Galaxy S showdown

Is the new look and new software enough to make you go for it?

The Internet is on fire over the Samsung Galaxy S5. Generally seen as a nice device by those who have had their hands all over it, it retains the look we're familiar with, while being a little different — both outside and inside. But it seems like there is no instant "wow" factor to make everyone drop what they are doing and pull out their wallets.

This feels especially true if you're using a Galaxy S4. I'm seeing a lot of folks saying they will hold off this time, and keep the S4 in their pocket for another year. Of course, you have people complaining just for the sake of complaining, but most folks seem to be calm and genuine enough.

By now, you've had a few hours to think about it, talk about it, and complain about it if you wanted to. So we're just going to ask — are you going to upgrade to the Galaxy S5?

Hit the break, vote in the poll, chat in the comments. You guys and gals know how this works by now. 

My vote? Bring it on. Looking forward to having some one-on-one time with it.


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Poll: Are you upgrading to the Galaxy S5?


To be honest, I love the camera, have mixed feelings about the new TouchWiz. Everything else just didn't meet my expectations.

lg g2 VS980


You couldn't be more right.

Posted via my thumbs and Google Keyboard. (Defective) N7 2013

You can partly get rid of TouchWiz by installing a different launcher, no root needed. Or of course a custom ROM, which I plan to do. Hopefully CM11 will support scanner and heart monitor.

Home screen[s] and [app drawer]. Which is what you'll see everyday you have the device. Which is kind of a big deal...

ROMs aren't cutting it anymore for me. CM doesn't take advantage of the hardware. I've noticed quality difference in good cameras when switching to AOSP ROMs. It's just not the same. Certain features make the phone. The software is actually built to run with certain hardware.

I'd rather have the disgusting slick plastic back rather than the dimple one. That was a terrible idea. If they would have went aluminum this thing would have been hot.

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The S5 is for the masses like my parents & non geeks

I bet a S5 variant will be coming out soon for nerds like us, maybe with the Octa-core CPU & metal body &etc

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Triple this.

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Until you realize they are going to offer the same minimal upgrade to the Note 4 as they did with the S5...

As long as it's equal to our better than the Note 3 I will be okay with that. The S pen is what makes the Note series so buyable.

Agreed. Probably the only Samsung device I'm interested in buying. It a large part of that has to do with the s-pen.

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Note 6 for me !

In the meantime is funny to see at what extent sammy fanboys go in order to defend this abomination. And yes I believe s5 is one ugly as hell phone. But hey...they sold millions...they must be good right?!

I'm going to wait and see about the Note4. I am still using a Note2, since the Note3 just wasn't enough of an upgrade for me at the time.

Camera enhancements are all well and good, but no OIS? C'mon, that's been something of a standard for what, a year now? The New Touchwiz seems like a step in the right direction design-wise but as I'm no fan of OEM skins, feel the road is quite long before it's acceptable to me as a user, in my opinion. I liked the waterproofing concept, but it just feels like Samsung isn't as on the ball as they used to be. Still bet they sell like mad, but probably not to enthusiasts such as frequent sites like this.

Image stabilization is something aimed for filmography. OIS is not suggested for photography as "some pros" say the movement of the mechanisms can cause slight shakes which in the end could affect the photograph, even on a tripod. According to the specs, AC states video has image stabilization.

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Very few of us are pros. And even fewer of us are pros using smartphone cameras with their puny optics and pathetically small sensors. We need all the help we can get.

You have no need for OIS on a tripod, that is the purpose of the tripod. I've got a couple OIS lenses for my DLSR, and it clearly says to turn off the OIS when using a tripod. OIS was developed to help with hand held shots (espeically is lower light situations with longer shutter speeds). And so OIS would be helpful with phones, since tripods aren't likely to be used.

Although I would think that a person should be given the option to turn OIS off, in bright light situations, when it would be not helpful.

Lumia 520 can do it greatly and the effect is awsome... totally the next level of ISOs (for static objects).

Technically, digital cameras, cell phone or otherwise, don't have a "shutter speed". There are, however, options that simulate shutter speed on digital cameras.

Yeah, to give up control of my phone (I have CM on my Nexus S) I need one last groundbreaking feature, and that is OIS.

Also, who doesn't think OIS is for photography (pro or otherwise)? Nikon is on it's 2nd or 3rd gen for their lenses, both DX and FX. Canon does the same. It's a giant step forward in capability, especially for phones, it's a must have to avoid every other blurry picture. I was going to upgrade the new GS5, but now I won't. Hopefully the next Mot phone has it. Not sure about the Nokia offerings, but the new Sony has it, and that might work. Better yet, my Nexus S still works, so I don't have to spend the money this year.

There are those people who actually like TouchWiz. Not saying I'm one of them, cause I definitely have to run a 3rd party launcher on my Note 3, but there are those people out there.

Poll: Are you upgrading to the Galaxy S5?
"I just got a Nexus 5 and I love it. "


lg g2 VS980


Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

I think yes... my S3 has been great and Im not enough of a techie to really notice some of the quirks others have pointed out... so yeah I probably will upgrade when its available

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Me too. I'm watching all this Banter about the S5 and natural hate. It's whatever. The S3 is a phone I haven't had the urge to upgrade until now.

