Our very own Phil Nickinson has been quite a busy man, pumping out news, heading down to CTIA to bring us all the coverage, talking tablets with our sister sites, and now hitting TV. As we all know, the Nook Color is a pretty amazing little e-reader turned tablet, and a local TV station out of Denver took to making it a known fact.

“They want to see what people can do with their products. They don't mind a little bit of hackery,” Phil said

Phil is joined by Tim Stevens of Engadget to talk about the Nook Color, and how it is the most affordable Android tablet on the market currently. Check out the video after the break, and hit up our Nook Color forums for all the instructions. [KWGN]


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DaEXfactoR says:

movie star!!!! wait, am I first???

nyc_rock says:

Great info but I think its time for the SPE to invest in some backdrops. This broadcasting from my bedroom look just aint working for me. LOL.

usman says:

I might just buy the nook color, been thinking about it for a while, i really want the xoom but that price is just not logical.

john_v says:

FWIW, I love my nook fact just bumped my CM7 to the RC4 release last night. Would have never thought I could have an android tablet for under 200 (bought it used).
And, yes I do read Nook books on it through the Android Nook app! I use pulse to get all my news and rss feeds in the morning, its great!
I bought it cause I thought it would be fun and cool to hack, but I'm finding I use it so much more than I thought I would (plus angry birds for the kids when we're driving somewhere, cant beat that!)

I was at the library on saturday, and there was someone sitting next to me with a nook color, so I just casually pulled my nook out and started playing angry birds, and they loved it. Told her about android central.

And yes, let's get some Android Central backdrops for your videos and tv appearances, especially since I don't think there will be any shortage of them with the way Android is taking off.

Asterisk says:

Lay off the hamburgers and fries, man. ;)

jelly roll says:

You're a star!

kruglovus says:

Wait, what happened to the killer whale?

From looking at the headline I thought Phil was actually in Denver. Then I saw "via Skype" and was disappointed. Still, way to go Phil!

djunio says:

Nina Sparano is hot.

kdm_2809 says:

I'd watch this video again just to look at Nina Sparano. And looks like the killer whale is back at his ol antics again.

Ricky Babalu says:

This really isn't news. Way to go Phil, I think you bring a new meaning to "15 minutes of fame"; If I blinked I would have missed your 5 second segment.

KingChicago says:

That was the best 2 seconds of Phil ever. Ohh, and that anchor is far too tan for Denver in March...just sayin'.

Evo Longoria says:

Has there been a Honeycomb update? I'm running HC v4 ROM (eMMC) and there are a number of problems. The HC shots in that video certainly seem to have more things running than I've been able to get, including a working calendar.


phhhhhhhilllll!!! lookin' like "Dr. Droid"!!! good to see the droid community in the spotlight!! =]

fwdixon says:

I just wanna know how to get skype to work:D (think it was the news channels fault because they didn't know better)