No movement on Day 3 of the Apple-HTC patent saga (or quagmire, actually). Hey, we said this thing's gonna take years. But it did bring another round of analysis. Today's featured piece comes from The New York Times, and it comes with a pretty graphic showing who's suing whom in the patent world.

And to that we say: "So what?" There are plenty of legitimate reasons for one company to file a lawsuit against another. It happens every day. It will happen tomorrow. Writes the NYT's Nick Bilton:

Although patent litigation is not new in the technology world, these suits, specifically around mobile, point to the drastically changing mobile landscape. Lawyers I spoke with explained that mobile technology was still in its infancy and these large computing companies were trying to stake their claim to the future of computing.

The process of these fights is important, but don't stay up at night worrying about it. Instead, show some patience and wait for th eend result. Or the End of Days ... whichever comes first.


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Patent lawsuits 'explode' into oversimplified NYT infographic


The last time I saw a chart anything like this was a biological breakdown of HIV Infection through multiple partners and drug misuse.

You can draw your own conclusions and parallels from this...


Think about the economic downturn the country would face if all the lawsuits stopped, what with all the unemployed lawyers all over the place... All these guys are doing is suing each other, getting judgments then taking the money they get and paying it to person suing them.

This graphic shows one thing for sure. Nokia either has a lot of people worried, or a lot of balls and is stealing any IP they can get their hands on.