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I opted for a moto x that is way cheaper when moving from my S3. I love the moto x.

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My girlfriend is getting a moto X. Cause she likes to customize stuff. I just want a beast of a phone right now.

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Don't see much of a reason to go for the S5 over the new Xperia phones, but that's just one man's opinion

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I like your opinion. I'd also add to that the upcoming HTC device. But that's just another mans opinion.

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Another man's opinion is that Sony has a really bad track record with using displays that are below par. I almost got the Xperia Z last year, until I realised I wasn't holding a dummy in my hands at the store, but in fact the real deal. They have really poor viewing angles.

The Z2 has an IPS display that has garnered very positive initial reactions. I don't think the display is anything to worry about this time around.

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This year's Sony has the sorely needed IPS display technology that should NOT have been overlooked last year.

Both Z1 Compact and Z2 come with an IPS display. The problems with viewing angles are no more.

^This. I sort of ignored the Z2 this morning, but after looking into it, I could really see myself buying it. Either way, it's better than the S5.

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How are they with updates? This is genuine as the Z2 is the first smartphone they've put out worthy of my attention.

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Maybe...I'm growing tired of my DNA, but I'll have to hold this to see if I really want it. It's between the s5 and the g2 i think...I do like all the fitness stuff especially if paired with one of the new gears, but I don't want to be locked in to the Sammy eco system...

Love my DNA but I'm holding out for the Note 4, big screen alone doesn't cut it for me anymore. I want some functionality with my giant screen.

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So the S5 is announced and specs wise it's an upgrade from the S4. But that's sadly where the story ends.

I wasn't expecting big things ok that's a lie. The lack of the rumoured 2-4k resolution is fine and not to big of a deal.

What let me down was again after Samsung admitting that the design needed to be improved by the slow sales of the S4 and they also acknowledged that it was to much like the S3. Ok so we have the new back and it's now waterproof but somehow they managed to disappoint why?

For me it was that Samsung needed to change the flow in design and really produce that Premium device. The faux leather on the Note 3 works and I like it, but with each new device I would like to see something fresh and the S5 fails. I would of expected a metal design this time round and escaping the look of previous models.

The UI is the same bloat filled rubbish that we now can never expect Samsung to change and that is a mistake. Lighter and useful features would of been great and them tweaks would of went down well, sadly this did not happen another fail.

Storage yet again do they never learn from what I have read only 8gb is available from the 16gb version eh Samsung do you remember the calamity from the S4 obviously forgotten. Another fail.

Ok so it's now expandable upto 128gb but only SanDisk have announced and they will be expensive so that is another fail.

Ok no doubt this will be hmm smooth ish got to remember the heavy skin, so only 2gb of ram this is another kind of fail taking it easy on you there Samsung.

So the heart rate monitor a medical feature that will rarely get used there are superior and better products available to do this a daft and pointless feature.

Samsung has learned nothing and that's what really gripes and irritates.

No manufacturer is going to please everyone with their product but this they didn't even try seems like no real thought went into the S5.

And that is my views on this S5 pathetic it really is.

Get your **** together Samsung for the Note 4 your going to need it as this won't meet your sales targets. I would be surprised if it does.

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I agree with you. After the S3 and S4 Samsung got arrogant. They think they already OWN success. This is like an iPhone 4S. It wasn't a big upgrade from 4.

It was a drastic change. They re-did TouchWiz. Thats huge! They're being innovative with their wearables too. I'm not going to say that a wearable is required for the S5, but it does add a lot to the positive experience of it.

I recognize (and actually wrote in a comment below before) that the Gear were great companion devices but I can't see why they wouldn't be the same with a Note 3 for example or an S4. Touchwiz is different but we're talking of an evolution but not a drastic difference. Round configuration options, flatter icons...

I think people put way to much stock in the default UI. If you like the Note series for the S Pen, that is a go to feature. Maybe the look and feel of the HTC phones appeals to you, that is a go to feature. I really like the LG Knock capability and see why people would include that in their purchase decision. Getting away from Touchwiz is not difficult if you otherwise like the device. Buy the device for the device and put whatever launcher you want on it.

I think you're being too nitpicky.
1. You can use an amount up to 128gb. you don't have to buy an expensive card.
2. 2gb is plenty. Kit Kat was made to be usable on a 512mb ram device.

What are you really looking for? A desktop pc that fits in your pocket? Given the framework, OS, and apps available to/by android the hardware is perfectly capable to provide a very positive/happy experience.

From reading about responses to the S5 here and on XDA I can deduce that current Samsung phone owners are just pissy-sissy's. Take a breather. Samsung is providing some really nice stuff this time around.

2 GB of ram is plenty on my Nexus 5, but with TouchWiz I'm assuming that takes up a decent amount of ram

Posted via Android Central App on my LG Nexus 5 (Sprint)

If 2gb is plenty why did they go with 3 with the Note? Obviously because more Ram enhances the experience and opens more posibilities for muiltitasking. Sony also choose 3gb for the Z2. It's not the same the SD card storage. It isn't just as practical as to have it included (happened to me in my S4 16gb) but I don't see it as a deal braker, just a detail. One of many.

