Fess up: You bought a $99 TouchPad, didn't you. It's OK. We did, too. While you can't yet run Android on it, the buzz is that now that it's cheap, a whole lot more people are going to work to get it done. So you could end up with a $99 Android tablet. Sure, it's not exactly a dual-core Honeycomb monster, but it's a $99 tablet, right?

So let's hear it: Who bought one?


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Poll: Did you buy a $99 TouchPad with the hope of getting Android on it?


If I had a spare 99 this weekend I would have gotten it.... but not because I could possibly put android on it... Just always liked WebOS .... and this couple be the last of it. Also its 99 for a pretty solid tablet with a decent amount of apps that will get love from the Modding Community.

+1 webOS has been my favorite OS since it was released. Android is second place mostly because the apps, customization, and choice of great hardware. If I could put webOS on my EVO then that would be an awesome phone. Put Android on a webOS tablet? Nah. I'll keep webOS on my Touchpad!

I prefer WebOS as well but the hardware pushed me to Android. Don't get me wrong, I love Android, but if WebOS came on decent hardware I would still be running it instead.

Are you saying the TouchPad isn't decent hardware? It's better-specced than any other tablet on the market (not counting features such as USB ports, HDMI ports, or SD card slots).

The problem is that nobody at HPalm has figured out how to make webOS run well.

I loved webOS. I got a Hero 2 days before it came out, and took it back 2 days later to get a Palm Pre. Used it for about 2 months before the lagginess and lack of interesting apps got to me. So I took it back and got a Hero again.

I love webOS, probably even moreso than Android, but I don't like how poorly it runs.

Have you not used a touchpad yet? This thing runs circles around any android tablet out there. Just picked one up in the fire sale and being a former pre user, it's great to be back. Especially considering how fast and smooth this thing runs. Unfortunately the lack if third party apps is a big letdown but maybe that will change in the future depending on what happens to webOS licensing.

My comment was to WebOS in general, not the TouchPad. My sister is giving me her TouchPad because she prefers the GTab our friend got her from IO and honestly, I have no clue what I will do with it because tablets aren't for me. I still have yet to see WebOS on decent hardware as far as phones are concerned and I will not go back until I see one, if we ever seen one.

Absolutely! Love the android hardware, but webOS has always been more elegant at day to day tasks. I used my Nexus S for 7 months as primary device to see if I could live with it, but always longed to return full time to webOS. Now I am using a Pre 2 and it feels good to have the power and flexibility of this great platform once again. webOS phones need some non-palm hardware on the whole though, something HP never delivered(as Veer was Palm developed). Have to admit, I will hang on to the nexus just in case they shut down Synergy servers, though.

picked up 3 from B& today but IDK if they are actually going to ship or not. cards been billed but we'll see. /shrug. People are selling these on ebay to flip some cash and I suppose that's to be expected but a bit silly imo.

My daughter has wanted a tablet for a good while and she and I can't afford to shell out big $$ for honeycomb at the moment so this will do for her. My brother snagged the other 2 for himself. I'll put Android on it without thinking 2x if someone releases something stable. WebOs is pretty sweet but lack of apps is what is a deal breaker for me.

would have been even sweeter picking one up from Staples, 49.99. can't beat that at all.

Take a look at what webOS Internals has done with getting Ubuntu (and probably most .deb apps) running in webOS. That should open plenty of apps up for you until they get Android ported. I would think that a decent Android port to any tablet would need to wait until ICS is released, and therefore tablet-optimized Android source code is available.

had the original pre and had Preware on the Pre as well. I'll definitely be looking into that again this go around but it's not the same as loading up android or amazon market and getting the games that are available, which is what my daughter would be mostly interested in.

I bought one this morning from B&N with the notion of giving my wife a cheap entry tablet to get her used to tablets in general. I will however port android over if it becomes available. It's truly sad to see such hardware bogged down by software bottleneck. Win for a cheap tablet irregardless!

Hmm, unable to process order the site says. Guess we'll see what happens there.

Was only buying them as toys for the kiddos actually, so if they don't show up I won't be heartbroken.

I don't get why people want to put Android on this thing, you are buying this because of the WebOS. I would love to dual boot my XOOM with WebOS, somebody work on it. :)

AC needs DISQUIS for comments... comment section as always been awful... I just stared someone 5 different times... its really silly.

