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The change over from Touiteur has long been completed and since then, the good people over at LevelUp Studio have been hard at working bringing you the latest version of Plume. Today we see the release of v2.15 hit the Android Market with plenty of bug fixes and issues corrected from previous version. As listed on their site, changes include:

  • fix the Mark As Spam button
  • fix the Show Replies results
  • fix some position saving/restore issues
  • fix the display message when following a user from a profile
  • fix a crash when the picture cache backup is corrupted
  • better handling of invalid twitter account profile display

As you can see, lots of bugs squashed with this release. If you've been holding off on giving Plume a try for whatever reason, hit the download link after the break. It's a really nice Twitter app and given that it has both a free and paid version you're not out anything by testing it out.  [LevelUp Studio]

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HAZMAT780 says:

I just transitioned from tweetdeck to plume yesterday, and I'm pretty impressed. very nice UI, very user friendly. I give it a thumbs up!

DikaiaKnight says:

Best twitter app for Android!

zero3187 says:

It would have to be pretty awesome to lure me away from seesmic

j_benj#AC says:

Great Twitter app, been using it for a few months now. Highly recommended!

haymond#AC says:

any chances of facebook intergration

Macalha says:

Plume v2.16 is in the house :)

Only fixing a crash on Android 1.5

IanAck123 says:

all it needs now is push notifications :) plume is great!

Nimocone says:

Works perfectly for me and I haven't had any of the bugs that they fixed in this version. Layout looks great.

IamGWilly says:

The Notification Bar Comes Down on Screen When I Use SWYPE. I Wont Use Plume If I Cant SWYPE