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We're back from a week at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco, so we'll recap all the awesome openy (yes, really) madness that took place. Plus, we'll see where we stand on all the Nexus madness now that the reviews have landed and Android 5.0 Lollipop updates are upon us. Also: We've got the Galaxy Note Edge and Gear S. Plus, we answer more of your questions live! 

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Android Central 211: Samsung Dev Con, Nexus Regret


Thanks guys for your opinions on the Nexus 6. i was going to buy one and sat there refreshing my screen on Wednesday for a 64G model in my cart 3 times and instantly it got robbed away(don't understand that) but anyway,... after a couple hours of this nonsense I ordered a custom new moto x from the motorola site and you guys made me feel much better about my purchase! I was going to try and get used to the beast but everything happens for a reason!

I agree with you. The new Moto X is uncomfortably large for me compared with the 2013 model. In fact the LG G3 is too wide. I hope OEM's offer 5" flagships with great cameras including OIS during 2015.

High price 'gargantuan' phones like the Nexus 6, Notes, and iPhone 6+ have no place in my pocket, hand(s), or on the side of my face.

I believe the majority agree.

once i got used to the new moto i went to best buy and handled the note 4, i6+, and g flex (same width as nexus). i gotta say that they fit in the hand the same as the moto. it is like once you get past the size that fits in the base of the thumb, 2013 moto, they all fell the same. ymmv.

I agree with you on the 5" jimbo, and i actually don't mind the new moto x size of 5.2. Beyond that it gets weird for me, but I also agree with honkey haze and that is why I was going to go for the N6 because i went to the store and handled both note 4 and Ip6 and I sort of felt like maybe I could get used to that size. The funny thing was I could have purchased a 32G N6 from Moto, but I like Phil's motto of buying the most memory that you can, so after not being able to land the 64G, i said screw it. I want the Moto x features(wave sensors, assist) just as bad as i want the N6 specs(bigger battery, OIS camera) I really want a GSM Turbo(won't do verizon) variant with a OIS camera and that would solve all my wants and needs! After hearing them discuss the size of the N6 I think i would have had buyers remorse, and so I'll enjoy 2014 moto x and just hold out for moto to fulfill my dreams in the future!

I could get used to carrying a brick in my pocket... or a having a tooth ache... or cold showers... or being hungry. The question is do I want to, and does doing so offer me anything worthwhile. To more and more people, the large size of phones being released offer no significant advantages and some pretty big disadvantages, so there's little to no value or impetus to want to get used to them.

I got used the size of the Nexus 5, but every time I see or pick up a 4 to 4.3 inch phone, I wish to hell there was a version of the Moto X or Nexus 6 in that size. Every. Single. Time. I would absolutely go back to that size because, for my usage, it's worth getting used to a smaller screen for the few things I do that it would negatively impact for the overall more convenient form factor of a smaller device.

You're happy with bigger phones, and that's perfectly fine. I think the Moto X and Nexus 6 are awesome phones and it's great that people who like such devices have those choices. But please afford the increasing number of people who don't want, nor want to get used to, large phones to have the same options we're happy that you have.

Right now, I believe the Experia Z Compact is the only flagship-class phone with a smaller screen. No one else offers anything but two generation's old specs in a 4-4.5 inch screen. Android used to be the platform of choice... because it offered choice. That's something that it's not doing anymore, and that's not a good thing.

I think you're missing the point. I had to adjust to touch screens coming from blackberry. I swore I'd never do it and here I am with my note 4. Did I settle for less? No. I just ventured to new waters. So getting "used to it" is not the equivalent to getting used the pain of a tooth ache but more of the challenge of doing sit ups to get a six pack, or being an ice cream fan and trying sorbet. It's not settling but venturing into the unknown.

Which reminds me I need to get back in the gym, ha.

Posted on my Sexy Note 4

"I think you're missing the point. I had to adjust to touch screens coming from blackberry. I swore I'd never do it and here I am with my note 4. Did I settle for less? No."

I disagree. The move from a non-touch screen to a touch screen brings broad additional capabilities and ease of use. Going from a 4.5 inch screen to a 6 inch one adds virtually zero additional capabilities, and ease of use is generally a wash - any visual benefit from the larger screen is negated by compromises in one-handed use and portability - awkward to uncomfortable in a pocket, no longer fits in a typical cup holder in a car, etc.

Again, for the people who's use benefits more from the screen size outweighs the disadvantages (watching movies, playing games, reading, etc.), these are awesome phones and I'm glad they exist. But the added size offers my usage no benefit, so all the compromises truly are like getting used to any other discomfort.