Maybe because Samsung has 6 months of actual usage data to make that decision on. You will have to multitask to an absurd amount to need more than 2GB.

I keep seeing complaints about the S5 not having a "2K" display.

People: 1920x1080 *IS* 2K! Look it up.

4K resolution is 3840x2160. I have no idea why this repeated comment is starting to bug me so much! lol.

Which carrier? Sprint just started rolling theirs out a few days ago. The other carriers should (hopefully) be right behind.

He's going for that iPhone 6 brah, being able to do stuff with his phone is just too much.

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I voted no. I currently have an S3 and am eligible for an upgrade. My next phone will probably be the HTC One (M8), unless it's an abysmal failure.

In the exact same boat. Love my S3. Couldn't gave asked for a better device. But I'm underwhelmed by the S5.

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as long as you are good with the size it should be a kick ARS phone. I lOVE my m7 but just want something different (and if the leaked images are true, i can't support HTC when they make a decision like leaving .25" at the bottom of the screen because you wanted your logo there.. sounds like something verizon would do and i wont go there either)

Same same. My upgrade is in April. I was hoping that the s5 would just blow me away. It didn't. It's a very nice phone no doubt and I look forward to putting hands on. However, I have thought about going back to HTC. The HTC is a beast and looks amazing. With that said, I would get the new m8 since the one is almost a year old. Decisions decisions. I really wish Samsung would have made this an easy choice for me. Quite disappointed in style since it barely changed.

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Actually the sheeple are stunned, dazed, and surprisingly mute.
Not a word from "plain and simple" either.

He's been around, definitely not as loud as usual. I assumed he'd come out swinging around the time the Jr Highs let out.

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Nothing beats Samsung plain and simple. Samsung will do what samsung does best.. Blah blah blah.

Did I get it right?

I cant wiat either, BUT i can TOTALLY see the negative response. This is Samsung.. they aired commercials aimed at apple becuase the lack of innovation and change... just a little ironic IMO

I was surprised by the camera because of the fast HDR mode only but I dont think thats a pretty big deal. The water resistancew as great too. 2.5 Ghz were logical but until any app makes use of them the S6 will be released. The screen is the same, the memory too and lower than the z2 and note 3. SHealth is an app, the fingerprint scanner is said to be buggy by The Verge and the heart rate sensor is just useless (more if you buy a Gear). Liked the Gears though. From the S4 its not an upgrade but definitely from the S3.

Be on the lookout for the S5 "Prime" in a month guys... I wouldn't be surprised at all!! 2K display, 3/4 GB of RAM, etc..

I think your right but anybody who pre orders will be pissed when a couple months later a premium s5 is announced.

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Dude, there is NO SUCH THING as a "Two K" display. I think its laughable you want that in a PHONE! Most laptops sold aren't even 720p!

And... here it is again.

You're mostly right, BigMike: there is an unofficial designation of 2K, which is... wait for it... 1920x1080! The S5 (and 2/3 of the other high end phones out there) *are* "2K". This is really starting to feel like a "parrot" comment. One uninformed person made it, and now dozens of others are repeating it as if they actually know what they are talking about.

And people who want 4K displays on a cell phone are just being silly. It's not going to happen. Period.

At 430ppi, the pixel density is already higher than you can discern with the naked eye. A 4K display would only make the phone slower and drain the battery faster.

I thought it was weird when Phil said it didn't have a "2K" display when FHD is pretty much the same as 2K. I guess he meant 4K instead.

Also, "Stop trying to make 4K phones happen; they're not going to happen."

Uh, I think you're wrong there. Last time I looked at laptops, most of them were 1366x768, which is slightly more pixels than 720p. You must have meant 1080p, in which case you'd probably be right.

Considering the specs for the S5, I think that I would rather get the Sony Z2 if it makes it to ATT this time.

Z2 has it beat in every category, bigger display, larger battery and camera and also has SD card and water resistant.

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Z2 has a faster processor, more RAM, a larger battery, a 20.7MP camera (doesn't really matter), and to my eyes a much better looking UI.

Agreed....why can't anyone else admit it? The S5 is just plain UGLY. Nevermind it's lack of a significant upgrade, or the same screen as last just looks ridiculous. The Z2 all the way, power and beauty without TouchWiz.

Yes. Yes. Yes...I currently have the S3 with 16 gb but will upgrade to S5 32 gb after and when I do more research. Is it too much to hope for the Note 4 to be released by the end of the year?

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The next big thing is a complete let down. Think I will wait to see what else comes out this spring.

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No, they mean the GS5. The GS4S is not a phone :p

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Have the Gs3 running CyanogenMod and have really liked it. Going to get the Moto X next.

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Still has that plastic, clunky vibe to it. The camera seems impressive, and if the new TouchWiz is not a car accident like the old version, it might be something.

Granted, I think the back of this thing is ugly as sin, but I've seen so many complaints about the "plastic" back of Samsung phones I have to wonder: do *this* many people *really* not put their phone in a case?

Waiting to see HTC M8/LG G3(maybe?) first.

But the Z2 is probably better for me than the GS5

Posted by my Nexus 7 (2013) or my i9300 (custom rom)

It looks nicer than the old ones for sure, but I just bought a Nexus 5 so I'm set for a good while now. Given how much "stuff" Samsung stuffs into the thing hopefully they can keep the carriers from adding yet more and further weighing it down.

