Android App - Pricegrabber

If you're the wheelin' and dealin' type, know that Pricegrabber [Market linkApp Brain]  now has an official Android application. With it you can:

  • Scan barcodes: Scan any product with a bar code and the PriceGrabber app will search its extensive product catalog for the best price from thousands of retailers.
  • Search, browse and compare products: Search by product name, UPC, manufacturer's part number, most popular items and more.
  • Read product and expert reviews: Read unbiased product reviews from millions of users and experts.
  • Receive the BottomLinePrice®: Calculate a product's BottomLinePrice® that includes shipping and taxes through the GPS in the mobile device or manually entering a postal code.
  • Buy: Click directly on the merchant's Website to make a purchase.
  • Get the best deal: Find the best deal in PriceGrabber's extensive product catalog with prices that update throughout the day.
  • Create a "favorites list": Save products of interest and come back at another time.
  • Access the Gift Shaker: Receive gift suggestions based on category and price.

That about sums that up. So check ye olde credit balance, and get to price grabbin'. [Press release]

There are 10 comments

feardunn says:

I give it a B, maybe a B-.

storm14k says:

Seems like everybody is trying to get their apps on Android now. It makes me wonder what these so called top apps/app makers are on iOS that the iFools talk about. All I see now are the games.

Glorishan says:

How does this compare to Shop Savy?

duckdive117 says:

I have been using Cnet's app and I like it a lot better then shop savy, I would like to know how it compares to both shop savy and cnet as well.

hskrprd says:

The GPS stays on so it kills the battery. Uninstalled quickly!!!!

wezra says:

Same here... major battery killer on my myTouch 3G Slide. Also, I tried searching for a specific item... it is taking forever. This one has to go!

SubMatrix says:

there are so many apps that barcode scan and do product searches...which one to use?

Shop Savvy
Barcode Scanner
Google Shopper
Google Goggles
probably some other ones I dont know about

right now I tend to try one, then if the product isnt found I try the next app...time consuming and annoying.

I tried the link and even typed the name of the app in the marketplace but couldn't find it. Anyone else having this issue?

Ilyasviel says:

Yeah, I can't find the app either

likwidsoul says:

Still haven't found one that's location sensitive. Or that has relevent stuff on it. If I scan a can of corn I don't want a pallet of it for 100 dollars on Amazon.Com I want to see if meijer has it cheaper than Kroger or Biggs.