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Phil and Alex each has the HTC One Max, a massive phone with a not-quite-as-massive display, running Android 4.3 and Sense 5.5. Here we have our initial thoughts on the oversized phone.


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Reader comments

Android Central 155: The HTC One Max


People are really crucifying the device everywhere I look.
Can it really be that bad?

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It all depends on the design cycle.

If the device was conceived prior to the Snapdragon 800 being available than it is understandable.

Should HTC have quickly swapped out the 600 for the 800, it all depends on the complication of doing so and the costs associated with it.

Not working for HTC it is tough for me to really render a decision, but in my industry swapping chips post design is not an easy process.

Sunday arm chair quarterbacking is easy for us (the end user) but being in the decision role is much much harder.


Note 3 blows this thing away. No comparison IMO. If you ever used the s-pen, you won't want to do without it in a large screen device.

Horrible.. HORRIBLE Camera, Generation behind with the processor. And a NONE-Removable battery? Not even interested period.