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Nope. I just bought the Note 3 in October, only about 4 months ago, and I'm generally happy with it. That plus the fact that I won't be eligible for a discounted phone upgrade for ~1.5 years means I have no intention of changing phones any time soon.

Wow, so underwhelmed. This was not what I was hoping for. None of the new features are any reason for me to ditch my current S4. Pock marked back is tacky. This thing should have been metal or some type of more premium material. Also, marketing a "modern GLAM phone" is not going to win over a whole lot of dudes. Overall a very bland and boring upgrade. I think Samsung is in for more trouble on sales. Don't get me wrong this will sell well but it won't be the lightning bolt that the S3 was or even close. I predict it will sell less than the S4 even. I was so hoping for something more from Samsung.

The snapdragon 801 is such a tiny speed increase it isn't even really worth an upgrade imo

Posted via Android Central App on my LG Nexus 5 (Sprint)

Agreed. The Note 3 is already running at 2.3Ghz, so we're only looking at about a 200Mhz (0.2Ghz) speed increase to the 801.

Just bought the Z1s about three weeks ago. Maybe if I hadn't, I'd hold off and wait for this. But I think, given how often phones are released, you shouldn't have buyer's remorse about these things.

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I literally just got a Nexus 5 and I still don't really like TouchWiz.. Although the LTE and WiFi downloads are such a seller for me..

If you could be cyanogenmod on that and keep all the features I would jump on that if I didn't have a Nexus 5. Even if you didn't keep the features, you still get a great camera and a waterproof phone :p

Posted via Android Central App on my LG Nexus 5 (Sprint)

if i had an s4 i would not be but i have an HTC one and from teh images i have seen, i dont want teh new ONE... so this is really the only other logical option. dont like sony or LG and the camera on the nexus blows so really i have no other option. lol


Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Maybe a GS5 mini with the same specs and a 720p screen would kick off, I love my Nexus 5 but I think it is a bit too big for my tiny hands

Posted via Android Central App on my LG Nexus 5 (Sprint)

Ditto - A Nexus 4.7" in Moto X form factor. Unfortunately, it will take a big player like Samsung to stop making these huge phones for the industry to change the trend.

Not sure how this is so difficult for people to grasp. They are literally in a minority small enough to, up until the z1s, be completely ignored by Android manufacturers.

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What makes you think their intention was for "everybody" to upgrade? I'm sure there's some S3 users out there who find this a worthwhile improvement. I will agree that it's a pretty incremental update, but I suspect we're seeing the mobile tech industry begin to plateau a bit. The tech has been increasing like crazy for the past few years, to the point where my Note 3 has more processing power than the laptop I bought last March. There's no way that level of insane increases could be kept up forever.

Seriously interested in the lagless camera and the heart rate monitor. I hate touch wiz..The new version doesn't look any better than the old one. Prolly change to the new Gear 2 but I'm gonna stick with my Note 3 with Nova launcher till the Note 4 comes out.

If I was on a Galaxy S3 (I'm on a GS4) I would say this is worth the upgrade as your kind of out of it. Me being on a Samsung Galaxy S4 this really didn't reach any of my expectations... at all! The 2.5 CPU is good but not even 64 bit... How can they keep up with Apple. Slightly better camera, sure. I will have it on my mind, it is definitely an upgrade but I'll just keep my eyes peeled on the Galaxy Note 4 and whatever HTC has to announce next month on the 25th.

No wonder Apple keeps saving Sammy is copying Apple.

Sammy, you can sell this phone to your parents, you grandparents, your children, your grandchildren, and your lover. What's a disappointment.

If I was considering purchasing one, which I'm not, I'd at least wanna wait till the HTC unveil next month until I made my decision.

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really the galaxy now is just a compromised version of the Note...I'll wait for the Note 4.. hopefully they make that benzel smaller

If you had an s3, then this is an upgrade. If you have the s4,it's barely an upgrade. Looks ugly as all hell imo, the Sony xperia z2 beats it in looks and specs. Why did they increase the bezels? Waterproofing?

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That's the only thing annoying me the bezels, design same as s4 which I actually liked but man can't stand big bezels. Guessing it's due to the water and dust stuff. The z2 looks great but that has even bigger bezels than the s5 and I don't trust Sony with updates. They have dropped support early for devices before so I'm wary about them. Currently have the s4, looks like I'll be sticking with it. Do want that s5 camera though, looks really good.

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The S series has disappointed me 2 years in a row. Glad Samsung has the note series to fall back on

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I'm not a fan of Samsung at all but I must be in the minority here but my biggest thing that determines what phone I get is a removable battery and since Samsung is the only company left that has removable battery's that's who I'm going with so s5 here I come

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LG G PRO 2 buddy !!! Do some research n don't believe all you hear it has removable battery plus SD card slot n lg runs a knock off touchwiz no hate because I own the LG G2 I knew what I was buying but at the time they had no alternative which suited my specs needs that snapdragon 800 tho now they do I don't want to sound like I had it since launch I have had it a month now but I knew I can use cloud services plus I just didn't want another galaxy been there done that

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I didn't know that. Thanks. The LG g pro 2 is to big for me and I'm on Verizon so I can't really pick any phone I want just what's on there network and Verizon isn't the best about getting phones

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Hopefully they would throw us with the galaxy Note 3..that new touchwiz. .do that samsung and I have no reason to switch from my Note 3 to gs5..!

