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Russell and Jerry are joined by Bla1ze from CrackBerry, Richard from everywhere and the one and only Kevin Michaluk to talk everything BlackBerry Priv.

Russell and Jerry are joined by Bla1ze from CrackBerry, Richard from everywhere and the one and only Kevin Michaluk to talk everything BlackBerry Priv. It's new, it's exciting and just may be what BlackBerry needs to turn things around. We talk keyboards, software and hubs — then we tackle your questions from the live Q&A.

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Reader comments

Android Central 261: The BlackBerry Privcast


Great podcast guys! Enjoyed every minute of it! You guys weren't afraid to discuss the pros and cons of the BlackBerry Priv while also keeping it balanced. Props to you all! :)

Listened to the whole thing as soon as I could! Picked up the Priv today and I really like it so far. Getting better on the keyboard with every word I type!

Posted via the Android Central App

Nice show and I was able to watch it live this time. I still have a bitter taste from the two BB's I had and hatred, but the Priv has my respect, and props to BB for that.

PS: it was odd without Phil, and I was glad to see him pop in last-minute.

Posted via the Android Central App

Not bad guys. I don't generally listen to podcasts on Crackberry or here. I did listen to the last berry flow one and to this one. I'm having a rough time thinking I have to go back home android lol. This was a very informative and good session. More Crackberry folks need to give this a listen.

Posted via Android Central App

It seems like Crackberry and Android Central should be merging, now that BB has jumped ships!

Posted via the Android Central App

Dude I'd love to see new bb10 devices but I think it's done man. Slow cooked to perfection then thrown out.

Posted via Android Central App

New devices for BB10... keep dreaming.

I kinda agree that for the PRIV at least there should have been some kinda "hand off". There have been a lot of Blogs about the PRIV here on AC, but it seems like very few really care. And the PRIV forum section is pretty dead. If CrackBerry had directed everyone here for PRIV news, it might have made the PRIV look better received "here" and it currently appear to be.

I know you guys said that marshmallow not being on the PRIV isn't a big deal but imo seeing how M is very security focused I think it should have been. Example the new permissions model in M is a huge security feature which allows the user to control it's data. PRIV out the box may be the most security focused device but once you start installing apps and have no control over the data going in and out your already not that secure anymore.
Also got a question regarding the hub, right now you swipe up and choose the hub. With android M the swipe gesture being replaced by long press for now on tap I'm wondering how BB will access the hub, search and now without the swipe up gesture. Also again you guys said its fine if BB don't release M till March. I don't think that's fine especially when all other oems get flack for not releasing faster. I think anything more than 3 months after google release os is too long. BTW good show.

Posted via the Android Central App

I see that there is still not a full understanding of the HUB. I don't care if you have a million different notifications, 4-6 different email accounts, and social media popping all over the place in it. The thing is....YOU are in control of it....dont want notifications from your junk mail account? Cool...just simply TURN off notifications for that particular account and you can check later if you wish. Would you like a blinking light rather than a sound for some of your other, you can adjust that too. HUB smokes any kind of notification tray.
Not only can you control notifications or what lands in your hub, but each account that you have going into hub has its own account settings as well!! HUB even has a setting called "priority hub" you can actually prioritize your notifications accordingly. The more you use it, the more the you will ask yourself how you lived without it.

Nice podcast, I enjoyed watching it. I didn't know any of these Android guys, being a BlackBerry BB10 User.

But I have to say they seem to be really decent and down to earth guys, that gave the BlackBerry Priv a fare and decent try. It was nice hearing everything that they had to say. Well done guys. Though I'd come over here to let me know, since I saw it from the CrackBerry BlackBerry 'CB App' and use that all the time and really don't spend any time over here. Take care.

Hi guys. I enjoyed the podcast but I believe there was some incorrect information given regarding non-compliant USB A to C cables. I have never posted here before but I signed up just so that I can point something out. I think it's important. Jerry suggested that if you have a non-compliant cable that you can safely use it on an older charger that is not capable of 3 amps of output. That is definitely not true and here's why: USB cables identify themselves using a device called a "pullup resistor". It tells the device that is charging whether it is connected to a newer 3A capable charger or an older charger. The non-compliant cables do not use the correct resistor. The phone thinks it's connected to a newer 3A charger and attempts to draw 3A. Because the USB type A connector is most likely plugged into a charger that is not capable of 3A there is a risk of damaging the charger or worse. The real danger isn't necessarily the size of the conductors in non-compliant cables, as Jerry suggested. It's the risk of damaging the charger.