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Jerry and Phil catch up on the first day of news from Google I/O 2013 in San Francisco! We've got new Android features. New Google+. New Google Maps. New Chrome. New Google Music. And the one podcast to cover them all.

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Reader comments

Android Central 134: Google I/O Podcast Special!


Thanks for the recap.

You guys really missed the hugeness of the hangouts fail... yet you harped on the Google cube fail.

You missed the biggest consumer letdown, and you're going to recognize in the coming weeks how much this is going set Google+ back in so far as gaining usage.

Hate to burst your speculative bubble guys, but Sundar's watch was a black Pebble. It was pretty obvious to me watching the live stream. No Google Watch there.

Phil said Hangouts couldn't replace Skype...since Hangouts is cross platform if I'm not mistaken & has video calling services how could it not?

I was having an issue getting Hangouts to replace Talk on my S3 and a workaround I discovered was to go to Google Play on my PC and search for Hangouts and click the install button and send it to my S3. This triggered the app to install and replaced Talk.

Nice job explaining some things Jerry...I only got to skim the Keynote, it was nice to have you guys point out what some of the stuff meant to users. Also clarified the downside to the S3. Thanks.

I forced Hangouts to install on my DROID Bionic by going to the Play Store online and telling it to install. It got around the "install" button changing to "open" on my phone.

Thanks for stating all those points again. When I watched the I/O is what sometimes too fast and not so good explained for a not-geek. The only thing: We Germans don't have 46 letters long words ;)