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I'm thinking yes but I do want to hear more about battery life and the camera.

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Lol +1

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Nope. This phone is huge (and unnecessarily so considering the screen size). Personally i think it is rather ugly and not just because of the back. FWIW while the S4 wasn't very original i thought it was a great looking phone. And finally touchwiz hasn't changed enough although really i dont care so much how it looks. I just want good performance and a notification shade that actually has enough space to show my notifications. Also 8gb of free storage for the 16gb version is not cool.

On the plus side i love that samsung came out with specs basically on par with late 2013 phones. They didn't even bump up to 3gb of ram. I want my Nexus 5 to be relevant as long as possible!

I think I will wait to see what Motorola comes up with this year. Either that of go with the Moto X

Honestly I have a s4 with Nova skin on top with lockscreen launcher and super widget pro and and i can just disable any app tht was preloaded to stop using ram etc. It helps taking away the bloat load but not much but helps a ton. I wouldn't upgrade to a s5 cuz i can use tmobile jump whenever I can but I might buy me the Gear 2 or fit depending if it works with my s4. Ima keep my s4 for another yr until I see drastic changes with s6. But i do like the color of electric blue and the camera but it's mostly software. I hope it comes with the new 4.4.2 update. :)

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If I knew too wait a couple months b4 signing up to be Sprint's bitch n got the G2, I would have definitely gotten the LG G Pro 2 on launch. Now I gotta sucker some people into a framily plan #dontjudgeme

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Nope. SGS4 will be my final Samsung mobile device. Their insistence on physical home button/capacitive menu(wtf?) and back buttons, excessive bloat (I'm sorry, 8gb worth of 'features' that no one will use outside of a carrier showroom), and questionable feel in hand have completely turned me off of their devices. I will be leaving VZW and Samsung sometime later this year.

Actually, I thought the S5 has a proper multi-task capacitive button now, instead of the menu button. Maybe I'm wrong. *Some* of the Samsung added features are really nice, btw. Don't believe the hype that they're *all* worthless. Split screen mode is a life-saver sometimes on my Note. Anyway, do what you want. I'm just sayin'.

Truth is S5 is a great phone . I may not be upgrading, but I want to give Samsung credit for their great phones. What if it is Apple iPhone that has pulse rate monitor? It will be seen as innovation of lifetime, haters are too blind to see what Samsung is incorporating in smartphone. S5 has the best camera out there. Kudos Samsung, way to go

I am not too worried about the hardware and looks because I haven't seen a negative review yet from the tech journalists who have actually held it in their hands. The electric blue color is growing on me and I'd like to see what it looks like in real life. If the "Active Display" does what it says, that is a bigger deal than a resolution bump. I am disappointed in the increase in size with larger bezels, but the Z2 and M8 are also large phones with large bezels. I am intrigued by the new camera features (like the phase detection auto focus), but if it turns out that the lack of OIS makes the camera noticeably worse than the competition, I might consider waiting for the G3 (though I have concerns with LG phones as well).

Truth is S5 is a great phone. I may not be upgrading, but I want to give Samsung credit for their great phones. What if it is Apple iPhone that has pulse rate monitor? It will be seen as innovation of lifetime, haters are too blind to see what Samsung is incorporating in smartphone. S5 has the best camera out there. Kudos Samsung, way to go.

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All new phones should have always listening like the moto x and the battery is way weaker than I would have thought. Was really thinking they would get the idea to go over 3000 mah.... Sigh.. Pass again Samsung. I loved how the S3 was so different... But u haven't done anything that different since then. Apple, Samsung and COD all have something in common. Lol

Posted via my Moto X DE

As to the battery thing, that's more of a technological limitation than a choice. Battery technology has really lagged behind with how fast the mobile industry has rocketed forward.

For the people expecting big change, you need to understand that the smartphone market has reached its peak for the near future, I mean how many ways can you slice and dice the same components, processors have matured for the size of die that they are using, once the die gets smaller you will see faster cores, and that will also come to an end, just like with Intel chips, the future will be about augmentation, the virtual world. Today's phones are all pretty much the same, only with a different name on the slab, if you seriously did not put a name on any of these devices and showed them to someone that never used or seem a smartphone they would think they are all the same, everyone wants to argue that this phone is better than that one, usually because they own it and it's human nature to justify your hard earned purchase, but if you look at it with an open mind, they are all the same slabs of electronics running the same OS, with a few different features to differentiate themselves.

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Don't get why people are expecting a major upgrade. To me around the S3 time we kind of hit the peak of smartphones. Everything from now on will be minor upgrades until new technological advancements in hardware trickles down.

Quite honestly, I'm more than content with my S4. The S5 doesn't offer many more improvements, and I find the design and new gimmicks to be a tad lackluster. I was hoping for something fairly revolutionary that wouldn't look like it was just an updated rehash of a previous model. Not to say I don't Iike it, but I say that I have no use for an upgrade, seeing how kit kat is going to breathe new life into my device.

