Phones 4u

UK retailer Phones 4u has announced details of its post-Christmas sale, with a number of Android devices being reduced in price from Dec. 26. The sale covers a range of Android devices across various carriers and price points —

  • HTC One free on contracts from £29 per month (was £33)
  • Sony Xperia Z free from £25 (was £29)
  • £200 instant cash back on phones including Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, Moto G and Xperia SP
  • 25 percent off Vodafone 12-month 3G SIM-only deals
  • 45 percent off Sony Xperia SP — now £179.99
  • Various handsets free from £18.99 on EE 4G LTE with 500MB of data, including Galaxy Ace 3, Xperia SP and HTC One SV
  • Free wireless speaker worth £120 with every Samsung Galaxy device (3G or 4G)

Look for these deals from P4u from Thursday.


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Phones 4u announces Boxing Day deals


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What aload of rubbish. Can't they choose better handsets that GS3 Mini & Xperia SP?? Really poor deals & P4U are terrible anyway

That is what I was wondering

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C.NET reported that the cash back is up to 200 depending on the phone, so the Moto G will most likely be a lot less.