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The Galaxy Note 8.0 is coming, Samsung says, but are recent leaked pictures real? Plus, HTC leaks, the state of the Nexus, and your e-mails and voicemails.

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Android Central 123: Giant fake phones?


Samsung I will give you this.. You have taken the word "Phablet" and given it True Meaning..
This is the answer to the Wildly Sucessful iPad Mini? No Way Bub..
But it should be a good alternative for College Students.. Female's as well as some Males, to stick in the old backpack to whip out for class notes.. :-)
My Gawd holding & using the "Busy Buttoned Phablet" in Landscape is going to be a frustrating affair.. But should be great in it's Natural Portrait position for the note takers.. and casual readers but not much else..

Have you tried Forever Gone for your Nexus 7 lag issue? My Nexus 7 was lagging so badly that it was almost unusable after upgrading to 4.2.1. I found a post about how some Nexus 7 devices use Samsung NAND chips that have a problem and other use Hynix NAND that doesn't have a lag problem and that running Forever Gone on the Nexus 7 can fix the lag issue. I installed and ran Forever Gone on my Nexus 7 and it was good as new. Here's a link to the post

I'm getting a 404 error when trying to download the videopodcast. Anyone elae have the same problem? ETA?