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I was disappointed about the S5. Was hoping for a next-gen phone and all I see is an upgraded S4. Google Nexus 5 and I already know I love this phone more than I would love the S5

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Here's the bottom line: like many in this thread, I own a GS3 and it's time to upgrade. The GS4 meant nothing to me because I couldn't upgrade. So in terms of actual improvements, I'm looking to the bump between the GS3 and GS5 to decide.

The 16mp camera is a massive improvement over the 8mp, the AMOLED screen is a massive improvement over the GS3's screen, and the back will be easier to hold on to. Not to mention water resistance and dust proofing which is, contrary to a lot of people's opinions, a desirable feature for many including myself. And I get to keep the removable battery and micro SD card slot. You say nobody uses it, but I can't get enough of both features.

And - here's the most important thing - the GS5 will still be a relevant product in two years because it has a spec sheet and screen size way ahead of its competitors. The GS3 is still competitive to this day with any flagship offering because Samsung has been keen to support its phones through 2 year contract lifetimes and give its phones the speed they need to perform well.

Frankly, the only thing that would get me to switch from Samsung now is a superior camera from HTC or the Nexus line. And frankly, I'd be willing to bet that the GS5 comes ahead of the curve of both.

Samsung is NOT courting iPhone aficionados. They know that market is all but lost. They're focused on maintaining their massive grip over Android and the GS5, incremental upgrade or mind-blowing innovation, is going to do just that.

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MMMM... tough crowd..

Im with this guy.. Its looks like a great phone. I keep hearing all these people looking to be wow'd but what exactly would do that for you. What exactly do you want from this device.

I think its a win. The improvements from the S3 to S4 were minimal at best. I had no interest in it all. But the S4 to S5 is different. It is definitely a different phone and does bring some interesting features. Its a much larger improvement and a better phone all around. I get that we didnt see any amazing leap in tech here but maybe this was done to curb the instability problems and to release stable devices.

Like the above, going from s3 to s5 is gonna be a major leap and im excited to do so. Best yet it being more physically different means it will be recognized as a new product.. No more is that a 3 or 4 questions from on-lookers.

The people complaining this year are most likely the same people complaining last year, they have completely unrealistic expectations it seems.

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+1 And, to be completely honest, I did go into this launch with some unrealistic expectations. I'm kinda glad, I was brought back down to Earth, lol.

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Honestly this phone would have been fine if it had a total redesign with the same specs. I have a G2 and I prefer this design to Samsung 's S5. I see no reason to upgrade...

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Uh, screen size is an ergonomics and usability choice, not a tech spec like chipset, storage, or RAM. Also, 2013 was kind of the year for 5-inch displays, barring some phones like Moto X and HTC One. A 5.1-inch display is nothing special.

Though I'm not a big Samsung fan, I'll applaud them for their support. The GS3 is definitely still a relevant phone and doesn't seem like an end-of-life product almost two years after its release. I'm also glad they replaced that effing menu button that was holding Android back with a proper multitasking key.

I hope that by "iPhone aficionados" you don't mean to include all iPhone users. They're not all lost, and I've seen several iPhone users make the switch and be happy with the results (*cough Moto X cough*). The GS5 is going to sell like hotcakes, and everyone knows it; it would have to have been an absolute POS not to sell (which it clearly isn't).

Am eligible for upgrade on 1 Apr and it looks like this comes out 11 Apr. Will likely upgrade my GS3 to the GS5.

the differences are so marginal it's not worth the upgrade.. waiting for the s6 or whatever htc has to offer

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I have an S4 and never get more than 14 hours of battery life. Since the 4.3 update Nova/Apex launchers lag noticeably on the first swipe, and there is just too much bloatware that I can not disable/hide. I do love the photo quality, but the camera sometimes takes over 3 seconds to start up.
I could root, but why should I have to?
There is just too much about Samsung phone software I can't accept.

If I do get one it'll have to be the white one. I don't really see myself getting one though. The design is horrible. I honestly find it hard to believe still that this design is final. It just doesn't match or anything. The phone seems like it was put together by a third party.

To me the most obvious feature that is missing is that they have added dust-proofing and water-proofing which I think is great. That would be the #1 selling feature to me. That means you need a seal over the micro-usb, which is a pain to deal with. How often do I need to connect Micro-USB on my Nexus 5. I don't know I don't think I have in over a month since I use Qi charging in the house, office, and car. On the Nexus 5 it is just convenient, on the S5 this would be just plain SMART. That it isn't there (and I find no indication it is) means I personally think somebody should be fired for missing it.

That would have cost them $12 out of their $300 profit margin. Enthusiasts can just pay for and rig it themselves.

Nevertheless, I agree with your viewpoint. And they could have sold additional Qi chargers like you utilize.

No, No. You are missing the point. Its a total money grab. Sammy will announce the wireless charging back at some point and then they will get another $50 bucks from you.

You know, it's entirely possible that it's purely a money grab, but it's possible that that's not the only reason.

I noticed that many of these phones that come with the wireless charging built-in (the Note 2 for instance) certain carriers demand to get the exclusive (cough, cough, Verizon). This is exactly what happened with the Note 2 in the US, actually. It seems like by offering it as a "add-on" feature, they can avoid the carriers trying to play "who has the bigger stick".

