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Slow news week. Just an early release of the Android N Developer Preview to talk about!!!

This is a big one, folks. Google has dropped the Android N Developer Preview on us a good month and a half ahead of the Google I/O developer conference. Some important things to know:

And so much more. You can keep up with all of it at our Android N page.

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Android Central 278: Android N Developer Preview


This is the first time I watched you on my living room tv. Great audio. What microphones do you guys use? Any post recording processing?

Apart from that, keep up the great work.

Posted via the Android Central App

I use a Shure SM58 and tweak things through a mixer before it goes into my computer. Not sure what everyone else uses, but I'll tell them to get in here and answer :P

Copy list
Multi screen - Samsung
accessibility - windows phone
direct reply- already present In lollipop
so every body bash touchwiz and now when stock ram has these features they say WOW!!!

Google has always integrated Samsung ideas into vanilla Android. This is nothing new. Until Samsung can go through a complete update cycle on a phone and not have loads of lag that you are forced to deal with for months at a time, I will always laugh at the idea of owning a Samsung device. And also laugh at those I see with one.

Posted via the Android Central App

Just listening to the podcast. I have the N preview on my N6 which is my main (only) driver. Running it for 24hr now. And struggling to find the bugs. Having a bunch of apps open. Doing multitasking. Camera. Snap chat. YouTube. Etc. Only hiccup was with SwiftKey. And only one time while trying to reply from the notification panel. Am I the only one?