would be the last gaming device I'd ever need, at least until it dies. Even so, I'd get the extended warranty on it :)

I bet it will priced around $200-300. Around nexus price. Depends on what connection it has. If it has 3G to LTE connection, the price should be add around $50-100. I surely look forward for this SHIELD review. For now I can say I'm 90% will buy it if the price around at what I expected.