Maybe. Maybe not. Just an idea.

I appreciate them trying to change the phone. It just looks like they went into the seventies to do it. Maybe they are paying homage to high end portable radios from Italy from that time period. In person may be another story. But by then my n6 or x2 pro or Moto x 2. My little N4 is trucking along just fine. Pretty great actually. Samsung has dropped the ball on these phones.

I think this took a step back in style and size. It looks bulkier and just not as good looking as the GS4 by a lot!

It has that 50's retro diner style. Could be glam popular with the club scene for a few weeks. Or as part of a Halloween drive in server with roller skates costume ensemble.

At least it's not a slimy boring slab like the S4.

I don't think so. Galaxy S4 internal memory is the same with Galaxy S5 16 GB memory, bit monster. Unfortunately, Galaxy S4 that comes to Indonesia only 16 GB memory version, no 32 GB and 64 GB version. Galaxy S III was still better, available in 64 GB version. Now the Galaxy S5 looks like previous Galaxy S4, 16 GB / 32 GB. If they would like to give it better, at least Samsung Galaxy S5 should give 64 GB memory version only for all countries.

If only I had not just gotten the g2... At least I'm on Verizon edge soooo I can upgrade whenever Verizon decides to release it! Hoping to ride out this g2 until I can't stand it but s5 brought what the s4 couldn't IMO. Besides being more expensive by over $100, the s5 looks like a good competitor for the g2, which I have running AOKP 4.4 (makes phone much faster, more nexus like) and just ported lg g2 camera, couldn't stand stock Google camera. I just can't resist the blue color of the s5.....

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I ditched my iPhone for the GS4. I am more than satisfied with my phone. The only time I am dissatisfied with it is when I read forums where people bash the device for touch wiz etc. But when I quit worrying about all the negative reviews and opinions and just use my device I find it does everything I need it to do with little to no problems and I really do enjoy using it. I've been selling wireless phones for over 10 years. Unless my company gives me a GS5 I will happily keep my GS4. It's a great phone in most aspects. My opinion of course.

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Don't worry too much about what people think. Most of them don't do it often.

Enjoy your phone. Who cares if other people don't think it's a good phone?

Honestly I've owned many device the last couple years...all Verizon...Og droid inc..thunderbolt...gnex..s3...droid RAZR droid maxx. I will say that I am liking and not liking what I see. For everyone hating let's start by saying this device was probably in development a while complaining it has 2gb ram instead of 3gb is silly...all other phones run perfectly fine with 2gb...3 would of been nice but 2 is nothing to gripe about. The design, while the same, has some great improvements and "meh" about it. The back isn't a fingerprint magnet... The colors are great looking...and it's more squared off which I think looks a lot nicer..the not so good is the fact of a larger bezel then s4 it looks...and I think it needs a pair of rear speakers...

I'm upset that 32gb isn't standard considering the 8gb of available space that is seen. That and an under 3000 mah battery kind of disappoint. That coming from the droid maxx.

The software and focus on health and camera I'm all for. I'm big on both so I'm bias but you'll get some who like and some who dont.

I just say maybe for now. I truthfully can not decide until I see HTCs full offering and if the z2 ever comes to verizon. We shall see.

Something tells me the rumours of Samsung releasing a updated s5 later on with 2k screen and 3gb ram may be true.

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2k is a couple of hundred pixels extra. 1080p is already 1.9k - all you're doing is causing all your videos to scale. 4k would be an upgrade but.. On a 5" screen? Why?

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1920x1080 is already considered a "2K" screen (as much as there is any such thing).

And 430ppi is already more pixels that your eyes can see.

I was expecting something new and exciting. This is like the Galaxy 4.1. Think I'll look around before I choose. Htc has a great opportunity...if they can pull it off.

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I like my Z1s. I just hope kitkat comes sooner lol. Honestly, I'd wait for the note series.

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Not impressed with Samsung's mobile devices lately. I'm gonna be a little different and admit that I'm holding out for the Huawei Ascend Mate 2.

Im new to samsung phones...if S4 are cheaper or free would it be worth doing two year contract for it or just start with the 5?

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start with the 5.. dont listen to the rest.. The S5 is stiff competition for the rest and does beat out the s4..if you like how it looks go for it. Whatever phone you do get it you can afford it and if it matters get something thats new and just released. Its likely to still be relevant 2 years from now. Next years upgrades will be just that.. upgrades.

Forget about everything... Main problem for me from s4 to s5 is still there... Internal storage is only 16gb and its 2 gb ram ...

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LOL nope.

Sony have a much better product than Samsung. I'll upgrade to the Z2, but not the Galaxy S5. Z2 has the bigger screen, better (twin) speakers, bigger battery, more ram, much more beautiful design, better build and better software (prefer Sony's UI over Touchwiz).

The Galaxy S5 is a pretty underwhelming device. Wonder if it will still sell boatloads like the previous Galaxy devices have.

That camera module sucks... I hate its design ...note 3 camera module was sexy... And front of s5 looks like a galaxy core.. Grand series...

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"Upgrade" is relative. I'd consider this a downgrade from my attractive, lean N4. Guess I am just not a Samsung fan. They tried too hard to replicate Apple, and I truly loathe Apple. Too bad...