Also, the issue I take is that there's seemingly no end to the "you'll get used to it" argument. Truth be told, I didn't want a 4.7 inch phone, but I got used to it with the Nexus 4. I didn't want a 5 inch phone, but I got used to it with the Nexus 5. I don't want a 5.5 or 6 inch phone, but if I want anything with decent specs otherwise, I have no choice but to get used to it.

At some point, it's too much. In 1-2 years, will we be told "you'll get used to a 7.5 inch phone, you just have to give it time"?

I voted this up---because the sentiment makes sense. I ended up with the new Moto X. I've concluded that it is about the limit on what I find comfortable. I had the old Moto X before. My wife, waited for a few weeks after I got my new Moto X, because of the size. She finally decided to get the new one---and is happy.

Despite this I still look at the Nexus 6 and wonder. But I think I'll pass.

you know they hammered on the moto for its size also. quite a bit. phil even went as far to say that jerry might want to consider buying something else. i have to admit that is was quite depressing. then all of the sudden they both own their own new motos and it is their daily driver. and they talk about it as if it is the second coming of christ.
i was an early adopter of both motos. luckily i didn't take their advice to heart. the moto is a great phone. but i sold mine while i could still get full price for it on swappa, in anticipation of getting the nexus. as a moto x owner since its inception, i can honestly say the only feature i am going to miss is the camera flick. for every other moto feature there is a near equal counter on the nexus.

i am not trying to say you made a bad decision because you didn't. the moto x is a beast of a phone. i am just saying that you have to take their size advice with a grain of salt. there is a reason larger phones sell so well. the note 4 is going against grain and out ranking the gs5 in some usage stats. who woulda thunk? does that mean users of the note enjoy the size of their device so much that they use it more? i dunno... but i am for sure going to find out.

Your guys' disappointment with the NExus devices this year is unfounded. Lots of other blogs loved the Nexus 6 and thought the camera was great and battery life was very good. And while the Nexus 9 has some shortcomings, it is overall a great tablet. I have a few small things to nitpick, but nothing major. Nexus 9 honestly deserves at least an 8.5 out of 10. 16:9 would be better, some have light bleed, and yes, the back plastic is not as nice as an all metal body like we originally thought, but the device overall is great. Not to mention I read lots of other blogs thought for a tablet camera it was actually pretty decent. I think you guys have become jaded.

Opinions are like...well, you know. They are human, and they offered us THEIR opinion on the Nexus lineup. Then, they told us HOW they came to those conclusions. Now, you may not agree, but that doesn't diminish how Phil and Jerry feel about these devices. I've been visiting AC for 4 or 5 years now and I feel that these guys are spot on most of the time. You can't please everyone all of the time.

Posted via Android Central App

they spent twenty minutes talking about how big and terrible the phone is and two minutes talking about how good it was. just as they did with the moto x. and we all know how much they love their moto x.

you can sum up their review with two sentences. it is too big, and the moto x does it better. they let their love for the x and their hatred for large devices skew the results. i say they, i mean he. if every phone was compared to the x... they would all lose. just as if every tablet was compared to the ipad... they would all lose. a better review would have been to compare it to the previous nexus device. with a mention that the moto x is essentially the same device, smaller, and with some great features, in the wrap-up.

i get that this isn't my site, and that opinions vary. but a review is a review. nexus 6 vs the moto x (2014) is not a review.

@honkey haze

Possibility #1: They let their dislike of huge phones skew the results.

Possibility #2: The Nexus 6 truly is an ungodly large phone and it really is just a large Moto X without all the cool software features of the Moto X.

Given the fact that the Nexus 6 *is* a large Moto X, and it *does* lack all the unique software features of the X and it *is* an ungodly large phone, I think my money is on possibility #2.

Furthermore, what was talked about on the podcast wasn't a review. That's what the quite lengthy actual review was for. That you suggest a conversation was a review, and that you express such disagreement with people's stated *opinions* makes me think your love for big phones is skewing *your* logic.

Look, it's a big phone. To ignore that is to do the phone a disservice. The size is a feature. And if it's a feature you want, that's great! It's a really good phone! (Which we've also said on more than one occasion.) But if you take away that size, what makes this phone so special? And I agree with jtc276 below that we do need to remember that it bests the MX in on-board storage.

I absolutely wouldn't stop anyone from buying a Nexus 6. But it's also important to put the phone in context.

