Postcard on the Run

Since we're on the road so much, we're always on the lookout for a good postcard app. And an old favorite was just released for Andronid. Postcard on the Run has a great UI, with easy instructions and options to use pictures from the camera, your gallery or even Facebook. Pick the pic, and Postcard on the Run mails it anywhere in the world.

But what if you don't know the physical address? (That's a common problem in a lot of address books these days.) Postard on the Run has its "Postal Gopher." Just give it the e-mail address or cell phone number of the person you're trying to send to, and it'll contact them, then update your address book and send. Other options include cropping the photo, leaving a message, adding a real signature (as in sign with your finger) and even a GPS map of your location you're sending from. It's pretty slick.

Prices vary from 99 cents to $1.69 per postcard sent (add 20 cents for international), and you can pay by credit card or PayPal. (We'd love to see in-app billing added so we don't have to enter our credit card -- again.)

We'll be giving this one a go this weekend from the Big Android BBQ, no doubt. Hit up the download links after the break.


Reader comments

Postcard on the Run lets you easily drop word to friends and family


Wait, if i have an email address or a phone number, why do i need this?

And why would i want to reveal either of these to a third party so they can try to find an address?
Friends don't broadcast friends email or phone number.

Keep in mind, everybody does not have access to the internet. Also, some ppl like to actually receive MAIL once in awhile. I agree, with one thing you said tho ... i definitely would not use their email or ph number to look up address. If I don't already have it, forget it!

I don't see this as anything I could possibly want. I agree with icebike, I don't want to give my address to any third party. What's wrong with sending a picture over email/text and putting a caption with it?

I gotta give this one a try. Like johneh said Postagram is my favorite. I have literally spent too much money sending postcards to family and friends. Its so addictive for just a buck.