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Sure, you can just listen to the AndroidCentral Podcast. (And you should.) But it's much more fun to be a part of it. And there are several ways you can do so.

  • Live Q&A: Look for the link each week to join the live Q&A.
  • E-mail us: Have a question and want us to answer it on-air? E-mail us here.
  • Leave a voicemail: Record your question with your phone or computer, and e-mail it to us. (Be sure to leave your name and where you're from!)

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We record live before a studio audience (erm, chat room) Friday afternoons around 4 p.m. Eastern/1 p.m. Pacific. You can find us then at http://www.androidcentral.com/live. Or check our Google+ page for the Hangout with Q&A.

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Reader comments

Android Central 185: Wash with soap and water


I'm listening from Ghana West Africa. N I think you guys are really making the world of technology a success.

Posted via Android Central App

Phil, do you think the non LTE version of the moto g will be released in white?

Posted via My Ever-Bloated S4

Would it be possible to push the live recording back an hour? Not all of us are off work at 4 and able to tune in.

Posted via Android Central App

Hey, Tom. I hear ya. We're not off of work at 4 either. :)

Seriously, though, the time is something we struggled with, especially since we didn't want to keep our Euro pals up past their bedtime, ya know?

I always think of poor Alex having to give up his Friday nights each week whilst Andrew's just finished lunch!
Posted via Android Central App

This is not appearing in my podcast feed until days after, thought this was all sorted now?

Posted via Android Central App