Sharing from the web to your friends just got a little easier with today's Pocket update

Pocket, the app that makes it easy to read it later, just got a really nice update in Google Play. If you're not sure what the app is, think of it as a locker where you can store things you find on the web that you want to have a look at later. I use it a lot while surfing on my phone, sending links to Pocket so I can look at them a little closer on my computer. It works well, looks beautiful, and has some pretty savvy developers behind it. 

With today's update, a way to specifically share links and snippets with a friend has been added, Open anything in your list from the pocket app, and you're able to send it directly to anyone with an email address, along with a comment. What makes it interesting is that if your friend has Pocket installed, they get a push notification via the app letting them know you've sent them something. The sharing menu also remembers who you've recently shared with, which makes it even more handy.

Phil and Alex, get ready for hundreds of ICanHasCheezburger links, because I'm going to love this feature. You can grab Pocket (it's free) or update via the Google Play link above.


Reader comments

Pocket updated with new send to friend feature


Interesting, but rather than simply sending an Email from your phone they send it from their central servers, and build a database of who you share with.

The first effect is to SPAM an invite to your contact to join Pocket.
Seems a bit out of line if you ask me.

Simple sharing via email seems more polite than signing your friend up for more spam.

I used to love pocket. I used it all of the time with "email for article view"... This new system seems like utter crap. I want the ability to send them the article in a text view again. Their current sharing system is about to have me look elsewhere on how to share articles. If i wanted to send a link I would just share the damn link.....

Yeah, I noticed the new Read Contacts permission. Probably won't be updating the app because of it. I realize that it's to support this new feature, but I'm not comfortable granting Pocket the Contacts permission.