Anyway... I don't feel bad for missing out... I probably would have gotten it then wanted my money back for lack of apps...

It may not be a dual core honeycomb monster, but it is a dual core monster. The processor in there should be faster than Tegra 2s at 1ghz. I like webOS on phones. I might like it on a tablet. If the OS takes a shit, then it's nice to know I could dump android on it, especially if it offers better performance than WebOS. But until then, I don't see any huge rush to port Android.

I bought one for me, even though I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1.

If you don't see a huge rush to port Android over to it, it's because you haven't looked over the weekend. There are a good half-dozen veteran devs working this and the port is going to be relatively simple. They have already mapped out a GB/CM/HCorICS roadmap and are busily executing it. Donations are coming out of the woodwork. I don't think I've seen a more energetic reception.

Check out XDA.

Actually, check RootzWiki, there is a team going by the name of TouchDroid that is basing their main development on RootzWiki with occaisonal updates on XDA.

I did. I want to run android on it though.

Its not a honeycomb monster but specs are good enough for what i use it for. can't wait. $99 can't beat that. lol.

Tried getting one for the wife this morning from B & N. Credit. Card charged but status is showing a problem???? Oh well if it comes it comes.... Pre Central already has this thing overclocked to a stable 1.7 ghz

I saw the B&N link this morning and jumped on it. Only bought one, but that's because my wife has the Acer Iconia already. Might keep it for myself or give it to my daughter. Interested to see how well the devs do with porting Android on it though.

Amazing that there are an additional 500+ people who would have bought one if they weren't sold out. Goes to show you that there IS a tablet Market if the Market would just wake up and realize it's all about price!

people keep saying that but it's not feasible to sell something like this for $99. People are also jumping on one because they are feeling like they are getting a good deal and they aren't making any more. Lots of people are putting them up for sale in hope to make a quick buck.

Good luck with that "buy low/sell higher" approach to the Touchpad. Who's going to pay $200 for a Tablet that will no longer be manufactured, support will soon dry up, there will be no new apps, because HP bailed? For $99, sure. Maybe, but more than that? Hell no. I don't need a Tablet that much.

um, I didn't say that's what I was doing because I'm not. I'm just saying that's part of the reason why they are selling like hot cakes. It's not selling on it's own merit. If you look at ebay you will see that people ARE buying them for 200+ which if you look at my previous post (way up above) I believe is a silly thing to do.

I'm not saying to sell tablets at $99 but I am saying that I believe price is the only thing holding back consumers from jumping into the tablet market. $600 is ridiculous, if tablets were priced between $200-$300 I guarantee they'd be selling twice as many as they are now. I also believe that while many may be buying up HP TouchPads in hopes of reselling them, half of them are buying them because they know someone will eventually put Android on it. Just look at how well the Nook starting selling once someone was able to put Android on it. Consumers WANT an Android tablet but they DON'T want to pay $600 for it.

I bought two. I am waiting for an Android OS emulator (ala, the Rim Playbook) in the interim. I really hope that will happen as I like the WebOS.

I would of bought one, but when I waited in line at Best Buy early Saturday Morning a store manager told me they had shipped them back to HP and wouldn't be selling them. I was pretty pissed mainly because I stood in line on crutches for 1 hr and then was told "too bad" then I find out they sold them the next morning. I have one thing to say to best buy


Wow - androidcentral lets you drop the F bombs?! Nice.... better than those pussies over @ precentral.... I kid Derrek!

Bought one.. Wife complaints of issues with Web browsing on the iPad (Flash sites)

Cheap and easy fix...

I tried webOS on the original Sprint Palm Pre. It sure was nice, although the hardware sucked. I returned it and eventually ended up with a Droid Incredible on Verizon.

I've been trying to justify purchasing a tablet, and for $149 (I got a 32GB version, which I had to order early on Sunday morning) I'll give webOS another shot. I'll use it for reading news and letting my kids watch movies and play games. Once webOS no longer works well on it, I'll consider putting Android on it.

Win win.

Read an article suggesting an Android App Player for the TP. I think that would be the best of both worlds. Or Google just buys it and rolls those lovely cards into Android

I honestly got it to try out WebOS and at $100 you can't beat that. I would like to play around with it to see what it's about and if Android is easily installed on it then I'll try.

