Plan B

A new twist on the "find my phone" genera of apps comes out today from Lookout Labs called Plan B.  If the name didn't give it away, it's an application that tracks your phone that is installed remotely via the Android Market website after you've lost it.  Using it is simple:

  • Realize that your phone isn't where it should be, and a quick look under the car seats or in the couch cushions doesn't find it
  • On your computer, head to the Android Market website
  • Install Plan B
  • Check your email

Once installed, Plan B will start sending text messages via email to the address of your Google account, with handy Google Maps links to your phone's location.  This works even if GPS isn't enabled.  Then it's a matter of seeing where it is, and deciding how to retrieve it.  Pretty slick if you ask me, and it seemed to work perfectly on my Nexus S.  To give it a test or keep the link handy, follow the break for the download. 

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brodieduncan says:

US only, damn!

HAAS599 says:

Does genera = genre?

plural of genus, a kind, or a class.

El Jefe says:

YES!!! Binomial nomenclature FTW!

HAAS599 says:

Pay no attention to the double post

JGarrido says:

So does it do some kind of a silent install, so the person in possession of the phone is unaware?

mike340t says:

Awesome so I can "lose" my phone by "accident" and track where it goes... hmmm...

Koato says:

thats pretty nice...

"Awesome so I can "lose" my phone by "accident" and track where it goes... hmmm..." ahahaha good idea until the person sells your phone on ebay

virtualhuman says:

The pharmacist wouldn't sell my Droid this app and called it a slut.

(Seriously, though--first Thunderbolt and now Plan B. Can't companies pick a name that isn't already a product?)

hmmm says:

Haha, I totally thought this was an app for remotely killing(bricking) your phone.

corydunbar says:

That is plan C

El Jefe says:

ROFL!! That is the funniest post I have seen in a LONG time!

JediJesus95 says:

Its a cool app for people who don't plan on losing their phone.

danperde says:

You guys realize that whomever has your phone has access to your email inbox and can delete the messages before you can track him.

That's an excellent point! If the thief was smart enough, he would just turn the phone off and take the battery out. BUT, most are not.

flywithlloyd says:

Well, what good is a stolen phone to a thief with the power off and the battery removed?

If I'm not mistaken, Motorola and now HTC with the new sense UI, offers something similar to this but with the option to wipe all data off your phone and SD. Right??? I think this is a brilliant option to those who don't have a moto or the new sense UI *cough cough* THUNDERBOLT. I for one am going to put this on my EVO and give it a go...but if the new sense comes out for the EVO with the GPS tracker/Data wipe option, I might not have any use for Plan B. But in the mean time I'm gonna have some fun on a rainy day!

winsettr says:

There have been several threads on XDA (specifically about how to make the Inspire's battery last as long as possible) that indicate that the account (which includes the remote locating service you are referring to) is a significant drain on the battery, more so that one would expect...

fatboy97 says:

Wow... great app... I did not believe it, but just tried it and it worked great.

Good job Lookout!!!

sandtiger says:

Not gonna lie when I saw the headline I thought this was an app that was an ovulation calendar.

El Jefe says:

Yeah, too bad that most peoples Gmail accounts go to their phone so if someone stole your phone...they would be getting the email notifications they were being tracked.

It would work well if you just lost your phone though, I guess.

icebike says:

This thing should not be free. After all, if you install this you've already LOST your phone and are desperate. They should charge you a buck or three.

That said, being able to push apps to the phone AND RUN THEM seems both COOL and ripe for abuse with just a hacked/guessed Google Password.

Question A: How long till Horatio Cane pushes this to a criminal's phone to track them to their lair.

Question B: How long till the Criminal pushes this to stalk a victim on TV?

Go Android! says:

I wonder if this well help my friend that lost her Optimus T on New Years Day. She's already using a different phone though, but I told her about this.

waydavis says:

Lost my 1st 3g Slide last year and I wish I could track it down. Last seen on Penn Green Road never helped me at all. SMH

etho201 says:

I gave it a shot to test things out but it appears it does not work if you're blocking text messages and using Google Voice as your primary texting client. I can see that it installed just fine and it turned on the GPS but it is not sending any emails.

ghost213 says:

This things works wonders. The wife lost her evo, so I installed this app, and found the Phone on the ground at her school's parking lot. Great App.

Rachel_R says:

I have a HTC Thunderbolt (w/google mail and maps as my tracking agents) and lost my phone this afternoon... I went to several places in another town and after installing the app just now found it... a city away at a place I forgot I even stopped by!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it* Really Works I'm so thankful I had to post and cant say THANK YOU enough!