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If this would have been a scaled down Note 3 with or without the stylus I would be all over it. After owning a Note 2 for quite a while and a Note 3 for a week (just to big for me) then going to an LG G2, I just don't see the S5 as an upgrade. I really miss amoled and like others was expecting a lot more than was delivered. I have to say I am pretty bummed.

Sounds like you like your G2. Glad to hear since I ordered a G2 on Saturday. I briefly considered canceling my order after checking out the S5 but I don't see the point, especially since the I just love the G2's overall design/form factor/yay to rear buttons and tiny bezels. The G2 is also blazing fast and with Kit Kat it is even faster. :-)

Honestly, I like the phone. I think they made sensible upgrades and improvements and I hope they worked on optimizing the software some. Unfortunately for the S5 I am holding out for the Note 4. Regardless of what it has to offer it should be a nice upgrade from my DNA.

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I'm buying off contract or importing, not upgrading. I don't do contracts with useless dumb carriers.

It's fairly clear the Sony Z2 is a better option. If only Sony got its act together and got it released in the US in a timely manner.

As of Sunday, I have been counting down the number of day until my line would become eligible for upgrade.(sometime in March) I was 90% sure that I wanted the S5. My current phones are the Note 2 and Note 3.

After seeing the S5 reports on Monday, my heart sank and my hopes were dashed. I guess I have to wait for the Note 4 to come out later this year. :(

Nope, especially after hearing about the 8gb of storage that the system takes up.
I'll see if the Xperia z2 comes to the states, wait for the lg g3, or wait to see what htc brings to the table.

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I'm with you the Z2 is looks really good right now, I also wouldn't mind trying the G pro 2.

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I'm due for an upgrade and love samsung but for phone #5, its just not enough. I'm going to wait for the note 4 and decide then. And everything I need to do can be done on my S3 so I'm in no rush.

Just ordered an AT&T LG G2 and the S5 definitely is not enough to make me return the LG. Nice phone though. :-)

It's not impressive.. I'll just wait for the note 4 or something better..

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When what I have works fine, I tend to stay with it. New features only matter to me once my current device is no longer viable. It is largely about value.

I have a moto X. I'm thinking the S5 would not be an "upgrade".

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I'm very disappointed in Samsung they should have learned from their mistakes. The S5 is not enough for me to leave my Note 3. It's only minor upgrades of the s4.

Posted Note 3

Ill keep my Note 3 and upgrade to the Note 4. This S5 did not give me that wow factor I was expecting. My wife rocks the S4 and said she will keep that phone and wait until Samsung does something more drastic.

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What did ppl wanna see technology wise that's in other phones already? 3 gigs of ram go get a phones has snapdragon 805, no phones has 2k screen, most new phones has fat bezels, most phones coming with some new way to unlock ur phone...fingerprint or knock knock

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Waiting for the Note 4, but if it gives me the lack of wow this GS5 does, I may go with the LG G Pro 2.

Currently on Note II

I don't think they could really do much to "wow" us this time. Mobile technology has slowed down quite significantly or at least hasn't been improved much in the last year. The thing that turned me away is the physical appearance. The design of the phone looks so dated. Also, that Band-Aid design on the back is just off putting, at least for me. No real physical improvements over the S4 and only minor spec bumps make this a phone I could easily pass on. The only phone so far that has caught my attention is the Sony Xperia Z2. It beats the S4 in every category and does it in elegant style too.

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The S5 doesn't give me enough reasons to ditch my Note 3. So no, I won't be "upgrading" (it'd actually be a downgrading).

I guess the camera would be an upgrade, but for me personally the look of both the phone and OS would be a downgrade to my Moto X. So no.

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I just recently got my Note 3, so we'll see. If I go to try it out and it wows me, then I'll Jump! (see what I did there?) at the opportunity to upgrade. Otherwise, I'll sit on my current phone for a while longer.


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I am waiting on the Note 4. However, if I were a current GS3 owner, I would probably seriously consider this. I actually kind of like the way it looks, especially the blue one. I would put a case on it anyway though, so the rear cover design is of almost no importance.

This update is a little insulting. I'm happy with my N5. Will wait for the refresh or the LG G3

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Just because they n4 was light years behind other flagships and the nexus 5 Has caught up doesn't make it no better then s5...u do realize all these other manufacturers you all praise now was so damn far behind Samsung starting with the s2, that now they finally catching up by actually chasing Samsung, now Samsung is the worse but 24 months ago these forums was cheering for Samsung to beat apple...ppl are funny

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Ppl are being logical. Ppl are not stuborn to cheer for ppl who do things wrong, except for apple ppl.

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This is not about anyone catching up to Samsung or Apple. It's about justifying an upgrade. Many people are calling this an S4s and not an S5, meaning that the update is not worth the money to upgrade. I was never rooting for Samsung to beat Apple. I'm on the Android bandwagon in general and those companies who continue to innovate and bring something new to the table, instead of passing these minor updates as something totally different from its predecessor. As a consumer, I demand more for my money.

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Exactly, I do business with those who bring the best. It was an HTC desire hd, then GS3, then the HTC One. My next phone will go to my personal best. It may or may not be from HTC.

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