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We're coming at you this like live from the Mobile Nations/GeekBeat/Purch stage in South Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Which we mentioned because that's why it's crazy and loud and awesome and really just a heck of a lot of fun this week.

We wrap up the best of what we've seen here at CES 2015, brining along Phil, Alex, Andrew, Myriam Joire and Russell Holly.

For our complete CES coverage, hit up this monster live page!

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Android Central 217: Live from CES 2015!


Myriam nailed it on the Android Auto unit. I don't want FM radio, CD/DVD player, or any of that crap... I just want to plug my phone in my car.

i want fm radio so i can find new stuff. local radio is like having a filter on all of the crap that these streaming services dish out. and i don't necessarily want to be plugging it in either. i make a lot of short trips, and i am a firm believer that plugging it in for those short trips drastically increases battery degradation.

what we really need is for the phone to connect without the wire. smartphone efficiency has come a long way in the last few years. in the next couple of years we will have battery tech that will last us a week. i would like to see google and the auto oems to step up their game and look ahead, rather than what is currently in front of them.

Would staying on Android 4.2 for that Walkman solve any SD card issues Google created by butchering the usefulness of SD cards?

Most SD issues were fixed in Lollipop and most of the issues wouldn't have prevented music playback anyway.

Posted via Android Central App

Yup, not a fan of Myriam. What happened to manners and not interrupting all the time? He did it constantly with Andrew too.

Totally agree. Miriam has great knowledge and perspective but there was just too much Miriam here. Interruptions and interjections after every person talked. It was like Miriam's podcast, with some AC input...

Posted via the Android Central App

She is knowledgeable, but does bring a different dynamic. Alex basically gave up on trying to get word in edge-wise, which is a shame.

i kind of like it when alex cannot talk. he has a bad habit of correcting the others on the podcasts. whether it be their opinion on something, or some minute detail that makes no difference on the outcome of the conversation.