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Invites have arrived for an Oct. 29 Google event in New York City. Plus, HTC finally unveils the long-rumored 5-incher it's been hiding. And a whole slew of your e-mails and voicemails.

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There are 9 comments

zohayb says:

Maybe this might be a hint in the invite it has 4 blue buildings and 2 um bridge supports or whatever those are
4.2 as confirmed by the invite :P

h0ruza#AC says:

The vocals are missing guys :)

h0ruza#AC says:

On the video

Derp. Fast forward. They kick back in. Audio version is just fine ...

todd.deland says:

The feedburner video feed is still back at episode 100 :(

I didn't hear anything about the padfone 2 did you guys talk about it and if you did what minute was it at.

they didnt talk about it

Thanks, I was doing research on it just now, pretty disappointing that it doesn't have a keyboard dock there is speculation that asus will release it later. I guess I will wait to see what happens.

patrick writes, 'any speculation on note type...'

i think yall misunderstood my question. even though the outcome will be the same. i was talking about a 7" nexus with a pen and apk bundle to go with it.

they are trying to become an oem, albeit slowly, it doesnt hurt to add to my own wish list.