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The Google Nexus 7 is starting to make it its way out to consumers around the world, and if you're among the lucky early adopters picking up the Jelly Bean tablet this week, we've got some required reading for you. As you'll know if you've been watching the site since Google I/O, we've been covering the heck out of the Nexus 7, so we've got all the information you'll need as you're getting to grips with your new tablet.

Let's dive right in --

  • Nexus 7 hands-on and initial review
    You should already have a pretty good idea of what's lurking within that Nexus 7 box, but if you want to brush up on the basics before going any further, our complete hands-on report and video walkthrough is where you'll want to start. (And if you're still on the fence, why not check out our full review of the tablet.)
  • How to unlock the bootloader and root the Nexus 7
    The Nexus 7 isn't just a portal into Google Play, it's also a Nexus device, and that means easy bootloader unlocking, rooting and hacking. If you're new to this side of Android, be sure to check out our guide to unlocking and rooting the Nexus 7, courtesy of AC forum moderator ragnarokx.
  • Top 5 Games for your new Nexus 7
    With a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 CPU (and 12-core GeForce GPU) inside, the Nexus 7 is a great mobile gaming device. If you're a gamer, why not check out Simon Sage's guide to the top five games to try out on your new Nexus 7 tablet. (You'll find even more suggestions from readers in the comments.)
  • Check out the official Nexus 7 guide book
    There's no manual inside the Nexus 7 box, but you'll find all the basics in the official Nexus 7 guide book on Google Play Books. You'll find it inside the Google Play Books app when you power on your Nexus 7 for the first time.
  • Get to grips with new Jelly Bean features
    From the redesigned notification area to the buttery new home screen launcher, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean includes a host of new features. Find out about all the new tricks Android 4.1 has up its sleeve in our Jelly  Bean feature articles, complete with video walkthroughs.

If you're getting your Nexus 7 today or later this week, then shout out in the comments and let us know how you're getting on!


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Picking up your Nexus 7 today? Here's some required reading


Ordered mine June 27 11:32cst and still haven't received a shipping notice. Google sucks.

Hey. I ordered mine June 27, 2012 1:51:47 PM UTC-4 (EST btw). I received my shipping confirmation last night and UPS says it will be delivered today. When i called customer svc, they had the same message about shipping that they had from Friday last week. Plus i was on hold for over 30 mins before someone finally picked up. I was told i would receive a shipping notice tonight (which was last night since i called yesterday) and in my mind i was like, "yeah right, whatever." But the csr was correct. My pending charge reappeared on my credit card account too b/c it had disappeared a while ago.

As of 8:25am, UPS says out for delivery.

i ordered mine around the same time and am in the same boat. from friday until this morning i had the pending charge and i figured it would be the actual charge, not a re-authorization. unfortunately, when i woke up this morning it was gone. after spending 50 minutes on hold with google the CSR told me that it was a reauth, there were no issues with my order, and that i should have the device this week.

i wont be pre-ordering from google again for a while.

I ordered mine around the same time hmmmm (before the keynote had even ended) and still havent had a shipping notice while my friend who ordered elsewhere a few days ago has got his.

Picked mine up from Staples yesterday, cancelled my Google Play order last night, and then received a shipping notice from Google Play.

I tried to cancel mine as well last friday and a csr told me that they were already prepared for shipping and couldn't be cancelled. And that is true, mine was shipped out yesterday, but according to my tracking info, it was packaged and prepared on July 9th. So, yours is probably going to get sent to you regardless.

They did say you can leave a note for UPS to refuse the shipment and it will get returned to them for a refund, though.

Ordered mine on the 28th. Should arrive today (the 17th) almost 3 weeks later, exactly as they said when I ordered it, "will ship in 2-3 weeks."

Ordered mine day of announcement and got an email yesterday to b delivered today via UPS. B patient it should be delivered any day. Can't wait to get home and play with it!!!

Lol... Ordered mine on Google IO Day One 27th around 3PM Eastern...WIll be in my arms TODAY! Hahahaha! Woo! . . . I'll get on to my REQUIRED REading now guys. Let me know how that shipping thing works out.

