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We're back from a week off with the latest on the Galaxy S III rumors (plus a bit of our own breaksclusive), where we stand on Ice Cream Sandwich updates, plus a couple reviews. And, as always, we answer a few of your Android questions. Join us!

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Android Central 90: Galaxy S III rumors, ICS update allegations, and other things left unsaid


I just need to see those certain little meaty fingers in these that makes my day.....especiallyfor a girl with a finger fetish

I'm glad there is common sense about a 4" screen size, all these screen sizes of 4.5" and up are just too big for me, so I hope more and more high end 4" devices are released in time for my upgrade, from UK.

Oh also did anyone else notice that they changed it from Play Shop in the UK to Play Store as it is in the US, I prefer store to shop.

really boring podcast last night guys. alex always looks unhappy and cory looked pissed. might be time to add guests to the show or change things up a bit.

Found it interesting that the AC guys share the same disappointment with Google's handling of the ICS roll-out and the complete lack of communication, especially for the Nexus S line. I honestly did not get that impression from what has been published thus far (and this is the 1st podcast I've listened to).

Sprint released numerous WiMax phones before there was significant WiMax service available - remember they charged people $10 too even if you didn't have it? I expect they will do the same with LTE regardless of whether or not is available on another carrier...

Phil end every show with " check him out on plus and twitter" for what ? all he does is post random photos of his burnt hands , and he too good to reply to people . when you call him out on it , he goes and block you .

I dont get why you blocked him for voicing his opinions. You tech sites get your panties in a bunch when someone mentions something that you guys don't like. If he feels a certain way, then let him feel that way and keep it moving. I'm not fighting anyone's battles, but this shit is just becoming more common with in every site. Just as much as you should expect praise, you should expect some criticism for your material. It's apart of providing content to a general audience, not everyone will agree, nor will they sugar coat their thoughts.

Because, frankly, I don't have to put up with personal attacks on myself and my wife on Twitter, G+, or on the site. His latest e-mail had something about decapitation. My skin's plenty thick. Blocked, moved on. Suggest everyone else does the same.

Regarding the Sprint user conversation, I disagree. I am a Sprint customer and my 2 years is up in a 7 days. When I look at the phones available for upgrade the best is the 6 month old Epic 4G touch... not even an HD model like the Skyrocket version of the S2. LTE will come to my area eventually but not for some time so LTE is not a consideration. Meanwhile the phone I desperately want (Galaxy Note)is already on AT&T. I do not mind waiting a while if I know their is something I want on the horizon but what do we have coming to Sprint? Well their is the Nexus with a lousy camera and once you remove the on screen buttons it is no more real estate than my EVO 4G, just a bigger chasis (fail). Then their is the Evo One X, looks promising in both of the GNEX fails (camera and screen real estate) until you realize the battery is both undersized AND not removable so that to is an epic fail.

Sprint has been sending a fair amount of customer loyalty stuff out lately but how do they expect to keep customers when the best device they offer is effectively a phone that was announced in February of 2011?

At the end of the day Sprint still is the only unlimited data carrier and it gets by far the strongest 3G signal in my office so as long as their is a light at the end of the tunnel I will stick with Sprint. If I have to wait for LTE to roll out to my area though to get a decent phone option I will be switching carriers to get the NOTE.