I agree with you. I'm not knocking anybody on AC but they just don't have a writer on their staff that appreciates large phones. When I read a review I don't want to know how it is up against smaller phones. I want the opinion of someone that can clearly see the pros and cons that relates from phablet to phablet. Once again nothing against the writers on this site now. They just need one phablet fan who gets what phablet fans are looking for.

Posted on my Sexy Note 4

When Andrew said "So that was SDC" right after the talk of drone filmed porn, I heard it as "So that was STD" and had to rewind to do a double take.

I sort of get it. With the Moto X getting the software just as quickly as Nexus devices and being a much less polarizing size, it makes sense. That being said, the Moto X has less storage and that's why I'm still probably going to buy the Nexus 6. If both had 64gbs or if one had expandable storage, my decision may be different. Right now I'm sort of considering either going for the Nexus 6 or waiting for a 64gb Moto X.

I need the Galaxy S6 with 4.8" screen to come out yesterday. S3's power button is fubar and I don't want to buy the S5 when the S6 is right around the corner.

Note 4 is too large.

Posted via the Android Central App

What do you think of the talks about adding a 4k screen on that phone? I don't understand why they would even go higher than 2k

Posted on my Sexy Note 4

I have to agree with those who think AC is a great site, in fact its my #1 bookmark (and daily stop) for info...BUT it is clear they dont have a staffer that likes big phones. Nothing wrong with that, it just makes me have to go elsewhere for opinions on phablets.

Someone in the industry asked how big a "pocket internet device" should be. If you want just a phone, thats fine, but who of us with a PC doesnt enjoy big monitors (big by yesteryears standards). Who still has a 15" unless its a laptop. There are many of us who simply enjoy the big screen first and foremost.

For many our "phone" is also now our primary photo album. My wife is a photographer and looking at photos on her Note 3 is a joy. When you look photos (prints - not on your phone) they get "better looking" when you go from wallet sized to 4x6 to 5x7 and 6x8 etc etc. Its just a fact.

I will always follow AC, I like the personalities, not just the intelligent analysis...but the size preference is just that...a preference.

I wish one of them thought this way about bigger "pocket PCs" so size bias wasnt an really colors the review when you read it, even more on podcast. You can hear it in the tone of voice. Like someone says above, they spend way more time lamenting the size than anything esle. That doesnt help me.

Reemember the Palm Pilot? It wasnt a phone, but an early pocket sized tablet before the Treo.

The Phablet name sounds cheezy, although accurate...but the phablet concept is just another step in what we can do with portable electronics, not a bastardization of what the iPhone first started, and I just think of myself as an early adopter. Nothing against those who want to stay compact.

This isnt about if a smaller screen cant give you all you need, its more like deciding on ordering a 65" vs 50" TV, or an 16x20" vs 11x14" wedding portrait. If the quality is equal, bigger does look better subjectively in most things visual.

I love my wifes Note 3 screen (she says I have "screenus envy" - I have a nexus 4). In the very slim case she has it in, it is the size of a Nexus 6, and I dont mind carrying it at all.

Maybe Mobile Nation needs a ""

(but I will still check in here daily)

Is there some sort of magical formula for being a phablet user? I'm not so sure about that.

And besides, I'd probably still recommend the Note 4 over the N6. (Yes, TouchWiz and all). Easier to hold, expandable storage, removable battery, S Pen, excellent display. The trade-off is speed of updates.

Of course, I could be wrong, not "getting" phablets and all. ;)

I'm not sure you would notice the difference between 2k and 4k on a small screen. But I'd be happy to be proven wrong as long as the S6 doesn't get terrible battery life because of it.

Posted via the Android Central App

Each and every review is only one person's opinion.

Something to remember while you're reading them.

It's like reading the news and separating fact from commentary

I've LONG thought this, but this is the first time I've gotten fed up enough to actually comment. I am getting frustrated with what I am perceiving as an increasingly arrogant and condescending attitude towards AC's core audience... or "the Android Faithful" to borrow a TWiT phrase.

Phil, you especially, but also the rest of your team have to remember that you guys have a level of access to this stuff that your readers/viewers don't. And it's not (or shouldn't be) the job of the podcast to "correct" or chastise the audience for their exuberance.

The site is able to exist because people ARE passionate about Android info and updates. TO THEN come and act as if you're somehow "above the fanboy fray" and suggest that we are impatient or entitled for wanting the steak you're making money by flaunting before us... Let's just say I am kind of over being talked down to as if I were in kindergarten and feel it has to be called out. Please take it for the constructive criticism for which it's intended.

Grand Rapids, MI