Ordered mine on the 14th, got a shipping notice last night, and check it this morning and says its out for delivery. It looks like they're changing it from 2 day shipping to overnight shipping so be patient and it should be out soon!

Funny I ordered mine on the first and all I have is the receipt
I guess I just missed the first few waves of deliveries :(

Ordered mine on the 12th, got confirmation and tracking number Friday the 13th. It is currently somewhere in my city in a UPS truck being delivered today, I can't friggin wait!!!!!

Just got a message that my N7 is on the truck heading to my house...should have it in a matter of hours! Ordered via GP on 6/27.

I literally ordered mine on the day they announced the Nexus 7 and now it seems like I'll be the last one to get the damn device. What the hell is up Google? I havent received any confirmation that they will be shipping the device and I should have been apart of the first wave of devices that shipped. I'm extremely pissed because it was supposed to be a birthday present to myself and now its been close to a month now. I have not even received a Jelly Bean update for my Sprint Galaxy Nexus yet. What a bunch of bullshit promises! I had to vent but with good reason.

I haven't heard nothing either, I ordered on 07/07/12. Not a peep.... Just make a note that you should never buy hardware from Google Play Store ever again! This is really quite a mess, there is no pattern at all, I've seen people who ordered after us in other countries getting theirs already lol
EPIC Failure

Doesn't Google still have an official release date of July 23rd for the Nexus 7? If our pre-orders are shipped anytime before then, be happy.

Google started officially shipping pre-orders this week, this is Tuesday and the week is not over.

My card was charged on Monday, I expect that "two day shipping" will have the Nexus on my doorstep Wednesday; after Thursday I might become anxious.

(Edit) New twist. Perhaps the 8GB model was adequately stocked, and there is a shortage of 16GB models. I ordered the 16GB model so I could get through a cross country flight with the media stored locally.

-good times :)

The Sprint version of the Galaxy Nexus isn't due to get Jelly Bean until later. Only the GSM and International versions of the phone got the Jelly Bean update, so half your vent was kind of pointless.

Yes! I get mine tonight! It'll be at my building complex's office. I'm so excited!! Bought it Friday, shipped yesterday, comes today! Google is AWESOME!!! Now my S3 has a Jellybean friend :D

Office Depot says it's delivering mine today via Dynamex. Ordered it last Thursday. Looking forward to unboxing it. :P

I ordered mine yesterday and it was at my house this morning. I didn't even pay for overnight shipping! Needless to say I was impressed and surprised. This thing is incredible!

Ordered two and will be receiving them today. I feel bad for the guys who claimed they ordered the day of and have gotten nothing.

It's kind of a Shane that people who ordered early will get their tablet after those who bought it from brick and mortar. Though this is their first wide scale Google device ever sold from them, so they will learn.

I got mine from Sam's club.there is a left side screen raised defect in mine(Google it on xda I have 3 months to return it so I'm good.

Other than that I am very happy with it. I'll also downgrade my version to the 8 gig one because I have drive, box, dropbox and don't need 13 gigs of storage

Mine was delivered via UPS today. Played with it during lunch for a bit and I'm quite impressed with the hardware. It feels very small compared to the iPad, but I assumed this would be the case.

Looking forward to getting home and playing further. Pumped about the posted bootloader unlocking, and root instructions.

If anyone reading this site is picking up a nexus, they have no required reading because they all ready know what they're buying and how it works. They might open the manual to look at the picture and just flip around it, but they will not put it to practical use due to the fact that it's the same as every other manual and is designed for people who have no idea of what they got, and Android Central buyers know exactly what they bought. Why do you keep on making these posts that talk down to your readers?

I'm so lucky. I just got mine today from Staples as a gift from my roommate. He tried to go back an hour later to get another one for him (he had already ordered his from Google Play) but they were already sold out.

So far, it's fantastic! It's fast and easy to navigate. I tested Skype and it looks and sounds great.