I have been looking all over the past weekend. Called must have been 20 BB's, a bunch of Staples and a few Office Depots/Max. Can't find one. -___-

QUESTION: What makes the TouchPad a better candidate for Android (assuming the devs figure out how to port Android to it) over another cheap tablet (E.g. ViewSonic, etc.)

Its a better solution because its a cheap Alternative(since they are being liquidated) to have a solid android tablet at a very low price point.. The View sonic tablets are almost 300 bucks and can come stock with Android 3.0 on it.. lol This device runs a different OS thats why they are using this tablet for the project pretty much.

I bought mine because I really liked WebOS when I had my palm pre, I just didn't like the pre.. But now that WebOS is on better hardware and only $149 for a 32 gig I had to seize that opportunity!! If putting Android on the TouchPad turns out not to be so cumbersome then I may give it a shot.

Ditto. Bought mine at CDW a few minutes ago, but it took a LOT of patience, refreshes, and repeated use of the "Back" button to get my account created and my order complete. Let's hope it ships!

I ordered one from B&N this morning. We'll see if it actually ships or not. I have a Galaxy Tab 7" that my three year old has taken over. If the TouchPad does ship, maybe I'll get to use it or the Galaxy Tab. Not sure yet which one I'd prefer...I guess I'll make that choice if it ships (or maybe my three year old will make it for me).

Tried loading up CDWs page for the last 30 minutes but kept getting a runtime error. I was waiting on hold for a account manager, but when they finally got to my call "thanks for calling CDW i'm sorry to say we do not have any touchpads in stock. How can I assist you?"


i just got an order confirmation from cdw, keep trying. it took me about 20 minutes to get through. cant wait to go back to some webos, i miss true multitasking

My guess is that the porting is figured out by the time BN or CDW get me a Touchpad (I ordered 1 16 and 1 32)...

no way to buy from CDW without an account?

I tried signing up and after filling out the form the "Create Account" button does not work. I can't even tab to it.


I had been looking into tablets to have a "couch surfing" device so I can comfortably catch up on the news and read email/browse the web while my roommates are watching something on Netflix or playing games.

I had played with store demos a little bit, but nothing really popped out at me with the "gotta-have-it-now" factor. Though an Android guy at heart, I really liked the iPad's build quality and ergonomics and was drawn to it mainly for Sword And Sworcery EP/Infinity Blade. Being a spoiled Nexus One owner, I really liked the Xoom in that it was more or less the official developer device. In either case, I just couldn't find myself getting $500 worth out of either device and decided to wait for a price drop...or at least until my needs/wants changed.

I had tried the Touchpad out for a while since it was the only demo unit that was working at Office Depot. Having never used WebOS before, I was pleasantly surprised by how it worked and found it to be fairly intuitive. But again, I found $500 to be too high for a device whose App Catalog was definitely lacking.

For ~$150 (got the 32GB) though, I couldn't say no. Did I get it with the hope of an Android build thrown on it? No, not really. I only found out after the fact that it was a possibility. I had heard all the hubbub surrounding WebOS and felt it was my duty as a self-proclaimed technophile to check it out, and found it a reasonable price to drop on a new toy for light use. Am I glad it is a distinct possibility? Hell yeah I am!

Part of me believes that all this attention being drawn to WebOS as a result of the firesale will do nothing but help it's chances of a second life, either as an open source OS or licensed/sold to another company. Furthermore, I'm hoping the resulting buying frenzy will show that consumers are itching to buy up these "tapplets", if the price is right.

The real question here is, if all tablets were $150, would I have still bought a TouchPad? Probably not.

What about "Yes I got one/some, webOS is actually pretty good, and it's a great price".

I actually got 4 and I like webOS, but the hardware and delays have plagued it from the beginning. I also have 5 android devices in the house as well, so it's not like I'm selling out. Now we just have at least one tablet for everyone in the house.

It would be kind of funny if HP sold a ton of these at $99 and the Board changed their mind about producing and selling WebOS Tablets, at least? LOL!!

I agree. With all of the sunk costs HP could easily own the sub $250 Android tablet market. All they have to is pay $20 to the XDA group doing the port and they are up and running keeping the Asian factory workers employed cranking out the hottest and most sought after affordable Android tablet since the Nook. Wide open, full Android conformity.

