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We sift through our Motorola Droid RAZR review, the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet, ASUS Transformer Prime and Tegra 3, the eventual end of Adobe Flash on Mobile, and still find time to sneak in a few of your e-mails and voicemails.

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Android Central Podcast Ep. 78


The guy asking about the headphones should check out the Klipsch Image S4A in-ear headphones that come with an inline controller. There is also a free app that that they have created that lets you customise the functions of the controller.

Just check out their website and also the reviews on the app before getting it as there seems to be a few issues with the controls not working on some devices.

Also the S4's and S4i's are some of the highest rated headphones for under $100

Maybe you should've been on the podcast, this was more informative than 4/5 of the guys had to offer. Little bit of google goes a long way.

Sadly the Nexus was made by Samsung

Google for the first time in its history had the chance to release a phone that could generate lines of buyers but now it is honestly turning to be like any other phone

Google and Samsung, you should have learned from Apple on how to release a phone because this launch is still and Epic Fail since attention has already started to divert from this phone

I am not an Apple fan and I preordered the Gnex but I wish that Apple launched this phone.

I just switched to droid, and this is the first android central podcast i've watched, i must say i'm disappointed. You guys make all sorts of assertions with no facts to back it up, just sitting there swilling your beer and judging. The only email/voicemail question that was actually addressed was the headphone question which was, i believe, answered to the best of his knowledge the rest of you just sat there dumbfounded. Come one they are headphones, they've been around for ages and you call your self techies? Sit up put down your beers and do some research. Mickey and Alex, keep on drinking, at least your rational and offer real world case points backed up by facts. The rest of you need to work on your communication skills, starting with actual facts and real world use scenarios. Imagine I'll be kicked off the site now but that's cool doesn't seem to be any "real"information here.

If you just switched that means there is still time for you to go back to where you came from. :D All questions were answered plain and simple. This is a podcast brought forth with opinions to be debated and discussed, it's not a product announcement or other media event that is supposed to be solid fact. They know what they are talking about, you just came to Android so gtfo or pay more attention.

Why was the video quality so low this episode? Also +1 Alex for suggesting a GSII, I'd have to agree that after the Nexus S, A GSII is your best bet for getting ICS right now.

Why isn't the episode 78 video listed in the video podcast feed? I'd like my podcast software to automatically download the video podcast.