Well, I was finally able to create an account at CDW. Ordered 1 of each and got the confirmation e-mail, so we'll see how that goes. *fingers crossed*

Always been interested in a tablet to see how it could fit in my daily life. At this price it's absolutely worth a shot with or without the possibility of Android.

Lesson: Clearly there's a market for a "good enough" $100 tablet. Now someone just has to figure out how to sell $300 worth of parts for $100.

i gotta say webos does a better job multitasking. Still android would be great to have installed. The best outcome would be if they can setup a dual boot webos and ICS at some point :)

If any of the WebOS phones had been decent and suited my needs, I'd probably gone that direction, having been a old Palm user. But when the time came, all the devices were crummy (tiny little screens and hard keyboards - yuck!) So I went Android. I hate to see a good OS die, but I'm not going to buy into it now! Been burned that way before, thank you...

I talked to my account manager at and he said that they have orders for 22,000 touchpads that they will not be able to probably the only place you can get one now is on craigslist.

So CDW is not going to fulfill those 22,000 confirmed orders of which I am one of them? SOB.

This official HP microsite is full of links to retailers that don't work and next steps that lead to nowhere (Notify me when available for example). This is crazy.

What a mess. HP could not have done a better job mismanaging this whole thing if they tried. You have to wonder how they will do a better job in the new services organization - maybe they should start by hiring IBM to help them fix the website, image, supply chain and demand issues they have created this week. Then they can come help my company figure out how to implement expensive HP servers to solve my business problems.

I bought a 32gb one. Last one in the store I went. Every other store didn't want to sell them or had none. Been trying to find a 16gb one to have as well but no luck. I bought it because I've always wanted to see what webOS was all about. I thought it was going to be a good different experience. After about 20 minutes of playing with it, I got bored. After being a Xoom owner, I was bored with it quick. Didn't know much about the Touchpad before purchasing one, which means I didnt know how LIMITED it was. Video chat was only available for Skype. Not many apps at all. Honestly, the only cool feature I like about it is webOS' cards system and some small UI features. Other than that, I was more happy with the Xoom. I really do hope Android is ported over. Overall, I'm glad i didn't pay the 599.99 price tag for it and only paid 150.

Dear Valued Customer,

We are writing to you regarding your recent Barnes & Noble order for "HP TouchPad Tablet with 16GB Memory".

Due to unexpected customer demand for this item, our inventory was depleted prior to your order being processed so we are unable to fulfill this item as requested. Consequently, we have canceled your order and you will not be billed for this amount.

You may see an authorization on your credit or debit card for the order, but please be assured you will not be charged. The authorization will be released in accordance with your bank's policies.

We sincerely regret any inconvenience that this may have caused.


Barnes & Noble

Customer Service

***NOW I AM MAD***

Just got off the phone with CDW. They only had 5,000 in stock and those sold out within an hour, yet their system kept taking orders. So anyone after that first hour or so are out of luck. Not sure why they haven't sent out cancellation notices yet. Sucks as I was hoping to snag one of these for my wife's birthday this Friday. Now I need to scramble and find something else and a regular priced tablet isn't in the cards right now. :(

Thank you for your email.
Unfortunately; we no longer have any of the HP Touchpads in stock and will not be fulfilling anymore orders at the special price.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We have canceled your pending order and your account will not be charged Please feel free to contact us should you need anything else.
Thank you and apologies.

CDW-D has received your order; attached is a .PDF file* detailing the specifics. Please take a moment to review it for accuracy and completeness.

If you find any discrepancies or need further assistance; please feel free to contact your CDW-D account manager.

Thank you for choosing CDW-D.

** Shutout everywhere I go ***

From HP:
- No Touchpad inventory
- No plans for Touchpad inventory
- No strategy for dealing with this demand
- No email waiting list or communications plan
- Liquidation was first come first serve
- No idea what is happening with 200,000 Best Buy units
- Surprised by what is going on

Customers, investors, prospects and channel partners all mad at HP.
All this from a company whose demand took down major websites and common stock is off 20% - then supposedly getting into a higher margin services business. Why don't they start by having their fancy consultants fix their own company and the process around the marketing of the most popular sub $250 Tablet in the world?

Does anyone know what build of android they are planning to put on it?? I hope its honeycomb or at least Gingerbread.